Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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17 hours ago
I honestly do not know. I confess to her that I like her, but her response was confusing. And I believe that she does not like me the way I like her. However, I still believe that something will happen.
3 days ago
If you are close I don’t know but if you aren’t mir than just friends at this time im pretty sure she does. By the way sorry for grammar mistakes, wrote it at night and I’m not a native speaker so sorry :3
7 days ago
Wait she called me hot 2 times and cute once and she buys me stuff does she like me?
10 days ago
Ummm so i have been best friends with this girl for a long💗time. We have both been pan for a really long time as well. But recently I started catching feelings for her. Weve recently been very like cuddly, nothing sexual tho (we both ace). And I dont know how to tell if she is interested in me as a friend or more cuz like she be givin me mixed signals. ALso i liked her about a year ago and i told her and she rejected me. It was awkard the day later and then our friendship was back to normal. So i dont know. But 💗 I really like her. What do yall think. Thanks. Also I wrote this really late at night so sorry if there are grammatical errors.
10 days ago
she likes me yay in exited
11 days ago
Oh sh** I didn’t wan to post it three times😬
11 days ago
@Victoria Brown & PaytonIsABisexualBiitch I wish I was that lucky but well I guess that’s life. I hope it’s all going well and you will become a couple
12 days ago
She likes meeeee!!!! Sadly she is dating someone but she has hinted many times that she has a crush on someone else in the class and then blushed and she also brings up my sexuality a lot I was actually questioning until I met her and I realized I was Pansexual, she also asks me a lot about my sexual preferences and other things like that! I wish I could tell her without hurting her gf who is also a good friend of mine
13 days ago
We were walking home from the park yesterday, side by side, and she reached down and held my hand! Does she know that I like her? I'm pretty sure she likes me (she's hinted at it several times) I told her I was bi on Thanksgiving and she went, "Wait, really? Me too!" She also told me that two of my other friends were secretly dating and were afraid go tell me because they were unsure of how I'd react! I can't believe it, she likes girls AND SHE IS SINGLE AND SHE LIKES ME?? I might be in love, she's so comfortable in her own skin. Her best friends are the greatest. We live super close to eachother, I'm just waiting for a chance to be alone with her so that I can ask her to be mine! She's been in a couple relationships with girls before so I really hope she's okay with being with me ahhhhhhh! You can probably tell I'm going out of my mind
14 days ago
Broken Hearted - Hi! Hope you’re doing better now - you are the strongest bean and I’m so sorry about that girl’s brother. I don’t remember my previous name, but I’m glad my advice helped. You are THE BRAVEST, BESTEST BEAN.
14 days ago
Okay so I need someplace to rant so I’m so sorry. So my friend is Bi. And I like her. And another of my friends is Bi. And I used to like her. But they liked each other! Fun! And their biggest regret is not dating each other when they used to like each other. I mildly ship them. But now, they don’t like each other, but I still like one of them. greattt. And so when the first one asked me who I liked, I panicked, because I like her, and guess who I said I liked!! The other girl!!!! Fun!!!! And then later, the second girl asked me who I like, and Now She Knows Who I Like, And Now I Know Who She Likes, And Mildly Ship Them With Her. And the first girl thinks I like the second girl, and the second girl knows I like the first girl, and the first girl does not like me back, so now I’m in a chaotic mess.

The girl I like is the sweetest. She’s cute, and SMART, and AMAZING. But more drama! I have a chat with three other friends where we talk about who we like and it’s a great environment. We chat about feelings, it’s a great place to express ourselves. One of them likes the second girl. One of them likes 5 people at once. One of them is having their first crush. MY CRUSH found out about the chat, does not know what happens in it, and wants to be on it. GREAT.

More about my crush
She plays the piano and the trumpet. She plays soccer. She’s an atheist, and she’s not at all clingy but sometimes she rests her head on my shoulder and her hugs are the best! AND SHE CAN DRAW! AA My HeARt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDD she can SING??????What the HELL have the gods blessed me with this incredible girl as my FRIEND??? SHe *clap* IS *clap* A *clap* BADASS, INCREDIBLE BEAN. HELp.
15 days ago
So there’s this one girl in my class that I really like but she’s straight. We’re doing like a roleplay where were married but she sometimes say things like “not that anybody thinks we’re gay” or “don’t get it wrong, we’re not a couple”. But she also has never had a boyfriend or a crush to any guy (not that I would know). I don’t know what to do cause I don’t want to break the friendship but I also have a tiny bit of hope that she maybe likes me to... should I tell her? (I’m not out yet)
18 days ago
@Confusion100 She DEFINITELY likes you!!
19 days ago
For confusion 100
I think she definitly likes you. I would say go with your gut and listen to your insticts. (: Your probably right about the autocorrect (I wouldn't think autocorrect would be that specific) and it does say "Ilikeyou" twice between gibberish....soo, yes I'd say she likes you, but I don't wanna tell you I'm 100% accurate. Also, please gaurd your heart ❤ and goodluck! (:
20 days ago
So like I have this friend who just recently came out. And like I have this crush on her, but I get so confused because I was texting her an the name she suddenly typed typed “ggfhvhgvhfcgdilikeyou” I got sooo confused. Then she typed it it again but like this “ilikeyouhfvfrtrctrc” aN day I just tell myself that I just read to much into it. So like none of my friends know that I am gay but she texted me asking are you gay. SO I replied ??? Why you ask. Then she says autocorrect sorry, but in my head I thought what autocorrects into gay but I just I ignored it. i am soo confused I am soo confused if she likes me or not. Help!
20 days ago
aaaa she’s so cute but we don’t talk as much anymore and it sucks
21 days ago
We've been friends for years and I always thought she was cute but I just found out she was pan too and she used to like me. I've developed a huge crush on her I would love to tell her but idk if our friendship would ever be the same.
27 days ago
Let me clarify. If you have known someone for a very long time and you like them, chances are that’s they won’t start hating you.
30 days ago
sorry....mistake hehe
31 days ago
HEYYY MARIA if ur reading this I’m very confused and I just wanted to know I had (have?) a crush on u and again IM VERY VERY CONFUSED but I know we’re both bi and I don’t want to make a move Bc I’m shy and also a coward soooo plz if u read this just say smt I’m pretty sure I’ll go kiss u again lol ( Ik whoever reads this must be very confused but in my defense I heard she liked me so don’t judge)