Easy Dbz name the character quiz

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Name each character within the picture.

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    Who is the Character in the picture?
    Who is the Character in the picture?

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Katie (21357)
99 days ago
.. Turles isn't Gokus dad Bardock is.. And if the answer was Goku I should have been able to click on Raditz as well as they are brothers and have the same father.. But maybe its a trick question..
Jamari (83875)
222 days ago
I'm got all them right I just didn't got right
An Actual DBZ Fan (72238)
238 days ago
Apparently, you don't know your DBZ. Bardock is the father of Goku, not Turles.
Big Shaq (12095)
282 days ago
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ur all phat (12095)
282 days ago
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BUmmy fat fat (12095)
282 days ago
this last question is bobak is karrets father not turrtel
silver (21085)
301 days ago
bardock is the father of goku not turtle that sayin was turtles not bardock learn dbz.
SS (34570)
304 days ago
Dude, Turles is not Goku's dad. It's Bardock.
Nick (91263)
309 days ago
Turles is the last character. He is not related to Goku, Raditz or Bardock. He is not even canon. He was a character who was created for the third DBZ movie and his back story was never confirmed, to which fans over the years have only been able to decipher, he was another Saiyan able to escape the fate of their race.
William (25638)
326 days ago
Hi, that last question was confusing. The picture is wrong because the is a picture of Bardock's brother, Turles, not Bardock himself. Also, the answers are wrong because even if that was Bardock, Goku is not his only son. Raditz is his other son, so they would be in the same box.
Lee (00848)
336 days ago
Turles is NOT the father of Goku (And in that case, if he were, it would be Goku AND Raditz)