Does She Like Me? (LGBTQ Quiz)

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There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? I can't read your mind, but it'd be pretty weird if you didn't! Ha ha. And I can't read hers, either - so I created this quiz to help you find out for yourself what she's probably thinking! Try it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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Also, you could tell her you like her next time you see her and see how she reacts if you are feeling brave. I hope it goes well, whatever you deside to do!
Just know that I am here for you (even though I don't know you at all LOL) We all have to stick together in this crazy world.
Thank you so much for responding! Help- I am so sorry! It is hard to have a crush on a straight girl! I don't know what to tell you, obviously there isn't much I can do to help. I have had crushes that couldn't go anywhere and I just had to move on. I know it is hard, but I believe in you! You will find other girls out there (or boys IDK). I know that you can't really control who you have a crush on, but just know that there are probably a lot of girls out there that would love you!

I don't have much to update, I have called her and talked to her like every day though. I am actually very musical so I am working on a love song for her that I may play for her when I finish it. Wish me luck!
My main drawback is that she said that one guy asked her out and she said yes because she is a people please but she really didn't have feelings for him. (I know that could be because she just likes girls better, I think I am going to ask her whether she likes boys or girls better.) I just don't want to ask her out and she say yes even though she doesent like me and then she brake up with me later and our friendship is ruined, you know? (I just typed that so fast LOL) I think I will continue to collect more information and let you know (If you even care, I don't know)
Does the song sound like a good idea?
Help :)-
Hi! So that kinda sounds similar to my story, but like the girl I like isn’t bi or gay, just straight. I think she’s trying to tell you something!!! Girl, just look at those signs that are flashing in your face! ASK. HER. OUT. Update us plz

Update on my post:
So she never text me and I’m getting sad cuz I won’t see her till December ☹️ Idk what to do! Like I have her school email, but my parents have access to my email, so I can’t email her! Ugh! Y’all, help meeeeee
3 days ago
I tryed to add a post before that but i don't think it loaded, that is what I was referring to at the beginning. aeonian_jade I relate with you, become friends with her and get to know her and then tell her about your feelings. If she does not fell the same way, it will still make her happy! Good luck!
3 days ago
Now, my turn to ask for some advice :)
I met this girl like last week (I got over the other girl in the story because we are just friends) but we really had a connection. Literally the day I met her I told her I was bi (I never do that!!) And she told me she was also bi (she also told me she has only told that to 2 other people) I am doing school virtually, and she goes to a different high school (We still have a class together though, these times are crazy LOL) so I have never seen how she acts with people other than me. We are already writing a book together and we talk like every day through text. She came to my house yesterday because I invited her over (like as friends but still!) We went on walks and sat on a park bench surrounded by rose bushes and she asked me to braid her hair while we talked (I know the answer seems obvious, but hear me out) we talked about tv shows we liked and played never have I ever. She said she had never actually had a crush before, and she dated one guy for a little while but dumped him because she realized she didn't have feelings for him. I don't want something like that to happen to us! The entire the we talked she kept winking at me when I looked directly into her eyes. I don't know if she is flirting with me or that is just how she acts around everyone because I have never really met her in a public setting! Uggggggg! I don't know!! She also told me about her ideal first date and how she likes to cuddle and a whole bunch of stuff like that but once again, is that how she talks to everyone? I am so confused :(
5 days ago
Hi!!! I’m a lesbian and here is some advice on how to come out:
1. See if you are alone with your parents and ask them if you can talk to them!
2. If they say yes bring them to a quiet place
3. Ask them if they know about the LTBGQ community.
If they say yes say: well I have to tell you something .... I am actually Lesbian,pan,gay etc
If they accept you be happy!
Good luck this worked for me!
5 days ago
Almost told her, but our coach needed to have a talk with her RIGHT WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO TELL HERRRRRRR!!! It’s like the universe doesn’t want us to be together 😖 she got her phone back and she has my number, so maybe it’ll be easier to text her. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻🌈 if I had a bi flag emoji, I’d use it, but this will work lol 💗💜💙
5 days ago
So there's this girl in my class and today she asked me if I listened to girl in red.

