What Are My Warrior Cat Name, Pelt Color & Clan?

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Have you been wondering what your Warrior Cat name, pelt color and clan are? Well, if so, it's time to find out! Take my quiz now, and please share with your friends who are also as curious as cats about these things!

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    Which Clan do you want to be in?
    Which Clan do you want to be in?

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4 days ago
I AM NOT A TOM!! I should have kept SnowHawk, my OC
6 days ago
so wrong i said leder and im med cat and said girl but are boy!!!
26 days ago
grassripple wow i am happy
34 days ago
I got Grassripple! I are a gentle she-cat with blue eyes and a silver tabby pelt. I am the deputy of RiverClan, and I have a tiny crush on Adderfang in WindClan.
35 days ago
My name is Lightecho! And I am a brown and white she-cat with bright, gorgeous yellow eyes and I am the medicine cat of shadowclan
41 days ago
Tigerwhisper, a black and gray tabby tom with brown eyes. Your mate is Silentwing and your kits are Moonkit, Goldenkit, Dovekit, Shinekit, Crowkit
45 days ago
Oh my freak how many kits does Tigerwhisper have?!
49 days ago
And it said I have a mate >:(
49 days ago
And also I’m supposed to be the medicine cat
49 days ago
49 days ago
I’m gonna do my test results again....
49 days ago
I’m a she-cat with blue eyes and a silver tabby pelt. I’m from RiverClan. I’m the deputy. I have a tiny crush on Adderfang from WindClan.
58 days ago
I am a pretty calico tabby girl with one amber and one blue eye.
58 days ago
Huh?? I am a girl, not a boy!!!
61 days ago
I dont understand why i keep getting to be a tom when im clearly saying im a girl
65 days ago
i dont know whats going on! i have totally different answers than grassripple, but i get her every time i try
66 days ago
I took it over and over again and this thing is rigged I got Grassripple of riverclan and I had taken another test and got stormberry of thunderclan
67 days ago
yes I chose tom and I got a she cat and grassripple seriously! you guys should go to the warriors wbsire it has the most accurate answer I am Firestar
68 days ago
I wanted to be from ThunderClan and I wanted to be a girl and a deputy but it said I was the ShadowClan medicine cat and it said I was a boy!
69 days ago
i got juniperstar. at least i didn't get grassripple.