Does he like me? (11-12 year olds only)

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Does your crush like you? Find out with this accurate quiz you'll love!

  • 1
    Does he sit next to you in the cafeteria or classroom?
  • 2
    Has he ever complimented you?
  • 3
    Does he spend time with you?

  • 4
    How much older is he than you?
  • 5
    Do you show him that you appreciate him?
  • 6
    Is he nice to you

  • 7
    Is he interested in things that you are interested in?
  • 8
    Have you told him how you feel?
  • 9
    Do you know each other well?
  • 10
    What happened when you first met?

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11 days ago
his name is diego my name is daisy i love him so much but i want to tell him but what if he does not like me i am going to tell him in school
62 days ago
It said he probably likes me well he's in my class and my bff's brother is his best friend and he kinda flirts with me so idk
166 days ago
Just be yourself everyone! I am sure if he/she likes you back, if not, they are missing out.I hope that you take my advice :)
182 days ago
So apparently he likes me... Ha this quiz can't be right
Hopefully the rest of you will have some luck👌 out!
203 days ago
also people say he liked me since primary I mean we dated in reception/early years but we broke up, liked him ever since. hope one day I can brave up and tell him. even if he says no, at least I expressed my feelings. I think i'm going to tell him when we go back to school. also I rlly miss him.
hopefully we can be together one day.
203 days ago
I think he likes me but i'm not completely sure, my friends tell me to tell him and when we go back I think I will. He might already know b/c one of my friends went up to him and they were speaking but then he looked over at me. I blushed and just looked away. I'm not sure what to do! Should I tell him or not?!
218 days ago
idk.. Everyone knows he likes me and I like him back and my friends tell me to tell him but I can't bring myself to do it.
233 days ago
Well hes not in a relation ship so Hes all free, but we are best friends with the same person but were not friends we just talk sometimes it says he like me b/c some times he stars at me, but I like him and I haven't told a single soul so I'm never going to tell him my feelings.
Anyways I LOVE HIM hope me and Mateo are toghther , someday😞😍
396 days ago
So here’s the situation

He liked me from kindergarten to 3rd but idk anything past that. He looks at me quite often. But he also talks to my friend and I think looks at her too. I have PE with him and we kinda are really against each other in games. He often teases me after he’s won, or gained a point. He also looks behind my back on the bus. But he’s like REALLY obvious about it. I also have him on social media. Any help will be appreciated. Thx! 😊
495 days ago
idk if he’s lying or not. I told him I have a question for him and he said that he already knew what the question was. I said oh well what’s the answer? He said no and blushed. Does he like me??? I need to know!!!
587 days ago
well he has held my hand but he is also rude somtimes but he's totally cute and i sit next to him in classes
627 days ago
I really like this guy but, he has a girlfriend and sometimes I just wonder if he could like me:(
742 days ago
vinnie is everything to me
767 days ago
I didn’t know how to answer the last one since I have known him since I was 5...but we talked a little and now we have become good “friends”
771 days ago
There is Thisbe kid in my class who I’ve known since first grade I’m now in fifth grade we have a school dance coming up and my one friend know that I liked him and without my consent she told him that I wanted to go to the dance with him he said yes the next day everyone knew(news speeds quickly)he asked for my phone number so I gave it to him later on he gave me a note asking if I wanted to go to the football game with him(I go to norwin and the high school foot ball games are really important I gave him a note back saying I wasn’t able to go he understood and I then asked if we were a “thing” he said yes I can’t tell if he likes me but I’m guessing yes I have no idea what to do but be super happy
785 days ago
To weird
Don't act like your an lesbian it not good actually pls it's not good I like aboy too but I don't act an lesbian am sure he'll like you for who you are if he don't that means he's a jerk
847 days ago
Thanks but this guy I like already knows and he told me that he likes me 5-10 and I like him 10-10.
899 days ago
He said that he like liked me last year and we have hugged a few times but not much else. What does it mean?
908 days ago
He told me he likes me in school and I like him back.We haven’t talked in about 4 years but now I’m becoming closer to him
918 days ago
I hate myself right now. I'm trying to pretend I'm lesbian so he doesn't know I like him. Yes I know I'm doing the wrong thing . My friend once liked him and her other friend told him and he got all weird and stuff. I stare at him fondly but he just acts like nothing is around him. So he's a loner. I need help or I will have to be lesbian whenever I like it or not.