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Clash of clans quiz for beginners

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  • 1
    Is wizard unlocked in level 8 barbaraks
  • 2
    Is balloon a card in dark elixir
  • 3
    Is the first card giants

  • 4
    Is the highest league crystal?
  • 5
    Clash of clans is made by supercell
  • 6
    Did I make clash of clans

  • 7
    Is wizard maxed better than giant maxed
  • 8
    Is healer a card
  • 9
    Is level 5 walls silver
  • 10
    Is hog the fastest card in clash of clans

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1889 days ago
Okay but I need more improvement. I got 6 correct. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Ella happy birthday to you.