Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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3 days ago
3 days ago
okay I need to vent. So I have a MAJOR crush on this seriously cute girl who happens to be my best friend and tomorrow is Valentine's day and I REALLY want to ask her out but I'm not sure she likes me and she's told me before that she's straight and I'm WAY too nervous to ask her out but I REALLY REALLY want to but if she rejects me I'll be too embarrassed to face her and WHAT IF OUR FRIENDSHIP IS RUINED?! I mean yeah she's given me hints that she likes me but still....
6 days ago
ive posted all of my "girl problems" here at least 10 times under several different names lol someone give me a medal
7 days ago
Star Gazer- girl if she stops being your friend just because she learnt you had a crush on her then trust me that she isn't worth the trouble. I know it hurts and you don't wanna lose her friendship but you gotta understand that no good friend would make that move. ever. so if I were you I wouldn't run up to her and apologize or whatever. if she's worth it she'll continue being your friend. if not let go of her couse she's only gonna her you even more. I know it's hard but some friends aren't really your friends. and I'm telling you this from experience. hope it helps and good luck. remember you're worth so much and are beautiful and perfect just the way you are
7 days ago
I used to have a crush on this girl, and I didn't think she liked me. Now, a year later, it's so clear that she did and I didn't even take a shot. If you ever feel frustrated with your choices read this. xd
9 days ago
I've been crushing on this one girl for a while. She's in my friend group and the rest of my friends know. All but her. Today was going pretty well in my favor today. My friend had said "Hey Paloma, she wants a hug." And she hugged me. five times. I was pretty happy today. But one of my friends told her I like her even though I made them swear on their lives. Now things are going to be different- Paloma was one of my closest friends! She ran up to me in ninth period and told me "I know who it is." And we didn't say another word. I don't care if she rejects me. I still want her friendship. But it's broken. What do I do? :(
9 days ago
So i like my best friend and she knows she is dating this one guy. But we are always hanging out hugging and holding hands. We get asked all the time if we are dating cause it seems like it so much. I have asked her if She is strait. Abd she said she is.But i feel like she likes me but i might just be really hoping though
11 days ago

The other day I was with her (she’s my best friend, we’re always together) and we overheard ( don’t think we were supposed to) some of the girls in our class shipping people and then they shipped us and then she just stared at me and I didn’t know what to say so I did the stupidest thing ever and just ran off! I kinda think she has a crush on me (we’re super close and she always initiates the conversation and makes physical contact with me and stares a lot) but I get really nervous and embarrassed so although yes, I like her, I think I’m sending the wrong signals— just can’t help it! whyyyyyyyy
12 days ago
we walked home together im actually gonna cry tears of happiness brb sobbsss ... our friends keep on saying "omfg ask her out" and boy i dont even know anymore ...... .
