Period test GIRLS ONLY

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    How old are you?

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Lie (67094)
4 days ago
This is a lie all the other tests were saying anywhere between 0-2 months and this one said at leat two years😤😤😤😡
Tornado (56872)
11 days ago
@suzzy I’m a introvert. I’m why’s o I can’t tell no one
Teen with boyfriend (94806)
12 days ago
Yeah they do suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzzy (94806)
12 days ago
With the period💗and periods suck I know this
Suzzy (94806)
12 days ago
Just tell ur teacher she can help
Tornado (56872)
13 days ago
Add on to my last comment I’ve been having glass clear stick discharge that sticks to my panties
Tornado (56872)
13 days ago
I’be been gettting heavy discharge about a cm to 3•5 inches wide for 2 days now. I haven’t told my mom and don’t have tampons pads etc. I would bring pants and underwear but how would I carry it to the bathroom? I’m in elementary and going into junior high. If my period happens within the next 14 days of school I’m dead meat! I don’t have my SIM card In my phone so I can’t call anyone or text so I need help! I need advice. In elementary we basically ask to go to the bathroom and can’t bring our bags out of class. I have gorilla legs but only blonde hair in my VV and armpits...HELP.

Thanks- please kill me
Anonymous (74617)
14 days ago
Im 13 already started but thought it would be fun to take this test . Estimated 4-6 months WRONGGGG aha
Hello (66621)
25 days ago
Most of the tests I have done say 6 months till I get it
Help (44177)
29 days ago
Vag not bag 😂 but still please estimate me
Help (44177)
29 days ago
Can someone estemate me a-b cup bag hair tons discharge had it for over a year and lots of it 11 turning 12 in 2 months a lil armpit hair mood swings all the time nd I have to have junk food also my cramps in back and stomach are terrible please estimate me
i cant tell (82570)
30 days ago
I am scared for it but I want it..
😬 (34809)
42 days ago
Meow (21359)
49 days ago
I want my period because lots of girls at my school have them and I am super paranoid that I will start in the middle of class,,,,,,,,,, but I really DON'T want it becaue I have heard it is a pain in the butt.

Who is with me???
thankyou (58958)
53 days ago
oops i said it out loud
but i got 4 to 6 months so yaaaa girl
💕🤩 (05583)
60 days ago
Uh idk I am 13 and I have everything but don't have my period my cousin is 10 like I should have it some one help me every time I go onto a test they say different thing like hello what is it make up your mind
#? (35509)
74 days ago
Less than 6 girlfriends 🤗
Maddie (48553)
75 days ago
@Johanna , a b cup is a step up from a training bra(and a cup). it is not big at all. i’m 13 and this is what i wear
Johanna (96214)
80 days ago
What is b cup? I don't really understand if it's like big or small
Tdeer (76790)
81 days ago
I am like kzi :( will I get you is soon and if I do how do I tell my mom?