Does He Like Me? (For High School Teens!)

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Are you in high school, and there's this one guy you have your eye on or is around a lot, and you just REALLY want to know if he likes you? Your result could be the case whether YOU like HIM or not. Take the test now and in a few minutes, you'll have your answer!

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    Does he make eye contact with you?
    Does he make eye contact with you?

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i need advice :/ so I'm the kind of girl who falls in love really easily but in most cases it doesn't last very long... but there's this guy in my class who i've known for almost four years now and we aren't even close but I've had an off and on crush on him since sixth grade... I thought I finally got over him since I hadn't had a crush on him for a few months, but then all of a sudden I had a dream about him and I'm super confused. I can't stop thinking about this and about him and I don't know what to do. I told my friend and she said that "if you dream about someone they are thinking about you" but i dont think that's true and I just want to forget about all of this but I can't... what do I do??? lol this test wasn't much help to me............
31 days ago
I got; Ready for your result? Yes! You should reach out to him more...he definitely is interested in you, and you're very attractive and cute to him. Don't let a good match like this pass you by, sis! Let him know you like him, too. If you're shy, you can do this indirectly by smiling, touching, etc., but chances are you'll have to just come out and tell him because guys can miss subtle cues. You could send a handwritten note or email if you're shy or nervous, and are afraid you might mess up. You know, he doesn’t like you, he probably want to be shouting it out that he loves you.
33 days ago
I got:Ready for your result? Just about! He definitely is interested in you, and thinks you are worth giving a try - but the both of you need to come forward and stop being so shy and reluctant. Remember, a closed mouth never gets fed.
33 days ago
I got: Ready for your result? Just about! He definitely is interested in you, and thinks you are worth giving a try - but the both of you need to come forward and stop being so shy and reluctant. Remember, a closed mouth never gets fed.
34 days ago
We hangout a lot and when we aren’t together we talk on the phone. He either lightly taps me or pretends to hit me to make me flinch. He says he doesn’t like me but his mom says he doesn’t wanna date me because we are close friends I have liked him for 3years
64 days ago
I got he wants to like you
68 days ago
I got he wants to like you...and i think it's true upto max extent...
73 days ago
I got: He wants to like you, but he can't because of YOU. You're too intimidating and controlling for him. Try not to be so protective and defensive, and lighten up. Also, he might have his eyes on a few girls, and is trying to get a feel for you - but can't because he isn't getting much positive personality from you. Why is that so true...
118 days ago
Ya i think the quize result is right
147 days ago
the quiz says he likes me. but i’ve told him how i felt and he said we should stay friends. but recently we’ve gotten even closer. i’m just confused
174 days ago
Suggestions please? (17936)
You should DEFINITLY tell him how you feel, its OBVIOUS hes into you. Maybe take it slow to be safe, but i really think you should say something!!! Please comment back if you read this!!!
176 days ago
I like a boy, but the strange thing is he is 16 and I'm 19. He's in the 10th grade and I'm in the 12th. He has stared at me since the beginning of 11th grade and waited for two years till our graduation to talk to me. Now we keep teasing each other and smiling at each other. Our friends all tease us together and we even took a picture of us hugging on the last day of school. He asks my friends where I am when I miss school for a long time and when I went to school after two weeks, he jumped up in his seat when he heard my voice. But now that school's done, we're going in different directions. Do you think he likes me? Should I tell him how I feel?
177 days ago
Hmph. IHNC if he likes me-quiz wasent rly helpful
179 days ago
It first started in gr 8 i remember he would smile wherever I was .We have known each other since primary school but we have a very interesting love story its very extraordinary .Today in school two girls were badmouthing me and i have never seen him defend me like this before i totally freaked out because i never expected that , normally he's mean to me but now he treats me so politely but he denies it whenever someone asks or comments about it although sometimes i think he's protecting me from rumors . I feel like he's going to confess but when because i am so impatient let's just hope for the best.
180 days ago
2yrs ago we had fight in a chat & that chat was my 1st & last chat with him but after that he always stare me in school,one time he talking about me with his friend who is a girl. I don't understand he likes me or not,one time he is smiling at me in skool
184 days ago
So i am in 9th grade and the dude who i think is interested in me is in 10th. I am pretty ok with physical contact with other to some extent, like poking, patting appropriate places and high fives. but the dude who i think is interested in me kind of gently in the breast area during one of the classes we have together and i didn't want to point that out to him and make him feel embarrassed, because i didn't know wether or not it was a accident. my friends have been telling me that he likes me but i don't see him as any thing more than a classmate or friend. but after that incident i started getting really conscious of him and noticed he has been touching me more than usual but i cant tell if he is being friendly or flirty. i don't know if i am being unconsciously dense of the whole ordeal or being over sensitive. and i continuing with our little poking game that i have with him just like i have with all of my other friends. i don't know if i am blindly leading him on or not. The results of the test said he is interested in me but i am not interested in dating anyone.
186 days ago
Oh, by the way, if anyone needs advice to be answered, go to ‘only for women’ and click on ‘does he like me? (Middle/high school)’. We comment pretty regularly and try to help people in confusing situations. (No, this isn’t an ad, though it does sound like one)
186 days ago
Emily, he probably likes you a lot but is afraid of rejection. For the arm thing with the group pictures, it could be that he feels more awkward and nervous around you than anyone else BECAUSE he likes you. Confident people often lose confidence when it comes to crushes, like many others. Hope this helped!
197 days ago
This quiz is pretty accurate!
200 days ago
i've been friends with this guy since we were kids. drifted apart for a while, but we've been really close friends for a little over a year now. both juniors. we have a kinda similar friend group, some classes together, and a bunch of the same extracurriculars. honestly sometimes i can't even tell if i like him as a friend or as a crush, but i really like him a lot. i always feel so happy when we're together. we have the exact same sense of humor. we can just talk or text or ft for hours and it feels so natural.

over the weekend we went to see a movie with a couple of friends (not a big deal, since we hang out outside of school fairly often). around halfway through, i put my hand on the armrest, so that he would know that he could hold my hand if he wanted to, and he just kinda looked at it and then looked away. i have no idea what this means. the quiz said that we like each other but are too afraid to make a first move... but honestly i can't see how he could like me and not do anything for such a long time. we never even hug, and even when we take group photos, he'll only put his arm around me if i do it first. he's a pretty confident person, and i know that he's had a girlfriend in the past, so i honestly don't think he's nervous to touch girls??

a lot of people have said that he likes me, and tbh i kinda think so too. but i'm getting a ton of mixed messages..... i honestly have no idea what to do. junior prom is coming up and i really want to go with him.