13 days ago
HELP!!! I like my friend lol. So I’m gay and she reminds me a lot of myself. She dresses gay and is literally gay, but hasn’t come out. She said she doesn’t have tea when I asked her about guys. I also texted “do you have a Valentine” and she said “why don’t you ask in person rather than text” Soooooo idk if she’s being friendly or she likes me
14 days ago
ok ok ok shes so nice and idk i thought this wouldn't be a problem but now im dying every time i look at her... she told me she was bi last year but im not sure if she even meant it???"???? plus she has a friend she's really close with this year and im scared she likes her and not me.. she does talk to me and sometimes i feel like there's more and sometimes i dón;t???? sssssfjlskdf;lskfl; why
17 days ago
ugughguhg i dont know what to do we cant even talk to each other like normal human beings even though we've been good friends for some time now??? i jsut , people are just randomly telling me "ask her outttt" and sorry but i just cant imagine myself ever doing that ever .. obviously i want to talk to her and i make up all sort of conversation starters that i think would NOT result in an awkward silence but i just??? cant??? make myself talk to her??/? like its like i have some sort of phobia, whenever i see her in my direction or with another person who i dont really know too well i automatically turn away and walk back to where i was originally freaking out .. . and i have her number but we're only in group chats together and we havent actually direct messaged each other because yadayada and i actually do not know how to talk to her despite us talking like really normal friends only a few weeks - months ago. we used to be kinda really cool but now i just :::::facepalm::::: reeeeeee ok bai i should probably stop spamming all my problems here lol bye🤠
18 days ago
reading over my comment below and i made a syntactic typo please see if you can find it (cries to "tender" by blur)
18 days ago
we like each other and our friends and half the year is attempting to set us up e ... we're so awkwarddd around each other i can't even look at her in the face and i just i can't even ... she said to one of our friends "oh can u say to her that i asked her if she wants to go out with me" and i don't know i didn't really respond properly or hear about it until a close friend just kind of went over the whole situation and i'm so sorry i'm not even bothering to use commas like a civil person to make this clear but i actually don't know what to do with my or her life and there is just so much to do and people to befriend because i feel an irrational need to be validating by everyone i know and ughugh,,, i just don't??? know?? what to do????? our friends are just constantly trying to make us talk to each other and i feel so ... i just have really mixed emotions about this situation right now because again i really don't know what to do and i hate this whole thing about not even being able to talk to one another because i actually want to develop a good friendship with this person and i don't even know what to do ????????? basically half the year knows about this mess and again i don't knowww whatttt to doooooo helpppppp meeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(((( @-@ rant over goodbye,,,,,, sorry if i sound like a whining ten year old (international sorry to all sensible ten year olds) but i justtttttttt sdifjidjxcvijdcxjvlksdjzfclk
20 days ago
ok so this is part two of this whatever. I posted about a couple months ago about my crush and omg life has been 💗. so after a couple of months in high school has passed she came out to me as pan and then bi. addition i got so many mixed feelings from her i got my hopes up. yeh im young and not supposed to feel this💗but my heart ughh whatever. ok so she and i are good friends you know. now i came out to her as bi and she was like NO WAY THATS COOL and what not. so she's comfortable with my sexuality but at that time i thought she was straight but no couple weeks or a month later she told me she's which then she changed to bi and of course accepted her. she's cool about it. im comfortable talking to her about anything with that and we have some jokes about it. but then there was this one day where i rode the bus with her and my friend. so my friend and her was pressuring me to tell them what my crush was. OBVIOUSLY I CANT SAY IT BC SHES THERE AND MY FRIEND. also i don't really see her that much since basketball season is on and i can't ride the bus anymore unless we don't have practice in the afternoons. so, this day i didn't have practice and my friend and her on the bus. after my friend leaves and it's only us on the bus she's still pressuring me (OOF) and i say fine ill tell you right when i get off the bus. plus this was 2 days before christmas break and christmas break is two weeks. so i told her that and then my bus stop came and she's says ok, who is it. and i say I LIKE YOU and immediately dashed off the bus. omg when i did that it was so stressful. i came home and immediately started to think of scenarios. i was thinking omg she's goimg to reject me unfriend me whatever or maybe... she likes me back but im negative so i thought the other one. then she texted me and i looked at my phone and it says in all caps ITSS OKK. and we had a conversation and basically this is how it went. i like you. yeh i dont like you like that tho. (FRIENDZONED) oh ok. but i still want to be friends. really? yeah. soooo you don't have a problem with me liking you like that? no it doesn't really affect out reLaTIOnship. so we end the conversation and im having a gay panic. i start crying because this is the first time i had genuine feelings for someone and this is my first time being rejected and i really didn't know how to cope with this. my heart is hurting a lot and i was just a mess. i go to school and EVEN THO SHE IS OK WITH ME LIKING HER I AVOID HER ALL DAY. until i went on this bus and sat next to danielle and then she comes on the bus and sits in front of us. i IMMEDIATELY start panicking and i told danielle im going to sit in the back and she's like okkk... why? i go to the back and she's confused. after danielle leaves im like ok i have to talk to her because we have to straighten things out (pun). i go to the front and sit next to her and we have an argument. the argument went like this. ME: i don't think we should be friends. HER: why? ME; bc we just can't because im gonna get hope again and-. yeah, sooo i left the bus and texted her the reasons why we shouldn't be friends and that im blocking all communication with her. I told her that im grateful for her being my friends and that she has really made me happy but i have to this in order to move on. and i sent it, blocked all communications, and bam i did it. at school, we ignored each other and we don't even talk. but the tension in the air is so ughhh i can't even describe it. we'll have glances at each other by accident and it's so awkwarddd... it's been a month and i still can't get her out of my mind and i don't know if i did the right thing. pushing her away made me think about her more and it sucked. and im sorry if this is long but i really needed to put my feelings out there bc i just do. ugh this sucks.
