What if you woke up a boy?

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You wake up one day to find you are the opposite gender. Would you make it? Or would you fail?

  • 1
    You wake up one morning and find your not yourself. What do you do first?
  • 2
    You have to get dressed. What will you wear?
  • 3
    At school you see three girls come up and ask you to hang out with them after school. But at the same time, three boys ask you to hang out. Which do you choose?

  • 4
    If you didn't pick the girls then pick the skip option. The girls take you to the mall and ask you if you'd like to get your hair done. You realize that one of them is you BFF and she's looking at you suspiciously.
  • 5
    If you picked girls then pick the skip option. The boys want to play basketball with you. What do you do?
  • 6
    After hanging out you start to walk home when you see your crush walking almost in the exact same direction. What do you do?

  • 7
    You need to go to the bathroom and there's only a grocery store. Your house is blocks away. You go inside and find the bathroom. Which bathroom do you go in?
  • 8
    Once you pick the bathroom, how do you go?
  • 9
    After you go you continue to walk home. Once your in your room, you start to consider jobs. What if you stay this way forever? Pick a job you might want as a boy.
  • 10
    You have a dream. This mirror asks you a important question: Do you want to stay like this or not?

Comments (60)


369 days ago
I'm a crossover- yey
441 days ago
yey im a crossover B)
454 days ago
can i be both? ☺️
484 days ago
I want to be a girl
645 days ago
Your in the middle and actually wake a boy for a week then your a girl for week then a boy again. You're a crossover!
645 days ago
Question 10 Can I be both? Has me written all over it 😝
645 days ago
*changes gender every week*Goodbye social life! I'll miss you! 👋(epurple))
682 days ago
(This comment was not meant to be hurtful in any way)
682 days ago
Hahahahah except I’m genderfluid. And I don’t stick to the binary spectrum. So.
Y o u d i d n ‘ t c o u n t o n t h a t , n o w d i d y o u ?

Also I agree with the comments, this quiz is a little sexist. Girls do NOT sit around all day and do eachothers’ m a k e u p. And boys don’t play basketball all day. They also play t a g. I would
k n o w.
695 days ago
i change everyday so.....
747 days ago
oofie i change gender every week

good bye crushes
771 days ago
🚔 what's this quiz's obsession with basketball
839 days ago
has anybody seen a username called TommyzLuvLola?That guy is the guy i like i"m lola yas he like me
860 days ago
same sonica. I also got middle
955 days ago
it should of had more romance
986 days ago
i like these test they all are cool
1017 days ago
i mean im a lesbian as a woman so
1022 days ago
@julie :p. Yeah right?
1030 days ago
Girls are not really like that.Is it just me or this test is kinda sexist?
1039 days ago