Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Girls Ages 11 - 15)

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Do you have a crush? (I am guessing yes, since you're checking out this quiz!) So, is the question, "Do they like me back?" on your mind? You and like, MILLIONS of other people! Well, this quiz will tell you whether or not this special someone feels the same! Try it now! P.S. This test works best for girls, but if you're a guy who's wondering about a girl, go ahead and give it a try!

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    How did you guys meet?
    How did you guys meet?

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236 days ago
Go up to him and be yourself make funny jokes about the world don't be scary to talk to him and my chuch name is nathan he is in my class in Mrs. Marsh
236 days ago
243 days ago
Actually I need some advice from someone how do I get over my crush? I just got into middle school and we were going to go to the same school but not anymore. So I’m trying to focus on my grades instead of boys any advice? 😕
243 days ago
Ok I’m replying to “a girl”so if you have a crush on Phillip and it seems like he likes you back go for it! Tell him your feelings it might be hard to tell him your feelings, but like you said your close friends with him. Ok so if your friends also like him, and you confess and they get mad at you that means they weren’t good friends to begin with. A good friend is someone who supports you. I had a crush on this boy and my friend liked him also so I backed off, but if you have liked Phillip for so long then you should confess.
252 days ago
okay so im replying to that sadbisexual potato and glen coco together. so
sadbisexualpotato : she most likely likes you. and come out to her! tell her shes cute! maybe you dont have to because ik thats always a hard thing to do but its worth a try am i right?
glen coco : im awkward too, my whole entire class knows it. and when a girl is looking at you for a long period of time that means she interested in you but waiting for you to look at her to see if you like her back. so maybe when you catch her staring at you, wink or wave! and i mean sure it may be a downer that her best friends rude, but i mean go for her! not the best friend though LOL the girl you like! good luck to all
252 days ago i have liked this guy since kindergarten and i think he likes me back, but my best friends like him too but i havent told ANYONE that i like him. ( lets call him phillip ) im very close with phillips family and i go over there a lot and i email with him all the time. but then a couple years ago this new guy came into my class ( lets call him sam ) so after a while sam confessed to me that he liked me! i was so love struck! ik cringe but still! but ofc dumb me had to say i didnt like him because i didnt want to hurt phillip, if he liked me. and so on the bus sam told me and our little friend group that he liked this other girl named sabrina. sabrina hates him though and totally rejected him. and now im super confused about what to do! HELP
254 days ago
Soooo I like this girl who I'm 99% site is straight. She likes a guy who likes her back and idk why my stupid heart had to choose her but anyway. She always complements me and does my hair and she has no idea that this is making me like her so much and aaaAaaaAAaa she's so cute. > //
256 days ago
I have a girl crush >~< I kinda got lovesick for a week and acted physco but I'm shy s ok everybody noticed it 😫 Now she keeps looking at me! I hate her friend who they are BESTIES and I just want to hug her and talk to her but I'm akward! CANT tell if she likes me or not because she keeps complementing me and ugh why did I fall for her gahhhhhh why
256 days ago
Um I’m gonna respond to the girl :’D. If your crush is a player and he seems to hate I think you should try to stop yourself from crushing on him there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
256 days ago
So I had a crush on this boy for 3 years then I confessed to him in a love letter.But seeing how we were in a different class,so my friend gave it to him then the teacher got ahold of the letter when I got the letter back it was ripped into 4 pieces does this mean the teacher ripped it or my crush did idk someone help!
262 days ago
idk anymore. my crush is a "player". ive been crushing on him for over a year and it seems like he hates me. idk if i should continue. I wish i could just forget about him and move on but i couldnt. someone pls help.
266 days ago
I know that he likes me (or that's what he said last year) but I just wanted to double check 😉
269 days ago
I hope this works
277 days ago
... Idk how I feel now because I really like this guy at camp, he stares at me alot, but one of my ex-bffs "accidently" told him that se likes him. I don't think she does though!!! He used to hang out with my kinda sorta friends and my ex-bff, now he does evey free time now!!! I don't know him that well so maybe I'm just gonna let it go😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

279 days ago
Seems very accurate 'cause we are friends :) I am fine with staying friends, I don't wanna risk losing him as a friend. I plan on telling him that, like as in I like him but I'm not looking for a relationship and I will stay friends, just asking him to not leave me
279 days ago
I really hope he likes me but I hope I am not just thinking it all up in my head I mean our convos are short but maybe he thinks he should do it that way
286 days ago
dirin get wat i waned
287 days ago
I got he rlly like me...............I’m gonna do it but I’m very shy and he is in a diff grade then me what do I do??
287 days ago
He has a gf but it’s not going so well right now what should I do?
290 days ago
Omg almost same. My crush said he might be moving and I wanted to tell hi I liked him on the lat day but he didn't show up. ; (