Are you Bi, Lesbian or Straight? (Women)

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You're curious, eh? Well, I got the solution for you, my dearest!

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    A cute girl asks you out, but a hot boy does as well. Do you:

Comments (53)


Ayyy (08022)
36 days ago
Said I’m bicurious? I’m a lesbian!
Pine (38170)
133 days ago
I still don’t knowI am confusion
Vic (84531)
159 days ago
I'm straight, I know, eheheheh
Bella (16739)
163 days ago
This wasnt that good. I'm bi, and dating a girl. This said I was straight!?!
KT (65074)
163 days ago
Bi was my result... they're correct...
175 days ago
This test was horrible. It said I was lesbian. I AM 100% STRAIGHT!!
Lesbo Girl :3 (63240)
182 days ago
ummm... it said I'm straight even though I didn't pick any answer about liking guys or wanting to kiss guys or anything like that o.o I'm a lesbian if you couldn't tell already. The results for me was not accurate at all...
Layla (00916)
196 days ago
It said I am bisexual and that is not true I am straight so this quiz is not that great.
BaTmAn (18401)
224 days ago
Basically this test asked me if I would sleep with a woman, as another woman, and when I said yes told me I was straight. I'm not sure what sort of weird conservative idpol this is, but I don't much care for it.
Batman (65919)
224 days ago
Straight! You prefer the original, the opposite gender. Congrats
Jaylene (47330)
226 days ago
They said I’m straight and I prefer the original. Sorry wrong answer I’m gay.
Christina (77229)
232 days ago
Yea this quiz got me so wrong. I have done alot with both genders. I'm about as bi/pan as they come. It said o was classic straight.
person (25667)
232 days ago
Uh i said in every question girl but it says im straight wut
Jade (03210)
243 days ago
Apparently I'm straight, no way in gay af
Hey... (87222)
243 days ago
I'm lesbian... It said I'm curious.mstupid test... XD
Andi (05902)
243 days ago
XD it said I’m straight I’m lesbian XD
Evelyn (01228)
247 days ago
omg im bi i mean i knew i was but i rlly need to take one more but if im something else i think ill exspect my self
Weird Gay Chick (64946)
260 days ago
Evie (74923)
268 days ago
This test is wrong because I'm gay and it said I'm straight.
Kaxie (56359)
270 days ago
They are wrong i like girls and boys