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Fun quiz to play if you are a true Percy Jackson fan. Get your inner demigod spirits out and have fun time playing! >.<

  • 1
    How much minutes can Percy hold his breath under water?
  • 2
    How does Percy kill the Minotaur?
  • 3
    What does Annabeth first say when she met Percy?

  • 4
    Who was suspected to steal the Lightning Bolt?
  • 5
    Who made the Master Bolt?
  • 6
    Who was turned into a pine tree that protected Camp Half Blood?

  • 7
    Who is sent to a quest to find the golden fleece?
  • 8
    Who is Tyson?
  • 9
    Which mythical creature helps Percy, Annabeth and Tyson to board the Andromeda?
  • 10
    Who guards the golden fleece?

  • 11
    Who was escorted by Thalia, Percy and Annabeth?
  • 12
    Who is Dr.Torn?
  • 13
    Who's daughter is Zoe Nightshade?
  • 14
    Who hold the sky after Atlas leaves?
  • 15
    Why does Nico di Angelo run away?
  • 16
    Who can see through the mist?

  • 17
    Who is the new sword instructor in Camp Half Blood?
  • 18
    Who is the ghost advisor of Nico di Angelo?
  • 19
    Who lives in the island Ogygia?
  • 20
    Who is Ethan Nakamura?

  • 21
    Who is Hestia?
  • 22
    Who is Silena Beauregaurd's boyfriend?
  • 23
    How does Percy grasp Poseidon's attention?
  • 24
    How does Percy kill Kronos?
  • 25
    Who becomes the Oracle of Delphi after the War?

Comments (30)


13 days ago
this test is bad becuse some info is not right like you drool when u sleep was not what she said first she asked him about the winter solsted
110 days ago
There are some errors with the following questions:
1) Percy can breathe underwater.
3) Common misconception. The first thing Annabeth says to Percy is actually "What will happen at the summer solstice?" (Page 57). "You drool when your sleep" doesn't come until page 64.
14) The order of sky-holding went Atlas-Luke-Annabeth-Artemis-Percy-Atlas. The answer should be either all of the above or luke.
15) This question is difficult because technically they are all correct. Nico leaves because Percy broke his promise, Percy broke his promise when Bianca died, and when Nico learns all this is when he figures out he's a child of Hades, all adding up to him leaving. At the very least, there are two correct answers here.
24) Percy didn't kill Kronos, Luke did.
182 days ago
sorry meant 7 min, not 10 sec
182 days ago
Percy can breath underwater. How come it says he can only hold his breath for 10 sec? And also Percy never killed Kronos, Luke did. And also after Atlas held the sky, it was Luke who held it first, then annabeth, then artemis, then percy, then atlas. So technically it should be all of the above. ๐Ÿ˜ก
196 days ago
um... Percy never killed kronos. Luke did. Can you please change that?
221 days ago
Next can you do a trivia about Percy and Annabeths relationship?
242 days ago
Hey, check your answers. There are so many mistakes in it. I can't believe that I got 22/25 because of that. I always get 100% in any pjo quiz......
281 days ago
Iโ€™m sorry, but what exactly happened in the Mississippi River,huh? Because Percy held his breath for longer then 7 mins
390 days ago
First off you said that Percy can hold his breath for 7min. HE CAN BREATH UNDERWATER! Second you said that artemis. But actually Luck held it to trick annabeth who held it and then Artemis held it until Percy held it and tricked Ares back into taking it so the direct answer would be luke. Next you said Percy killed Kronos by using his Achilles spot. Well fun fact Luke killed Kronos by killing himself with annabeths blade.
480 days ago
Yeah I agree with you peeps saying Percy didnโ€™t kill Kronos. The question should have been how did Kronos die. I chose none of the above for that one
500 days ago
Percy did not kill Kronos Luke did get it right
650 days ago
sister of percy you are so right i got 22 of 25 because of that!
656 days ago
sorry it is spelt hippocampus not hippocamus mistake confessed
656 days ago
conner turney is correct and hippocamos is actually spelt hippocamus or hippocampie
702 days ago
Percy has no limit of going underwater he can breathe in it!!! You got the from the movie. Also Percy never killed Kronos it was Luke who did. And Number 15 could have maybe 2 answers. Percy never meant to break his promise. And after Atlas did not hold the sky Annabeth did. After Annabeth it was Artemis.
814 days ago
some questions are wrong. Percy does not need to hold his breath and Percy DID NOT kill kronos Luke stabbed himself!!!!!!
895 days ago
Connor Turney is right I read the book twice and there were a few errors in your test. By the way I might make a Magnus Chase test under title of Percy Jacksonโ€™s Magnus Chase test.
895 days ago
Percy didnโ€™t kill Kronos it was Luke he stabbed himself.
1084 days ago
I take back my comment before, I agree with conner turny!!
1084 days ago
Vary good at testing your knowledge of pjo!!!