Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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2 days ago
So i think i might die of embarrassment. So i saw on Pinterest that one of the best ways to get better in your target language is to write a diary in that language. So i started one in french and naturally, the first thing i wrote about was my crush. This was in french class as well, so if someone saw it they would most likely know what i had written. So i put the diary aside and went to take notes and my crush picks it up! She is my best friend, so this wouldn't be too weird. She started to read it and her face got all weird. I'm not sure if she had seen the part where i said i liked her and that she is the most beautiful person in the world or if she was just confused as to why i was writing a diary in french, but i grabbed it from her and, by instinct, hit her on the head with it. This is pretty normal tho, we often hit each other like that. My face was burning so much that i thought it was going to explode! I had always thought that blushing wasn't actually a thing because i had never experienced it or seen anyone experience it, but i felt like my whole head was on fire! Luckily, she treated me perfectly normal afterwards. I was scared she was gonna take me aside and ask if if had a crush on her! (>//o//
3 days ago
the problem is that we are online friends and i have a freaking crush on her
8 days ago
I like a girl from my class but I'm all ready dating someone
8 days ago
I don't feel like this is right but who knows
9 days ago
Guys this test is fake I just tested its accuracy and filled in answers from my best friends behavior and it said "wow she really likes you" like HAHAH no she doesn't

Don't believe this test
10 days ago
So I like this girl that I’ve been texting/talking/ and FaceTiming these past few days and we have gotten really close. Her brother is gay and she has nothing wrong with gay people but she is super religious and wants the whole white picket fence American Dream. She says she wants to get married in a church to a man and have four children, and takes being called gay super offensively. Well I came out to her and told her I like her and apparently she likes me too but nothing could ever happen because she “hates that she’s gay” and can’t ever see herself “living like that” in the future. She says she likes me but now just wants me to complement her and tell her how much I “love her” even though she will never be with me. We’re in highschool by the way. If anyone has any advice hmu.
11 days ago
Okay so I think im Bi and I’m not sure. This all started bc I think I like this girl who just recently moved schools. It opened up a door to the whole bi community and now I’m super confused and I don’t know if I should tell her I like her or not but I think I do. UgH i DoNt KnOw WhAt To Do!!
12 days ago
She’s my best friend, who’s bi, and who just got done with a terrible relationship... I like her and I don’t know if she likes me or not (probably not)
14 days ago
*whispers* I love you
14 days ago
HeY gUyS StAr GazEr Is BacK
ANyways now I have four freaking GIRL CRUSHES.
I never thought being a lesbian was hard, but seriously it's super painful and we all wanna cry.
Anyways, yeah. Four crushes. Cat, Ocean Eyes, Viv and... we'll call her.... (nicknames are hard DON'T JUDGE ME).... Well, Marathon, for reasons. I sit next to Ocean Eyes in chorus. I have Marathon's text number. Viv and I walk to classes together. Cat and I have no relationship whatsoever *sweats nervously* I love reading you guys' crush stories and hopefully you like mine. I'M A THIRSTY LITTLE DEMON! Amor ya'll. :)
15 days ago
I want to tell her I like her but I haven't even told my friends I like her.. 🤞 One at a time I suppose
16 days ago
Why do all the boys pass her by...
Cause she needs a girl I'm doing IT
16 days ago
It said I should ask her before her feeling fade away but one thing...
She is a Christian and lots of people at my school don't agree with gay marriage.
16 days ago
bruhhhh, she almost kissed me but she also kissed someone else at our practices. I only see her 2 times a week at bball practice buh lemme tell you... she is god💗 perfect. she is kind of a player tho and sends really mixed signals buh idk dawg.
17 days ago
i have a boyfriend but i still really like her
i can't even rn
17 days ago
She has a boyfriend but she makes me so confused-
I am into boys and have never had much interest in dating a female but...
She has me wondering and now i look this test and ahhhhh
I can't life rn
18 days ago
I just took the test and it said wow she seems to be giving you the signs that she's into you so what are you waiting for go make the first move before her feelings fade away good luck and then ten minutes later I get a text and she asked me to come over for a sleep over and then she asked me out on so sicked
21 days ago
[my crush] asked me out AAAAA
21 days ago
Im bisexual -

Hi if you got that answer awesome I wish you good luck with your crush 😊 💖💚💙
21 days ago
I got "Wow! She seems to be giving you signs that she's into you! So what are you waiting for? Go make the first move before her feelings fade away. Good luck!"..... I Drop the phone... I am seriously shook.... And is now probley bright red