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Have you ever taken a beauty test that you realized was fake and gave the same answer to everyone? Well, this test is real, and if you are ugly or beautiful, it will say so.

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    How would you describe your nose?
    How would you describe your nose?

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10 days ago
I think they are noticing that they are hurting some people, i think i prefer to take the fake not the real cause it hurts to does results, cause when your not quite beautiful they are bassically trying to tell me I'm not beautiful!! That is how i take it😥
10 days ago
I think its a bit rubbish cause i got your pretty not quite beautiful,I know that all those girls who took the test they are beautiful, like beautiful even though i dont know them😊
57 days ago
Oh. My. God. I got a nice result from this, but I looked down in the comments and saw that it was telling people that they were fat, ugly and needed to wear makeup! This quiz is horrible. If you got a bad result - you need to know that this quiz IS NOT ACCURATE.
If you can't find what's great about you, I will!

Plus-sized girls have gorgeous curves and can pull off the sexiest and craziest outfits. Girls with long noses have a sort of handsome, graceful beauty. Dark eyes are deep and soulful. Brown or black hair is flattering and goes with any outfit. Square-shaped faces are strong and confident.

Find the beauty in yourself, because believe me it's there . This quiz can't tell anything because it's defining single things as pretty or ugly, but when you look at a person as a whole those thing will look totally different. A girl with a button nose, blonde hair and blue eyes might get a great rating on this quiz, but in real life she looks horrific. A plus-sized girl with ultra-curly brown hair, black eyes and a long nose might get a terrible result on this quiz, but in real life she's a Vogue cover girl we all love.
Just because you don't conform to society's idea of beautiful, that doesn't mean you are ugly. If anything, you are even more beautiful because you are UNIQUE.
Love yourself, because we all love you.

@Mary Spradau - it is disgusting that you are treating people this way. It's NEVER okay to tell people they're ugly, especially when it isn't true.
99 days ago
There’s no one else exactly like u and that makes u such a beautiful and unquie person. There are gonna be people similar to u but NEVER THE EXACT SAME because either way u are two separate human beans even if u are conjoined twins u are different. We are not God nor a god we are human beans, that aren’t meant to be perfect. Just remember that things could be worse so appreciate all the many blessings that God has given u and who u truly are not what others want u to be, unless it truly good for u.
99 days ago
Just because people considere u too less of this or too much of that by looks does not say or tell u ur real true beauty. It is ur true personality and the way u are to others and urself that makes u beautiful. Some people want to be considered ugly or think that they know they are ugly but they are wrong unless they are ugly to people all the time and don’t even try to be a good person, but anyways u are not ugly we all have different views points of beauty. It’s so hard in today’s society, not to judge others appearances. We are imperfect human beans that aren’t meant to be perfect. We are here to do our best and to love others for there goodness that’s in them. Not to criticize there looks. How about instead of criticizing there looks, compliment the good things that u notice about them
118 days ago
i am cute not quite beautiful
127 days ago
@Mary Spradau (person who made test),
You make people feel bad about themselves.
You are the ugliest person ever born.
You have a face like a clown
You are as fat as an overweight elephant.
EVERYONE HATES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh wait a sec, you have hygiene issues, why don't you go live in a pigsty.
How do you like what I said, cos thats what you're telling us.😭😭😭😭
142 days ago
It said i was cute but everyone is PERFECT
148 days ago
This is a terrible quiz because I am a preteen and this said I am Fat and Ugly. Seriously? That is rigged to make people feel bad about themselves so they buy makeup or turn into something they are NOT You think you are ugly when you take this test, you are not. You think everyone else is better, no one is. You lower your self-esteem, for one person's opinion. I think this person is rude and the purpose of this test is to make one feel bad about oneself. NEWSFLASH:EVERYONE IS PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL THEMSELVES, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!
148 days ago
Seriously? It wants me to say how fat I am? Plain Rude!Everyone is perfect!!
155 days ago
This test is not real at all. It said I was fat and ugly. It is false because I am a model. And every one is perfect in there own way. 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟
171 days ago
"You aren't classically pretty, but you have some good features. Wear some flattering makeup to give your look a kick - and remember good hygiene helps!"

I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters who is disgusted about this quiz my preteen daughter took this. I decided to take it too, with my daughter as the person I thought of in this quiz. Are you really telling my 12 year old daughter to wear make up because she doesn't fit society's 💗 beauty standards. She is beautiful just the way she is, along with everyone in these comments. You are you! Society doesn't need to mold you into someone you aren't! Stay true you yourself, keep your head up high because trust me. Each and everyone one of you are beautiful, head to toe! I don't care about you not having a "perfect and feminine nose". You are your own kind of beautiful, a kind of beauty that ONLY belongs to you! So flaunt your inperfections, flaunt your stomach with pride, flaunt everything about you because honey, life is too short to change for anyone. Don't be so hard on yourself, love yourself because YOU are beautiful.

Love - Amanda
202 days ago
So i’m not complaining, but this test literally said: remember good hygiene helps.
203 days ago
This is the worst test I’ve ever taken. It I sent so mean. I am ver disappointed in how it calls you fat or ugly. Sooooo rude.
204 days ago
I am a boy but I took this test thinking it was for either, oh well. Also, what’s up with the lack of choices for red heads? We have cool hair don’t erase us. But hey, girls and guys and the rest, you are all pretty, beautiful, wonderful, etc. Don’t let Tests and people get you down because beauty standards aren’t always correct. You can be chubby or fat and beautiful, or deathly thin and be beautiful. You can be handsome no matter what’s “wrong” with you. You’re all amazing and dont forget that, alright? All of you have personalities that are individual that allow you to connect with other people which is pretty awesome as well, don’t you think?
209 days ago
This isn’t is junk!
209 days ago
It called me fat and ugly!
209 days ago
The test said I’m a sexy sexy girl!
249 days ago
This test said that I was pretty but not quite beautiful and i have some guys going for me
311 days ago
Test said that I am beautiful but not dtop dead gorgeous