Does He Like Me? (For High School Teens!)

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Are you in high school, and there's this one guy you have your eye on, and you just REALLY want to know if he likes you? This could be whether YOU like HIM or not. Take the test now and you'll have your answer!

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    Does he make eye contact with you?
    Does he make eye contact with you?

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38 days ago
so we've being like friends but not since year 7 but were in year 10 now and we have work experience I chose the same place and so did he it was a coincidence. So for those five days were together 9am-5pm and we sort of got close he lives near me so we rode the bus home together i got to know his dreams and stuff. one day after work it was just me and him walking to our bus top other times our friends walked with us but it was us two only we were joking and stuff and he sort of side hugged me and i pulled away and was like no tell me and stuff disclaimer and that time i didnt like him so my💗was like O_O anyway after that work experience week i began to like him and he started to act a bit weird he started teasing me wayyyyy more he'd say my heads big and id say his eyeballs r too big and stuff and i found of recently from one of his friend that at the time of work experience he liked me but now im not 100% sure he does now. even though we have alot of moments and his friends tease him about me im scared to get rejected i wanna go to formal with him what should i do?? thank you for reading if you need there are ore things that happened but i ddint want to make this mega long :))))))))
39 days ago

sounds pretty cute... he probably likes you!! take the first move, sweetie!
40 days ago
I'm in 10th grade, he's in 12th. he's like a really chill/lowkey dude, but he's really nice and he's funny and kind. we have one class together and we joke around a lot and just have a blast. he tells me a lot of things about himself, and shares a lot of information to me. though he's a really serious guy (obviously, as a senior, he's super stressed about college and stuff), he jokes around with me and always tries to talk to me in the one class we have together. however, we see each other a lot around school, during lunch, in the hallways, etc. but we just look forward and pretend like the other person doesn't even exist... what should I do? today he told me and some of our other mutual friends that couples with age gaps are weird... Idk if he likes me... please help...
49 days ago
Hello everyone I am lhakey and I am in grade 11. My crush is also in same grade but our stream are different. When I was in class three, I met him..
But at that time we were just friends. Till class 7 we were together and after that he got transferred to other school which was sad.
But he came back and he have changed a lot. He has become very shy which is a very new thing to see because back in days he was very mischievous.... I am happy that I can see him everyday... Honestly I really really love him but I think he found his lifetime partner and sometimes it hurts a lot.. To see them together..
Its okay though... We both chat a lot which is enough to make my day worth it .
I just wish him to be happy in his own way 😄
52 days ago
I've literally never tried to talk to him, much less controll him. Soooo...not accurate for me lol
54 days ago
Ready for your result? He wants to like you, but he can't because of YOU. You're too intimidating and controlling for him. Try not to be so protective and defensive, and lighten up. Also, he might have his eyes on a few girls, and is trying to get a feel for you - but can't because he isn't getting much positive personality from you.

