Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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4 hours ago

How much younger? I used to date a guy that was in sixth grade when I was in ninth grade. Of course, my parents never knew, but he did like me and I did like him.
5 days ago
This quiz said shes totally into me but shes younger
6 days ago

You should find out if she would like a girl. Most girls don't know whether they're gay or straight or bi or pan or poly or WHATEVER THEY ARE until they like someone. I swore until tenth grade that I was straight, but then I fell hard for a girl, and here I am, actually bi after all. Talk to her about the famous girls that you like are cute. Don't you dare tell me there aren't any, even lesbians have celebrity crushes. Ask her what she thinks about them and if she thinks they're cute too, try and help her figure out her sexuality. If she hasn't ever liked anyone, there's a good chance she could be bi or gay.
6 days ago
Hey everyone . I'm a lesbian and I haven't told my parents . I only have told two of my besties and a close friend. So not that many of my friends know yet
6 days ago
I’m so freaking gay
6 days ago
Hi, I’ve been here before. I like a bi girl and I’m bi and she knows I’m bi and we’re in our school’s LGBTQ+ club together. She’s really socially awkward and I’m ultra socially awkward but she’s my best friend. So my problem is, I told her I like her, and she was awkward for about 30 minutes and then it was back to normal. Later in like May she got really scared during a movie and she put her forehead on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around me, it was really cute. During school she puts her head on my shoulder and we just kinda hold each other and my friend (who ships us) is like :)))))). Now school is over, but yesterday we had a end of school party, and I really like her help
7 days ago
So I like this girl and she is in my friend group and I barely got out of a relationship but right when I got out of it she started being flirty and she was flirting with me and she’s very touchy and we smile and laugh so much with eacHother I have developed a tiny crush on her and she knows I’m lesbian but she Is straight but she’s never dated a guy before nor has she dated a girl and I’m confused wether she likes me or not and if she does like me I want to be more than friends but I’m also scared that if I tell her that I like her and she rejects me she won’t talk to me the same as a friend :,(
9 days ago
7th Grader:

I would say don't try yet. Try and become closer friends with her--maybe have a school end party with a couple of close friends and invite her? But not a sleepover, that could get awkward. Just imagine waking up and staring at her, only to have her flip out when she got up to pee or something. Maybe even have a "playdate" with her alone. DO NOT make it awkward though. Maybe bring up the topic of LGBTQ+ once you're closer and see how she reacts. DON'T push her to come out to you. If you end with her in the future, great! But if not, at least you'll have an amazing new friend.
11 days ago
ok so there’s this girl in my math class and i’ve liked her for like 6 months now and i really can’t read her because she’s quiet and only talks to people she’s close with. me and her talk sometimes (sometimes meaning barely) but it’s never a full on conversation, and it’s always over text. i always catch her looking at me whether we’re across the room or sitting somewhat near each other. sometimes i try talking to her over text but it’s not every time that she responds back (only happened twice where i was left open). her best friends greet me a lot whenever they’re with my crush. i really can’t tell if she’s straight. one thing that happened yesterday was that she was walking past me and my friends and i were basically waving to random people. when she ended up coming across us, my friend stopped waving and i still continued to wave. she turned back around after passing us and smiled like she was really happy and waved back. i don’t know if this means anything. i don’t know if she like she me and is too scared to tell people because we have a mutual friend and that friend told me she likes a boy (who i’m also good friends with). it’s get the end of the year and summer break is in 3 days (including weekends) and i really want to get to know her and be better friends with her. advice on anything?
15 days ago
I think.she likes me she. Was coming off all flirty and asked if i had a boyfriend or girlfriend and she was like nice or either fun so i asked her im getting mixed signals here and im.confused and after she kept going on and on about things that i can tell she likes me but she denies it and then she Said she has a girlfriend already i dont know if shes lying or not about the girlfrind thing. Beacuse i like her alot i started to get hope that she likes me back but maybe thats not the case i hope she likes me back
16 days ago
I’ve liked this girl (a friend) for almost a year now and a couple of months ago a mutual friend of ours that knew both our crushes tried to get us to say it in each others presence. She later confirmed she liked me back but that was a couple months ago and don’t know if shes still into me. We used to talk everyday and stopped talking but it was a very stressful school period and now that it ended we’re talking again but not everyday. Anyways idk I always play with her hair and stuff and we tease each other a lot but I’m a bit too shy to make a move.
20 days ago
The results said she is into me. I love her as my best friend, but not like that- I am straight! I really hope she gets over it soon :(
22 days ago
Does She Like Me?-

Definitely in person
22 days ago

I know, but he likes someone else, so I don't think that would happen.
23 days ago
The love advisor-
First of all, don’t tell your brother that your friend likes him or they might end up dating
23 days ago
Does she like me?-
Face to face, either of you might get the wrong idea over text
23 days ago
The Love Advisor-

Okay! I will do it. Should I do it face-to-face or over text? And I know she wouldn't want everyone finding out bc she's shy. The only people she told that she liked me were my friends but she denied it to everyone else- including me.
23 days ago
Does She Like Me?-

Ok, that settles it. She totally likes you. You have to tell her how you feel directly. Hearing it from others can be confusing and misleading sometimes. I liked someone once and all her friends told me that she liked me, but it turned out that they were just teasing me. You need to just tell her the truth. I really think she likes you.
23 days ago
To The Love Advisor:

It's now been a few weeks since she found out I liked her. She told her friends, "If she likes me why doesn't she just ask me out already?" Also when we have recess at my school she was playing four square with her friends and she kept letting the ball go out of her square and letting it roll near me and then she would go right next to me say hi, smile/blush and quickly run back to her friends and all her friends giggled.
24 days ago
The funny thing is that I took this quiz a few months ago knowing that my best friend liked me and I waited until one month ago to express my feelings for her. Now we are dating and I couldn't be happier with her! :D
Just go for it if you have a strong feeling that they like you too.