Period test GIRLS ONLY

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Abbie (47869)
7 days ago
What does it mean less than 6 oml I do t want my period!?
lgbtq (52494)
8 days ago
I personally like other girls so question 8 is offencive and i hate it when people ask if you like boys and u arnt straight
Pnuteyyyy (07730)
12 days ago
Is this just me or am i not the only one who wants there first period so badly!!!
Pnuteyyyy (07730)
12 days ago
Mine said less than 6????? 6 what??
Unicorn (58607)
14 days ago
4-6 monthes
Meow mew (21359)
17 days ago
4 all the ladies who need help THIS IS THE POST TO READ!!! You dont need to worry. Yes you should bring some pads to school. If you are worried that someone will see just put some in a little zipper pouch and put it in a back pocket of ur bag that u never realy go into of put it in the top of ur locker. If ur not at school just put one or two in ur purse. If u do think u r going to start it is all ways better to have a pad then to be stuck in school with out one. This test and lots of other ones r not very accurate. I took it about 2 months ago and it said 4 to 5 months and i allready started soon after that. Dont be scared and lots of other girls at ur school probably have it and even more r in the same place as u!
Hey (88451)
33 days ago
Ive felt ive been getting closer to my periods and its summer break but I feel like its gunna come first day of school bc its July 18 and school starts on August 27
I need help please (46031)
36 days ago
So I’ve taken a lot of tests and I had like 1 day or soon and I don’t know what is happening.!!! I had a massive belly ache and it won’t stop! Ladies I really need help! Shall I take some pads to school? But what if they fall out and people will start laughing! 😭 I’m really scared and don’t kniw what to do!
Girl in need (92424)
43 days ago
I was @No way but I changed my name... I need help!!
No way (92424)
43 days ago
I have taken 3 of these tests and all have said 4-6 months!!!😱😱 Is this accurate or nah... Also I'm paranoid I will start in the middle of class so if I do what do I do?!?!?! Please help me!!!
Jess (08490)
45 days ago
I'm thinking this is accurate cause I've taken a lot of when will I get my period quizzes and they're all around 4-6 months (that was my result btw.. 4-6 months).. Tbh, I actually took every single when will I get my period quiz I could find.. No joke. I really want to get my period cause my sisters got theirs at around my age but I don't have mine yet so I feel left out.. But I think it's coming soon. :) Thanks for the awesome quiz!
Japan (13713)
45 days ago
I hope this is wrong less than a month😬😭
100% ACCURATE (84759)
59 days ago

This is accurate, cus all the test I took they told me 1-3 months or 2-3 months and this one said 2-4 months sooo?!?!!!!!!
My life is a lie (56535)
60 days ago
I’m actually not sure if I’m in it or not, I’ve had barely any signs but I bleed you know where. Thing is I’ve been having discharges a lot.
Lie (67094)
65 days ago
This is a lie all the other tests were saying anywhere between 0-2 months and this one said at leat two years😤😤😤😡
Tornado (56872)
71 days ago
@suzzy I’m a introvert. I’m why’s o I can’t tell no one
Teen with boyfriend (94806)
72 days ago
Yeah they do suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzzy (94806)
72 days ago
With the period💗and periods suck I know this
Suzzy (94806)
72 days ago
Just tell ur teacher she can help
Tornado (56872)
73 days ago
Add on to my last comment I’ve been having glass clear stick discharge that sticks to my panties