This actually sounds so accurate!
63 days ago
I'm in 6th grade are boys still as confusing as now it's like Katy Perry's song hot and cold he thinks he likes me I find out he likes someone else, he stands so close to me were touching and is saying he's loosing feeling for that girl help me out here what do I do lm pretty sure he likes me but am not 100%
86 days ago
Hello everyone I'm Carmen.
I'm in 12 grade and I loke this boy from 11 grade. I'm 18 and his 17😄😂. I really like him since last year but I don't know if he likes me back. Few times we make eye contact but few times. We have two classes together art and research. To tell the truth I never been in a relationship before and I don't know what to do anymore. He is very smart and kinds since school has started I been late in one of the classes that I have with him one day he opened the door for me and wait to enter then later when the class ended I was behind him to go to our next class and he was leaving and the door was almost closing then woth one pf his finger he opens the door more so I can go out, in those moment's my heart was jumping like crazy. I share it with my friend what happen and she told that may be he was being kind because everyone in school they treat me so nice so I don't really know if my crush likes me. Please can someone help me. Sorry for my bad English. I'm a begginer in English.
91 days ago
I also am in need of assistance lol. There’s this guy in my math class (we sit next to each other) but he is in an older grade... (we’re both in high school). I like him. He’s cute, nice, and funny, and idk how to get really close or how to start up a conversation. Anyone have any advice?
91 days ago
To anonymous:
I honestly think you should go for it, but if you don’t want to, then you can ask your best friend to ask him if he likes you, then see what he says. Of course, if you don’t want to, then you can ask if he’s going to a football game or dance, and if he says yes, then just hang out with him. Maybe try to flirt your way into his heart, but make it lighthearted and not too serious. He’ll eventually get the hint.
93 days ago
okay so i really like this guy and ive liked him before and i think he knew but were gonna be sophomores and we text all the time and we keep the conversation going without even trying and i really like him. He is almost the definition of perfect hes loyal, warm hearted, kind, and hes so easy for me to talk too and just so you all know weve known each other since the sixth grade so id say were really close and i want to tell him i like him but without ruining our friendship if he doesnt like me back and im an overthinker and he has told me that multiple times before and im honestly scared of rejection by him its different if its a different guy but him i dont think i can handle that so please help a girl out and tell me what i should do because i really dont know and even my best friend thinks he likes me too but like i said before im truly scared so please someone answer me in the comments and tell me what i should do
94 days ago
This quiz made my girlfriend break up with me
111 days ago
We used to be friends till 8th grade..
He is my first crush and I knew he liked me
But there is a girl most of the guys of class have crush on..and he too..
Now I don't know why he always try to put me into a trouble and be rude to me
Whenever I am around he tries to make me jealous by talking and so on with her
And whenever I talk and laugh with a guy he just gives me a sharp stare and sometimes even tries to interrupt in the conversation..
Now we have a thing in which we try to make each other jealous
And honestly it's easier to make him jealous as I am a shy and nerdy girl and didn't talk to guys much but after he started to be cold to me I started to converse with guys to show him that he's not the only guy who can make me laugh
113 days ago
My bff likes him.... idk what to do😣😣😣
I don't think he likes me bcuz my bff is soo beautiful and gorgeous he might like her....
143 days ago
YO! I’m a shy girl with TWO friends just trying to find out if this kid likes me or if he’s joking! Of course I haven’t given him my number or social media!
He touches my hair.... alot
He’s called me pretty and things like that...
He stares at me often...
A guy who is friend came up to me a listed all the reasons why I shouldn’t date him (forgot them) and I sat there and told him I wasn’t planning to date him.
151 days ago
Hehhhh... i am not to controlling .. i love him to be free.. go out with his friends.. and.. i do love if i am not to controlling him to much.. .. and we also share interest.. we chat together.. but not very often..he also once confess to me .. but he said it was a joke.. his friend thought him to do it.. he always stays at school with some of his friends when i and my friends cleaning up my classroom.. he also shy.. and quiet.. but at social media.. he was very friendly with me though..
217 days ago
Sooo theres this guy in my class, and sometimes he looks at me in the hallway, one time he literrly turned his head around to look! But I never look im too scared, because i'm awkward! And I sit beside him in class(teacher put us there), he's kinda shy and doesn't talk a lot to me, but with other girls he is still shy (even with guys, he's just a shy guy) but with me hes sooo shy! I need to give him hints that I like him.*This quiz was accurate* I really need to make a move or make eye contact with him, thank you!
236 days ago
Well, he's kind of been family friends with me for a while, but recently I've felt more, and the way he smiles at me is so cute, do i per sue this?
236 days ago
my bff told me he told her he thought i was cute....
243 days ago
Okay so there is this guy who is a few of my classes, I think I like him and Idk if he likes me.. so we he is always joking and a sometime catch him looking at me. If I’m near him he will try to talk to me too! But sometimes he’s a proper💗and try be really cool and ignore me... I’ve done the test an it says he like me but I don’t think so. All my friends say he likes me but i don’t know what to do 😭