I said sometimes and then she asked me if I was straight. I said I don't know (because my brother is not exactly the most open minded and my father supports Donald Trump and JKR so I don't want to openly admit that I'm a lesbian because they might find out and I still livee with them) but she might not have heard it, I guess, and then she told me she was bi but preferred girls over guys. She's told me she loves me but in a joking way and I can't help but notice that she smells really nice whenever I sit next to her. I always think od her a lot and imagine that we're together (that low-key sounds creepy) so I think my feelings for her are pretty strong. I don't know if I'm ready to ask her out because none of my friends know that I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community because I recently got out of a toxic friendship and I'm in a new friend group.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? Should I become better friends with her or should I make my romantic interest in her clear from the get go?
6 days ago
Aaaahhhh! I have a crush on one of my really good friends!!! I don’t know if she’s likes me back but she mentioned being bi curious but aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! I don’t know what to do, I don’t have the guts to ask her if she likes me, but I’m aaabbbsoooluttelly crushing on her SO HARD. So far, I’ve written 3 songs about her and about a thousand drawings. Guess what tho? She carried my bag today. Heheheheheheheheheeeee
6 days ago
not me getting jealous at my bestfriend's pansexual friend, ugh i hate being possessive.
6 days ago
im saving this website so pls answer if u can ^-^
6 days ago
((red)I like my straight bestfriend. She's been a great friend, and she really is different from the rest of my friends. Honestly, I wouldn't have asked for a better friend. I have been openly flirting with her and she responds really well with it. She flirts with me too, but im guessing it's the type of flirt that is joking at the same time. I have been there for her, when no one ever did. She's really insecure. When I tell her she's really beautiful, she'll deny it. And she has alot of family issues right now and she is suffering from depression. I was there for her the whole time and she was very gratefu. She's not homophobic, she openly supports LGBTQ+. I was too scared to come out to her, so I told her I was asexual and I wasn't interested in anyone at the moment. (I regret doing that honestly.) She gives me mixed signals really, to the point im getting confused. We even make sexual jokes, and I even callex her mommy and we both just laughed it off. Yes we do fight, but we apologize to eachother too. So is there a chance she might like me or are we just friends afterall?
7 days ago
Lmao, idk why I even took this test. I’ve never even talked to her. 😂😔
8 days ago
I'm trying to be close with this one senior,
Actually i make it kinda obvious that I'm flirting with her, and even jokingly told her that i was flirting.
I also give hint, like, I'm not trying to find a bf,
Then she said, "then find a gf, but not me"
All done is joking way, but that's her message right? So i have to back off..
I've been reducing my attention to her, it's so hard but i done the right thing, right?
9 days ago
So i like my best friend for a while now,and she is the totally opposite of me,and that's what i like about her. We just have our moments where we smile to eachother fir no reason.She is insecure in herself so whenever i tell her she's pretty she replies with ..... And when i tell it to her in person she just looks down and blushes a bit. I'm pretty sure she knows im bi cause she mentioned it a few times .What hurts me the most is when she's talking to me about how no one likes her or how she's not good enough, at that moment i just want to confess to her but i can't. She's not homophobic,but i am not 100% sure. She is pretty tomboyish and she has no interest in guys at all . She's giving me flirty nickames all the time.She is giving a lot of mixed signals. What makes ne question her sexuality the most is that
she talks about lgbtq+ so openly , but when we're watching something and there's an lesbian scene she always freaks out and covers her eyes. I'm planing to kiss her so i can see her reaction but here's the problem:None of us had their first kiss so i am worried that it will be weird. WHAT SHOULD I DO?🥺
9 days ago
If you're dreaming about relationship with her you have strong feelings for her and you should not hold them back cause it could cause a lot of pain. Confess to her or just keep quiet and kiss her it's your choice. If she is not homophobic you won't ruin the friendship.U are an amazing person and you deserve to know if she likes you or not.Good luck and let us know how it vent💗
9 days ago
If she responds well you can kiss her (you don't have to if you're still not sure about is she in love with her , but i am pretty sure she is) and if you feel uncomfortable after you just explain to her that you're figuring out your sexuality or if you already came out to her just say you've had to beacuse she looked adorable at the moment.Wish you all the luck and I'm pretty sure she likes you so don't worry you won't ruin the friendship,Let me know how it vent💕
9 days ago
If she's bi you have no worries. Here's how to see if she likes you. Go out in a park or watch a movie together.find a place were you're both comfortable. Flirt with her a bit, if she does the same she probably likes you. Now you need to take it to the next step: Try to touch her ,like play with her hair
9 days ago
You'll never know if you don't try.The comment you wrote is so emotional it almost made me cry. I know how ur feeling, falling for the straight girl is hard. I suggest you this:Try some little flirting with her like saying her she's beautiful ,if she smiles or blushes you have a chance. When you come to the point where you both are flirting ,kiss her.I know it sounds like it's a bit too much but it's not believe me. Be spontaneous. Watch a movie together.At one moment when you see she's into the movie slowly get closer to her and kiss her. If she responds well you can fully confess to her,or if she doesn't than you can say it's just a trend on TikTok.Good luck,and let me know how it vent💕
9 days ago
that you love eachother.Good luck💕