When will you get your period (improved)

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I’m not a doctor but I have got mine and I have enough knowledge so trust me ;)

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mum?
  • 3
    Awkward (I’m sorry) but what do your boobs look like?

  • 4
    What about pubic hair (hair down there)?
  • 5
    Leg / armpit hair?
  • 6
    Do you experience cramps bellow your belly button?

  • 7
    Do you get discharge? ( white/ clear/ yellow stuff in your undies)
  • 8
    Do you get any of these: acne/ mood swings/ cravings/cramps/oily hair/sweating
  • 9
    Do you want your period? (Doesn’t affect your score don’t worry):))
  • 10
    When do you think you started puberty?

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14 days ago
@random girl, you too get ready! You got about 0-1 month. I know that because spotting is ACTUALLY part of your period. It's just a small amount though. Good luck!
14 days ago
@help me, you have 0-3 months! Good luck!
14 days ago
@a human in need, OH DEAR, GET READY XD!! ITS COMING SOON!
17 days ago
My opinion is that this is a bit inaccurate, but not loads.
18 days ago
Hi Can u help me
I’m 13
Had discharge for more then a year thick egg like
A cup
Full Bush down there
Jungle of leg, arm, underarm hair
Cramps 24/7
Very oil hair
Food is my life
Emotions absolutely everywhere (cry’s at nothing and angry for nothing)
Height is 5ft (short mum 5ft 1)
Weight is 94 (6.1 stone)
Bolting all the time
Head aches every 2hours
And my mum was 10years
(Also I’m i supposed to sweat more and it smells different)

Plz help would like to know x
36 days ago
Can someone estimate me
I am 13
I have had discharge for just under a year and I get a lot.
I wear a b cup
I have black and a little curly hair down there
My armpit hair is blonde turning brown
I have blonde leg and arm hair
I get cramps pretty frequently and sweat loads
My hair gets oily after a few days
I crave junk food and have mood swings a bit
If I missed anything tell me
128 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?
💗:A cup
Hair down there: dark and curly
Discharge:a lot every day for the past year and a bit
Legs:the hair comes out dark
Underarms:some light blonde hair
Cramps:every day
Mood swings:all the 💗 time
Spotting: there and there I have gotten it a couple times
Bloating: just a little
Headaches:a couple times a week
Thanks, please tell me if a missed anything
128 days ago
Hello! This is a message that I think EVERY girl should read.
Please copy and paste this comment to another first period quiz. Thx!

When it comes to telling your mom, I’ve read a LOT of comments about girls that have had theirs but are really nervous.
So, here’s some tips about how to tell her.
Before you tell her, remind yourself she had hers at around the same time as you, and she probably felt the same emotions as you do right now. It’s also a totally natural thing that happens to every woman.
Now, take a deep breath and go to her. Maybe ask for some private time with her, and then simply say, “Hey, mom, I think I got my period.” She’ll probably give you the “talk” about all things girls, and you’ll go back to your room loaded up with supplies. And now it’s all over and done with!

You may think that your first period determines how mature you are, and you might be more respected at school because you have it.
The thing is, that’s not what matters. Think about it. A little blood doesn’t mean that you’ll somehow be more mature overnight! Instead, YOU get to decide when you are REALLY mature. And that decision is a really big deal, one that you don’t have to make until you’re ready for it. This point also applies to if you have not gotten yours yet and are anxiously awaiting it.

Another thing I want to talk about is the people around you. When your friends might ask if you’ve had your period yet, all you have to say is, “I’m sorry, I’m not willing to share that kind of thing,” or something along those lines. It’s your body, your business. No one needs to know unless YOURE ready. This paragraph also applies to if you have not gotten it yet.

And one more thing. Yes, there’s PMS, and cramps, and all that. BUT your period is beautiful, and it’s NOTHING to be ashamed of. It’s a brilliant way for your body to clean itself out. It’s something every woman deals with. Don’t ever be ashamed about it.

Plus, google “period pride” for more info on the last thing.
Thank you for reading and again, please repost to another period quiz.
391 days ago
Oof I got 1-3 months oh 💗. Sweet home Alamba!
543 days ago
@Me plz
There is a lot of time yet
8-11 months
Enjoy your childhood.....
543 days ago
Age:10 and a half
Discharge: a bit every month
Weight: 69 lbs
Underarms: blond small ones
Down there: blond small ones
Legs: A FRICKIN lot
Cravings: yes!! I want McDonald’s
Sweat: I sweat a lot and I smell
Bra: I wear an a
799 days ago
Omg did you feel it coming
799 days ago
Any day now! I got my 2 days later after taking this quiz. It’s pretty accurate👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
840 days ago
Also I’m quite short and light for my age but I’ve always been quite naturally slim (not that weight matters but I thought it may be useful in case)
840 days ago
Oh and leg and arm hair dark and long
Armpit hair light and short
840 days ago
@Estimator could you please estimate me?
13 years old
I’ve never asked but my mum probs got hers my age or a bit younger
My 💕 are basically flat but beggining to grow super quick
Hair down there is quite dark and some long and getting curlier
Discharge small amount but everyday for the last couple of months (3 ish maybe)
Never any spotting
Mood swing often possibly every day
Cramps light and aches for the last couple of days and very slight amount of bloating very recently
843 days ago
No but srsly if u wanna be estimated just ask I'll check this daily and will estimate you guys from now on just wanna help u guys. Love you all. K this srsly still sounds like a YouTube vid! Gosh, I watch too much YouTube!!!! Xx
847 days ago
854 days ago
pls estimate!!!!!!!!!! :)

I'm 12, 13 in 5 months
lots of under arm hair- shave every one or two weeks!
💗- aa
leg hair kinda starting to get noticeable
been in puberty for like 1-2 years
loads of discharge everyday- probs need to wear pantyliners- yellowy white
hair down there- quite a lot-browny black, thicker and getting curlier.
literally all the tests say 2-5 months I deffo agree

pretty please estimate btw loved your quiz
870 days ago
periods are pure pain