Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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13 hours ago
Oh god I posted this... also, I definitely like HER, I bought Undertale and watched all the episodes of Steven Universe that I could get on Sling for her...
13 hours ago
6 days ago
I would like to come out to her, but I don'tvknow the best way to do it...
And hopefully if I come out it might be enough of a hint to let her know that I like her
8 days ago
I feel like she's into me and it's just like osbfdbjhdjd
she's almost always flirting with me and just
still won't make the first move ahaha
9 days ago
I don’t even know if she is into girls. I mean she knows that I am pansexual but yeah I don’t know. I am just going to be her friend and push my feelings deep down.
11 days ago
Cool blue text
16 days ago
So, it says she’s likes me... today she told me she’s gay, and so I told her that I’m gay too (duh, I like her and I’m a girl), and she seems kinda nervous around me but also acts goofy and genuine. I really want to ask her out. Maybe I will.
19 days ago
My crush has a bf who cheats on her, but she's like me- bi. She also touched my inner thigh today while making a joke and called me babe when she hugged me. Is she just playing or...?
20 days ago
my crush is crushing on like 2 or 3 other girls. Str8 up I couldn't ask her out because she'd either get to nervous or hate me, I wish y'all good luck.
25 days ago
llook its green yeeet
26 days ago
Oh! Thank you so much for your advice btw! It means a lot and I honestly really appreciate it! 😊
26 days ago
Oof I accidentally posted that by mistake! Anyways, here's a continuation: Her brother has been following me around campus constantly confronting me about what happened. He told me he knows I'm Bi and told me he wants the whole story. I really hate being constantly reminded of her though because I'm honestly still in a lot of pain. Usually, I just ignore him and walk to my class. The other thing that has been going on is that this girl's birthday is on the 15th. And tbh even though we reconciled, she hasn't been treating me that good. She would throw me angry looks and would hardly talk to me and when we did talk she would usually ignore me and avoid looking in my direction. I already bought her a present but I honestly have no idea what to be prepared for especially since she would look and sound mad whenever I talk to her...idk what to do...oof so yeah! I've mostly been okay though sorry for worrying you.
26 days ago
Hi @I'm so freaking gay (83685) just letting you know that I'm okay although I haven't been feeling the best. I decided to reconcile with her while, being cautious around her. However, I decided to hangout with my other group of friends who have been supporting me throughout this entire ordeal. (They're amazing friends and were so supportive and understanding!) I'm still really numb and hurt though...I still think about her alot..Anyways, there are two other things that have been going on. Her brother has been following me around campus
29 days ago
I have a crush on my friend who I have known for years an I dont know how to tell her that I like her
29 days ago
I think my crush is straight never asked her :p
29 days ago
Hot sexy big 💗 and booty
32 days ago
I have a crush on my best friend but I think she’s straight...idk what to
34 days ago
so i’m in seventh grade and i like a girl in eighth grade. she approaches me after school a lot and i really like her. idk what to do
34 days ago
(I copied and pasted it from earlier because I wanted to make sure you saw this because I want to make sure that you’re okay and I also want to let you know that you’re absolutely amazing, okay?)

Broken hearted (22114)

I’m so sorry. I hope you’re okay. You’re an amazing person, and you deserve better. Stay strong.

Here’s my advice if you still want it -
If you want, talk to her about it. If she apologizes and still seems sincere - there’s two options. You were friends again. She didn’t treat you well. Take caution around her, if you’re still going to be friends.

Stop talking to her. She’ll probably know why, but if you’re concerned for your reputation, she might spread some rumors. I know this option will be hard considering that you have been friends, but just remember why you did it in the first place.

Stay strong. You’re amazing.
34 days ago
im rlly gay