How well do you know why don't we

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    Are jacks curls real?

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951 days ago
Daniel AND Jack were on Idol.
1153 days ago
((blue) I love why don't we. They've helped me get through some really rough times from me wanting to take my own life to my mum having serious mental illness. If you read this Corbyn, Daniel, Jonah, Jack or Zach; I love you so much and Thankyou for literally keeping me alive. You mean the world to me
1200 days ago
This is supposed to be about Why Dont We not about Logan
1286 days ago
10/10 baby I am in love with Why Don’t We
1314 days ago
I think zach is cuter
1341 days ago
Jake and Daniel both tried out for american idol. Daniel, however, was the one that made it. plz make it more clear.
1350 days ago
Daniel is the best ❤❤❤
1363 days ago
Daniel is the cutest
1368 days ago
I love this test and I got all of them right and I love Why Don't We so much💙❤
1369 days ago
Even sorry...
1369 days ago
Some sent Evan about why don't we.....
1371 days ago
10 out of 10 YEAH BOYYYYYUYU
1371 days ago
I love Why don't we. They are so inspiring and cuuutttee. BTW Daniel is MINE...
1371 days ago
The 'is Kong a savage's and 'is Logan better than jake' are stupid cuz it's your opinion and I HATE Logan
1387 days ago
jack is s ooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
1387 days ago
I have a 9/10 score and I been a fan
1388 days ago
I got 10/10!!!
1390 days ago
I’m a new fan and I got 8/10 right :)
1425 days ago
Jade this was made before his 19th birthday
1434 days ago
the only quiz i can get 100% on