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None of these are accurate lmao i took this quiz in like september and it said over a year later and i got it a couple days after.
9 days ago
wait what? does it only work when you dont have your period because i did these test before i got my period and it said 2-6 months but i got mine a week after and MaN THaT was a soprise but good thing i was at home watching youtube in the mornng but i did again anyway and i still get 2-6 months what?? oh well... oh and if you want your period so bad!! like i did reamember when you get it you cant go back to your old self you will always have it every month of your life till you get old and to be honest i miss my happy self im always sad now i got mine yesterday and i got it i didnt know what to do i just stood there i didnt know if i should be excited or scared but when you get it you might reaget it. i know i make it sound so bad but i has its up and douns and you just gotta deal with it oh and GOOD LUCK IN LIFE!!
35 days ago
my best friend and me was very sad when our
36 days ago
I did like 5 tests and they all said 6 months so yeah. All my friends have it but me ,😩sad life
37 days ago
It says six but like six what six days six months I don't know but the other tests I took it said 4-6 months I don't get it
40 days ago
well i have been getting the same result for. a time now and i have different answers every time i take this test so it is very unaccurate
40 days ago
To all the girls who say they want their period I'm sure you won't think that anymore once you get it XD
41 days ago
this is the 3rd test I do and they all say 6 months!!!!
43 days ago
Well. I’m dead. xD. I keep seeing NatinolViciousPercent2 everywhere
44 days ago
I think this quiz is a bit inaccurate but not a lot. My other quizzes all say less than a month but this says 4-6.
44 days ago
It said 4/6 months, but on every other test it said 2/6 months, 3/9 weeks, or any day now like 1/3 weeks. WHICH ONE IS ACCURATE!!? i want this ssssssssssooooooooooo baaaad!!!!
46 days ago
So..i already started my period in like, late october or early november 2018 but I havent had my period in nearly 3 months..... im worried. and NO i am not pregnant XD
51 days ago
Jessica I suggest that if you start at school I suggest making a period kit. For some advice get a bag that will fit in ur backpack then add the basic stuff like pads, tampons, Liners. Now add some chocolates just Incase for ur cravings then add some Advil or something to help sooth cramps. Or you can get some heating packets (the small ones for your hands) and then put it in the spot that hurts. Oh and btw cramps can get ya outta everything ;). Oh and get a mint container or a small container and put a extra pair a panties and if you start just pull it out and switch it out with the old ones, add a pad or tampon with (with I liner if you use a tampon). Oh and if you start in class and your teacher won’t let ya go. THEN YOU STRAIGHT UP LEAVE AND GO CUZ THEY CANT STOP YOU. anyway good luck. I still didn’t start :(
52 days ago
hi. i know this might not be that accurate but mine say anytime now. my birthday is in a few days and im turning 13. any hacks (especially school period hacks)
54 days ago
funny, did this like 6 months ago, got 4-6 months, 6months later not here, take the test again, same result. we’re you at period😂
57 days ago
Oh my gosh, it says it could happen now for me!
66 days ago
4-6 months 😱😱I might get it on my birthday or my cousins birthday yikes!!
70 days ago
This scares me 😱
I have like 4-6 months

Guys help me out do u have a really big period your first period
76 days ago
I got 4-6 it’s been saying this for a while now but I want it nooooooooooowwowowowowowowosowowowowowow owowowowwowowoowwowowowowowowowowowowowo wowoewowowoegavanfafamfananfanfwnffwjfwh qjfdqhjrqjjqdkdqjdkqdqdkfqkjfqtwklfwkfqk twkfqktqjtqjtwktwjsgjhrjjrjjrjrjerheheje hgmwjwkq ....……,,(/&:&&(2&2(&(2$;1&(2&2(&;-(&/ mkay bye-_-
82 days ago
Anybody online here????