Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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6 days ago
So, there's this girl,obviously. And I'm so confused. She always holds my hand and lays on me and tells me she loves me but honestly she has a really flirty behaviour with a lot of people and I honestly don't know what to think
7 days ago
Sooooo, I was in the seventh grade when I started to really like this guy Bryce I asked him out but we never ended up dating. It kinda confused me cause he really liked me back but idk lol. My sister had been a freshman at this point and was playing softball for the high school and a summer league team the coaches made . Bryce’s sister April had been a sophomore at this time also playing on the summer team and for the high school. I hadn’t really noticed her much since I had liked her brotherrr... but at the end of one of their games , my mom had went up and started talkin to April’s dad and she was with him, as I was with my mom . And so they just started talking and I looked at April and I saw her looking at me and after a second of seeing it and us making eye contact, she kinda looked away.. then I started to notice it more and more as her dad and my mom talked , that she kept just.. looking at me, and I started to look at her more and more . I started to catch feelings for her.. but I was very confused cause I had always been straight. I thought that maybe it was just a phase I was goin through. I didn’t honk I was bi sexual cause I didn’t think of myself in that way. 8th grade comes and I looked at her ALOT more and started to really like her . As the year went through and the more I saw her because of my sister and her playing softball together .. I knew that I had a major crush on her and it wasn’t just me going through something. I really only ever go to my sisters games so that I can see april. And I ofc love watching my sister play. As this crush went on , she looked at me ALOTTTTT and it just made me melt every time I’d catch her looking at me. I began to actually think that she liked me in a more serious way than just someone or a friend. She is and will be the only girl I will ever like and I am very dead inside now because I am now a freshman and go to the same high school as her, because .. she is a senior which means this is the last year I prolly will ever see her again 💔😭😭
I literally love her sooo much and I don’t know what I’m gonna do with out her . But I just wanna know for sure if she likes me cause I realllllllllllllly like herr and if she likes me too then I wanna date her.. but it’s wayyyy to hard to ask her cause I don’t want her to think I’m weird if she is straight and doesn’t actually like me. And the fact that I haven’t came out to ANYONE but my two bestfriends about liking her. A lot of the people at my school are “homophobic” . But.. I think about her all the time ever single day and every single seconds without an exaggeration. She is all I think about and all I want but I don’t think I can have her. Any time I am expecting her to be somewhere I will be .. I get SOOO excited , and if she doesn’t show up , I literally start crying inside and a little outside . But when I do see her... my heart beats a thousand time a second and my heart just mealts to my feet . I have not in my entire life loved someone that much before, and don’t think I ... ever will 😰
7 days ago
The things straight girls make me go through hurts😪
8 days ago
Me & my best friend have been buds since sixth grade, and god, have you ever felt something so natural & right that you slip into it seamlessly? That was our friendship, & my feelings quickly grew into something more-but fast forward a year or two, & she’s got a serious boyfriend. Skip to a month ago, which was four years after we met (sophomore year) & she tells me, while she’s still in her superseriousmegaawesomeromantic relationship, that she’d felt the same as I had, & that she wanted to try having a relationship with a girl (here she gave me that look under her eyelashes that makes me wanna melt) but that she thought she was truly in love with her boyfriend, & she didn’t want to leave him. The mixed signals, man. They kill you!!
13 days ago
I don't know what to doand I think she likes me!
14 days ago
So I'm a sophomore now I've liked her since freshman year, the first day of school like she was the only person that caught my attention. I also got nervous around her I think she peeped I don't know but everytime I see her I get so happy and act so weird lmaoo but I tried staying in contact with her so when the summer come we can hang out so now I've invited her to go to the movies this Friday then Saturday we were going somewhere else and she said sure I don't know if she really wants to come because she's probably just bored or she really wants to hang out with me but anyways should I kinda give her hints that I like her, like stare at her 24/7, smile/bite my lip, or try to get close to her but not make it obvious though but I really need advice I don't want to make her uncomfortable or the vibe weird please help!Enter here your text you want to format
14 days ago
So I'm only a soon to be sophomore and but last year there was this girl and so I mean when I first saw her she seemed really nice and but later on we got closer but I had a different crush but later on in the year I finally found out that I liked this girl more and so I tried spending more time with her and bu TV shes just so amazing...I mean shes so nice and always smiles at me in the halls and in class and is just so sweet to me and I still don't know if she likes me (even if I take all these test) but I swear we had a moment because of one day we got so close and were sharing earbuds together in the back of the classroom and I'm pretty sure it could have turned into something but the school bell rang and then a couple days later we had a class together and we talked the whole time and then I walked her to class but I'm still not sure if she wants to be more than friends but what do you guys think....Enter here your text you waformat
14 days ago
Also the quiz said ask her out. I'm nervous because I haven't told anyone I am gay, I've known her since pre-k, and she has a youngerror sibling who I think is figuring out what's happening.
