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19 days ago
Hi @TheRese/Remmie i would say about 1-3 months - good luck!!
20 days ago
TheRese/Remmie you will get it in at the most a month! Probley in a couple weeks so get ready
20 days ago
Hiya I'm back again can you guy help me out🙏
I'm 12 years old (born 13th September 2007)
My mum got her period at 14
I've had pubic hair for 3 years
My breasts are at stage 4
I'm 6'4ft (I don't know how much I weight) I'm rather skinny
I don't get much acne but I think it's genetic because my mum didn't get that much either when she was younger
I have black and curly armpit and leg hair
I get cramps so bad that I vomit
My legs ache all the time
I'm so moody one minute I'm happy next minute I'm the hulk
I have diarhea 💩
❤If there's anything else you want to ask feel free❤
33 days ago
Hey so I got my period for 6 years now I’m 14 tho so I got it pretty early I already use tampons and have s***x
44 days ago
Okay so I got my period a few days back and I wanted to test if this was accurate , it’s honestly not tbh because it said 1 year or more so if anyone needs any help assuming when their period will come I can try and give a rough guess
76 days ago
Atleast 6 days?? is
83 days ago
oh no, less than 6 months. I'm scared.
95 days ago
@Adrianah, I was nervous like you are but like Sexy Ravenclaw said only the cramps are kinda hurtful
110 days ago
@Adrianah,don't be nervous,the actual period doesn't hurt,just cramps and stuff are sometimes uncomfortable.Hood luck!
111 days ago
I am eleven years old and am very nervous about getting my period I haven’t got it yet but am very nervous because my friend got her before school started and I have been very worried ever since and also I got 4-6 months. So thx so much for this test it helped me so much and now I am not as nervous.
114 days ago
I'm 11 and I got 4-6 months can't wait
115 days ago
idk what is happenin help me pls
153 days ago
im 12 and dude, no idea whats going on, but i first got my period on august 2018, but i kept getting it after 2 months or so. i got it last month and in july too (since its september) and i havent got it this month...?
195 days ago
I used to have really 💗 but now it got tender and I barely have any!
214 days ago
The f 23 no period dats sketchy
220 days ago
GO TO THE DOCTORS! and if this is only an estimate then I don't know when im getting mine
226 days ago
Help... I'm 23 years old and I still haven't had my period. Last time I remember having one was when I was 16 or 17 yrs old. Please help me. I really wanna know why I'm not having my period...
244 days ago
this actually helped me it was actually pretty accurate.
259 days ago
Somebody pls halp...
259 days ago
I have been reading comments and aperntly if u take da test u r geting it sooon read ambers and kristens im tellin yall i will comment when i get mines i love u if u read this also if u read this could u comment that u did thx and and last thing the word b o o b s turn in to a heart let meh show u my 💗 are small