20 days ago
so basically. there's this girl which i share a couple classes with and i only see her as a friend but sometimes i get the vibe that she likes me ?? (in a romantic way) e.g. sometimes she just says "hi" to me when we pass in the corridors or something and i don't even realise she's there.. she also makes an effort to talk to me and.. fdjdfkx the quiz replies back with " She seems to be giving you signs that she's into you!" and ugughg she's such a nice and good friend though i dont know what to dooooo i think it's best to just go on with how i was previously but sdjfjx i dont even know her orientation but akakzdflk, , because this other girl and me, we like each other but not too much people know about it and akaaskdzcxkdsjfxhuszd this sounds so stupid and im probably just a naive kid but e,
21 days ago
oh shet i just gave too much info wHAT IF SHE FINDS OUT AND SHE DOESN’T LIKE ME AMIGOINGTODIEWHATIFSHESTOPSHAGUNGOUTWITH ME wAIT A SECOND. why would she be here in the first place anyway? 8)) because maybe she likes a girl which is not me... what if she only acts like that with me to maje the girl jealous?!?! D’:
21 days ago
oh and one last thing, before anyone who reads this and comments somethinng as for me to ask her... hELL NO. i’ve got only one story of me asking someone and it was hORRIBLE, only one because i’ve only done it once. besides she told me that when someone asks her she will instantly say yes because she doesn’t want the person to feel bad.. so i guess that was my signal in any case lmao i don’t want her to be dating me just because she feels bad- oH bOI dId i JusT sAY dATe?! idk anymore gaaaaaah TAT *crying in the background*
21 days ago
oh also she’s been calling me cute lately and she knows it annoys me but i’m not sure whether she does it TO annoy me or... maybe she actually thinks i’m cute??? i’m pretty sure ut’s to annoy me since when i get angry i have this habbit to puff my cheeks and cross my arms and everytime i do that she makes a high pitched voice and starts saying “aW mY cUTe LiTtLe buNnY iS mAD” and i get really annoyed and embarrassed and i think i blush??? *gasp* what if she does that on purpose so i blush?!?! haha jk i literally no idea ;( *plays the titanic song flute version*
21 days ago
idk what happened to my last comment lmao here we go again, so this is girl is really cuddly, like she hugs people a lot but i’ve noticed that she hugs me more than anyone else?? she hugs me, she sometimes kisses me on the lower neck since she’s so short lol she holds my hand and i’m pretty sure that’s about it. so then one day she told me that there’s a girl that likes me and i was really surprised but she wOn’T teEL mE wHO nnnggghh ok anyway so then later on in the day she texted me saying that she found out she was bi? coincidence?? iHAVENOIDEASJDJJWS so then a few dayd we were talking with a friend and she was saying that her ex which as far as i knew she still liked asked her to date again or something? she told us she planned to say no. and we were both jungsHOOK ahshwih get it? no? ok. so then she was going to explain why but then she said i couldn’t hear it and i was so oofended shsjwkxhw ok i’ll stop. and idk idk i’m so nervous i don’t even know anymore I need le halp ;^;