Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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HelloItM (09369)
Yes! I've been waiting 2 years for this moment! I'm gonna tell her my feelings on Tuesday ^^ AHH I'm so nervous!!!!
Anon gay (13355)
3 days ago
CaLd what's her name
Oof (83072)
4 days ago
Yay!! I’m gonna tell her my feelings when I go back to school on Monday
Ur mum (68812)
5 days ago
I like this girl at my school like a lot. We're in different classes and rarely hang out because of our friendship circles but every time we see each other she seems to only smile and look at me, idk but she only really acknowledges me and then she runs up to me and hugs me. Even though she's known my friends for longer and is still friends with them. Im just head over heels for her, every time I see her at school or think about her my heart goes crazy and I can't stop smiling.
imma fag (64552)
6 days ago
don’t tell her!! flirt with her first, because she won’t have a crush on you if she’s doesn’t know you. get her number or insta or something and then text her. then you should ask her to hang out at school, then once you’ve done that ask to hang out after school sometime. and then you should ask her is she likes girls, and then maybe try to figure out if you’re getting friend vibe she or gay vibes. the end.
Ariana (78007)
7 days ago
Soooo I just recently accepted that I was bi. There’s this girl in my Social studies and Writing classes. She’s super pretty and nice and I think I’m in love (not even kidding. Literally I’m kinda obsessed). She’s close with a lot of my friends from elementary school (I just started middle school, which is 3 of the elementary schools in our district feeding into one middle school) but not really with me. I don’t know if she’s into girls. How can I deal with this? Should I tell her?
Hello Goodbye (86905)
7 days ago
oh no now my anxiety kicked innnnnnnn
Hello Goodbye (86905)
7 days ago
Hello Goodbye (86905)
7 days ago
Soo life is confusing because I kind of like my best friend and well she's Bi and I'm Bi and I came out to her like a couple days ago. And idk since then I feel like she's been hinting at liking someone else other than who she currently likes (who btw is a guy).But I don't think it's me but my head is like hella whack and well we are doing these quizzeses while facetiming and she did a quiz for does my crush like me back and it said maybe and I said ohhh see that guy might like you and she says who says its about him. And now my heart just died and I might die butttt i don't want to make this friendship awkward if I like her and she doesn't feel the same way and I don't want to ruin anything so I'm kind of scared to say anythingggggg.
Mae (77187)
12 days ago
There's this really cute girl in my maths class who sat next to me last term. She's really smart, nice, and just adorable. I don't know if she knows I'm bi because I drew the bi pride flag in the margins of my notebook, but she hasn't said anything. She wanted to sit next to me but our teacher insisted that I sit in the original seat she had set up for this term, but she still talked to me, since she was right behind me.
I don't know what to do; she's so nice, I like her so much, and this is the first time I've ever liked a girl. I've fallen so hard, but I've had so much bad luck with other guys who've liked me back. I think she's straight, though so oof
Neth (84536)
12 days ago
Let me be honest. One of my BFFs is acting touchy-feely and flirts with me lately. I'm not the type of person who likes affectionate contact and she clearly knows that but her all-of-a-sudden interest in holding my hand, constantly saying I'm pretty, buying me my fav things, doing things I love ignoring others, acting cute and complimenting so much and talking with me alot but low-key ignores me is confusing. Could this be she likes me? Or something else?
clam (60282)
14 days ago
there's someone in my math class who is confirmed-bi and also has a rainbow lgbt pencil case thing lol, she's actually so kind and sweet and yep i should probably get her social soon, if i can even bear to indirectly ask her without wanting to cry
C. (61728)
18 days ago
uuugh i think im actually in love, she's been a really good friend for a couple of years and idk what changed, but whenever i hang out with her, my chest flutters and everything feels both warm and cold at the same time. We cuddle and watch youtube and sometimes she says things that make me wonder if she could like me back, but I know she's still getting over a really rejection from another girl.. the best thing i can do is stay her friend and help her through it. but god, i want to kiss her. she's wonderful.
Spooky Gay (48434)
18 days ago
I'm in 8th grade and the girl I like is in 7th. I think she likes me but I'm not sure. She reminds me of Hermione Granger and is really funny and cute. I've fallen for her, hard. Help.
amanda (64552)
20 days ago
i really like this girl. i mean REALLY like. she’s the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen. she flirts, compliments me, asks me to hang out at lunch, is a little awkward around me, and stares at me in class ALL THE TIME. she looks really gay. last time we hung out at school, when the bell rang, we parted ways and she reached her hand out towards me and smiled. aAGGAHG my heart.
CaLd (41188)
20 days ago
I just started having a crush on this girl who’s in most of my classes, I started liking her since the day I met her, I felt inlove with the way she is, she is funny, beautiful and she understands my jokes, also she has the most beautiful smile ever, I just can’t get her out of my mind, she has the most beautiful eyes, smile and everything, and everytime when she look at me and smile I literally die, I do talk to her a lot in one class particularly I have so much confidence making my jokes and taking to her that I push all my feelings that I have for her away from me. Which is crazy I call it science.
Harper (42955)
21 days ago
I'm love with this girl I think cuz every time I think about her I get this weird feeling and by breath changes and I don't know if she likes me cuz she said she was straight once but she said it fast and weird and she ...
Kendra (70769)
22 days ago
I have a crush on a eighth grade girl I'm in seventh so we rarely see each other besides in gym I don't know if she is gay or not but I am our coaches put us together but when I was put with some girl she had a look in her eye so idk what to do I don't think she likes me.
Middle school (84709)
22 days ago
I'm in love with this girl, and i think she feels the same way but she's ignoring me.If her friends are around she would talk to me for a while but when we are alone she's the sweetest thing i wish i could tell her that i'm in love.
High school (01448)
24 days ago
I like this girl. She’s so sweet and she smiles alot and she just makes me happy. Just last week though, she told me she was straight. I am trying to move on but she makes it harder. I fall for her even more everyday, and I know I should not be.