14 days ago
So my friend was pretty sure she was bi. She thought she liked this girl a couple months ago but she wasn't really sure. She'd never liked anyone before. Now yesterday she texted me telling me that she'd found her soulmate. This guy from our biology class last year, that I actually used to go out with. But we weren't together very long, only like a few weeks, and I broke up with him because I thought I liked him, but then I realized I only like girls, so he understood and we split up. But we're still friends. So I told my friend that it was fine if she wanted to ask him out. Then she asked me to ask him if he liked her. It turned out that he did. So then I told her and she said she was gonna ask him today. So I said, aren't you going to have to tell him you're bi? And then she goes, no, cause I'm straight. And I was just like, what? Because I really thought she was bi, she'd been talking about it for the last two weeks and even agreed to go to one of those pride parade thingies with me, because I always go since I was like twelve when I realized I liked girls, but I thought I was bi and now I know I don't like guys. So she told me that the feeling she had with that girl wasn't a crush because now she did have a crush on this guy and it was a different feeling. So I was really understanding because it's hard to know what you feel. But then today she called me and asked me to meet her at Dairy Queen for a serious talk. When we sat down, she told me that she had to confess something. When she said she liked that girl, she was lying. She actually thought she liked me, but obviously she's straight so that can't be true so she can finally get that off her chest. Now I've been sitting at home for about an hour thinking about that and I realize that I like her. But IDK what to do because not only is she straight, but I just broke up with my girlfriend last week and I don't want my friend to think she's my rebound because I really really like her and IDK if I've liked her for a while now and I just realized it now or if I just fell for her today, but I need help! HELP!!!
15 days ago
She teased my little sister by calling me her one true love, what does this mean? I already know that she is bi, sooo...
18 days ago
so my best friend lets call her r.e., she is super cute and always dropping hints, and I know she might be bi (she is still trying to figure it out) the other day I was sleeping over at hers, we were sitting on the bed watching stranger things while putting long fake nails on. I moved my hand to grab something and brushed off her leg with my nails. she felt it and asked me to do it again and keep doing it. it seemed like it was really turning her on? like it was weirdly sensual? and every so often she like sort of moaned under her breath? was I turning her on? or like what? someone help!
19 days ago
I like this girl and i have been becoming close friends with her in the past year. we are going into high school this coming year. we go to the same school. we flirt over text and in person A LOT but then she talks about other girls and how i have to be her wing woman. im so CoNFuSeD?!??! I really like her but when my other friend asked me if i liked her because she wanted to ask her out but i said no. BUT I REALLY LIKE HER.

h e l p
19 days ago
I have crush on younger lesbian co worker who has a rocky relationship should I back off?
20 days ago
And I got her # from j but haven’t musterd up the courage to text her yet
20 days ago
I’m bi but only one other person knows and I’m comfy w it now but ima work my way up to tell people and I have this friend and she’s not homophonic but not very knowledgeable in the lgbtq area and me and her went to sleep away camp for two weeks and I met this girl who we will call r. And she’s one year older than me and my Friend j’s friend and so during a game of capture the flag she came up to me and told me that I had really nice hair (it’s short) and then she told me her ex girlfriend said it was her gay hair so ofc as a bi girl my ears perked up and later as we got closer she was telling me abt a gay charicter in a tv show and my friend who I mentioned earlier was like,”DO YOU THINK SHES GAY WHY DID YOU TELL HERR THAT.” And r was cool abt it and she was like no I j think it’s important for everyone to know abt this stuff and I agreed but then on my last day we were really close and she was feeling sick so I asked if she wanted me to walk her to her cabin which was up the hill and we held hands and it was the best but she also holds hands with other ppl to so I’m confused pls helpppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
22 days ago
I have a crush on my best friend...
26 days ago
Actually, I thought of something else. I would just like to thank Someone for your very sweet comment. It made my day when I read it. Good luck with your friend.
26 days ago
Hi again! I've been busy the last few weeks, so I haven't been able to respond to anything. As a blanket statement for those I read but was too busy to answer, just trust your gut. I know it's not easy, but there are signs and you just need to watch for them. In other news, for those of you who saw my very very old posts, I have a crush on a girl who's bi, but she thinks I'm straight. So, the big news is...I'm going to tell her I like her! I want to do it in person, so I'm going to do it once school starts, but I need your advice. How long after school starts should I do it? Or should I wait for a long time and do it on Valentine's Day???
26 days ago
so my crush has a boyfriend but there's the thing. she knows that im gay and she is ok with this. she always hugs me and 2 days ago i was at their home. she said we bet on something. she said the prize is we will kiss each other and i said no. sometimes i feel like she knows i like her she uses me. idk im so confused.
btw sorry for bad grammar my main language is not english and im pretty bad at it.
27 days ago
I assumed the girl I like was straight (i mean straight is the norm apparently) but during science today I saw her drawing the bi flag in her book
She hung out with me the entirety of Monday, and she always smile when she sees me. I also saw her mood ring turn light purple when she was around me but idk if i can rely on that???
Anyways she's really pretty, smart, nice and funny. I like her so much, and I hope I have a chance with her, but I probably don't lmao love you phoebe