What if you woke up a boy?

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You wake up one day to find you are the opposite gender. Would you make it? Or would you fail?

  • 1
    You wake up one morning and find your not yourself. What do you do first?
  • 2
    You have to get dressed. What will you wear?
  • 3
    At school you see three girls come up and ask you to hang out with them after school. But at the same time, three boys ask you to hang out. Which do you choose?
  • 4
    If you didn't pick the girls then pick the skip option. The girls take you to the mall and ask you if you'd like to get your hair done. You realize that one of them is you BFF and she's looking at you suspiciously.
  • 5
    If you picked girls then pick the skip option. The boys want to play basketball with you. What do you do?
  • 6
    After hanging out you start to walk home when you see your crush walking almost in the exact same direction. What do you do?
  • 7
    You need to go to the bathroom and there's only a grocery store. Your house is blocks away. You go inside and find the bathroom. Which bathroom do you go in?
  • 8
    Once you pick the bathroom, how do you go?
  • 9
    After you go you continue to walk home. Once your in your room, you start to consider jobs. What if you stay this way forever? Pick a job you might want as a boy.
  • 10
    You have a dream. This mirror asks you a important question: Do you want to stay like this or not?

Comments (21)


Anything girl (94063)
154 days ago
Well done five stars
Confused (75699)
158 days ago
1 week on & 1 week the other? How am I suppose to get a job or date anyone? If it was a month or more at least I could LIVE 2 lives...I mean come on, REALLY?!!
NoGenderRoles (52277)
158 days ago
I got crossover and I’m a girl. But I act like a boy and my best friend and I both want to be boys. I kinda find this quiz sexist cause not all boys like sports and not all girls like girly things. Personally I despise the mall and everyone in it. And basketball is my favourite sport. Also the only one I’m good at. I wish genders didn’t exist.
HIHI (28708)
161 days ago
YAY i cross over
Idk (70746)
162 days ago
But i wanna be a girl... not a crossover
Cutiekats (10127)
168 days ago
Ohh I ment black belt in tangcodo
Cutiekats (10127)
168 days ago
I'm a crossover.also girl are strong I have friend whos a black belt!
JackNOThailey (86838)
172 days ago
I am a female to make transgender and I dream of this every night. Still waiting for the mirror to ask if I wanna stay biologically male :/
dammit (53377)
182 days ago
i woke up as a guy again
Ryan (40691)
184 days ago
Not all boys are manly so I’m a boy I took this just to see and they mentioned basketball 🏀 …I don’t know how to play
You don't need to know (16528)
187 days ago
I hate all of this sexist stuff bout girls. I can play hard and I will. I don't mind getting dirty, as I do mixed martial arts and one day I will show people that girls are strong. I workout, but my mom says that girls aren't and can't be strong. Ugh
Ingeborg (28033)
188 days ago
Yay boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy (04970)
195 days ago
I would love to be a boy.I'm sick of being a girl, manners, grace, etc. Curse the cruel world!
Hannah (08275)
196 days ago
I'm a crossover ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
uhh (21179)
205 days ago
not all guys turn out to be sports players? smh. why is that like the only option?
... also I'm a guy anyway.
Ryan (40691)
207 days ago
I took this test for fun and it almost said that I wanted to be a girl
Abigail (64548)
209 days ago
Tbh i get mistaken for a guy everyday, i am a girl but have short hair and dress like a boy, im straight but when people find out im a girl they say r u gay but no i just like the boy style. 99.9% of my mates at school are boys, i am one of them theyve even said that to me in the past. most girls dont like getting pushed about but i think its great i honestly wouldnt mind waking up as aguy one day. im already one the now . haha
emo trash (55322)
221 days ago
I'm a girl but I would love being a boy, I can get dirty and wrestle without people taking me easy for my gender,
Sarcastic Emo (65034)
234 days ago
I'm a girl but I hang out with a bunch of guys and act like one.
Ash (31571)
236 days ago
this quiz is awesome