Do You Have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)?

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This is a quiz to determine whether or not you might have MPD. The questions are fairly straightforward, and a conclusion is drawn at the end. (IMPORTANT: If this is a serious concern for you and not just idle curiosity, please consult a professional. This quiz should NOT be considered a substitute for a professional diagnosis.)

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    What mental health disorders have you been diagnosed with previously, if any?
    What mental health disorders have you been diagnosed with previously, if any?

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18 days ago
this quiz is accurate. I have schizophrenia and its not to made fun of @ Seth. And Max, yo can get it any age doll.
51 days ago
does not let me answer questions unless from question 3
59 days ago
CAn you have this if you’re 14
101 days ago
I have known about my having this for a long time
101 days ago
This is Sean Daniel Max and Seth how are you
177 days ago
Well. The test said I have it. .
181 days ago
So I wonder if I have it or not (btw spelling and stuff might be like very bad so yeah) okay so I’m 13 (idk if that has anything to do with it) But I’ve been through. A WHOLE lot so my mother practically hates me she basically has done most stuff in the book.She has choked me,threanted to shave my hair off and embarrass me in front of my classmates,she has gotten me kidnapped,she has punched me,threanted to punch me (this all happened while I was younger and a mixture of now) ,she has said that I need some help multiple times and it really hurts (and she always makes herself the victim) she has dropped me off at a adoption center,she has made me pack my stuff up and go to a hospital and was sooo close to actually signing me up to go to a mental hospital,she had turned poeple against me and makes me look like the bad guy.(my dad isn’t in my life but wheneve we do talk he only talks about how good his son is.she is sooo controlling and I have spiraled into depression.but if I’m being honest it’s not just because of her it’s also because of me being dumb and thinking this guy online actually loved me.So when I saw that he was with other people it really broke me and that is what really sent me into depression.(I know it sounds dumb and stupid but it hurt me) i got so fed up that one day I held a knife to my throat and threatened to kill myself and my mother said that she didn’t care.(the only thing that helped me not kill myslef is what joon said he’s from bts and yes I know that’s sooo dumb of me but I always get these obsessions with something like I had an obsession with creepypasta) my depression is something that’s sometimes noticeable but I don’t like sharing my emotions so if I do slip some emotions out it’s because I’m having a bad day.normally I’m fine and then all of a sudden. Something will trigger it and I’ll stare off for a second blink sometimes and then I start. Drowning into a sea of depression.sometimes I hear things and all my life I have seen some 💗 that scares the hell out of me.idk if I have did disorder or not but I know that for sure I have this one voice that I know of in my head.its always telling me to do the opposite and always so like for example I’m a Christian but it’s saying things like “no your not” or “God doesn’t exist” and it’s like I have to say in my head “no! No I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that” (basically apologizing for the thoughts) sometimes I have episodes to where my mood changes by me listening to a song or something and I’ll stop and look off before it’s like my personality changes like I’ll be very sweet and nice,or become reallly depressed,or ill be like super egotistical. But I also have a Little shyness or social anxiety (idk what it is) but I can’t make eye contact with strangers at if I’m buying something or having to go into a store I have to beg my mom to do it for me. And my voice is barely above a whisper and I don’t have many friends (btw I forgot to mention that most of my whole life I’ve been bullied SO bad and I know it sounds cliche and stuff when I say it like that but you don’t even know the pain) So I would just like to know if I have it or not.
187 days ago
I was told today that I may suffer from either bi-polar disorder or it could be DID..... Either way I don't know how to feel........
317 days ago
"your results were not clear"
323 days ago
Question 8 disgusts me. There is more than fear of gaining weight. There's also fear in losing COME ON GUYS YOU'RE MAKING A STEREOTYPE LAST!!