Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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52 days ago
To The Love Advisor:

It's now been a few weeks since she found out I liked her. She told her friends, "If she likes me why doesn't she just ask me out already?" Also when we have recess at my school she was playing four square with her friends and she kept letting the ball go out of her square and letting it roll near me and then she would go right next to me say hi, smile/blush and quickly run back to her friends and all her friends giggled.
53 days ago
The funny thing is that I took this quiz a few months ago knowing that my best friend liked me and I waited until one month ago to express my feelings for her. Now we are dating and I couldn't be happier with her! :D
Just go for it if you have a strong feeling that they like you too.
53 days ago
To Does She Like Me?:

I think she's not sure about her feelings. She probably thought she liked you, but once she found out that you like her, she's trying to decide what she feels again. I'd say, just give her time, and soon she'll tell you what she feels. Try and start with just being friends, but DON'T ASK HER IF SHE LIKES YOU. That can be very scary and overwhelming and she'll probably say no out of fear. I'm sure she'll tell you eventually if you show her that you're willing to just like her as a friend.
54 days ago
The Love Advisor:

I think that you should come out to her, at least.
54 days ago
Should I tell her about my feeling...?
54 days ago
As an Asian girl, I fell in love with an American girl. I knew I shouldn't have any feeling for her, but I can't help it. For me, she is the most prettiest and smartest girl I have ever seen in my life. Her personalities stole my heart.
We used to talk through messages a lot, but right now, she doesn't even reply me. At school, she acted like she never got any messages from me. I'm so confused... I tried to cover my feelings, I tried act cold around her. I promised to myself that I would get over with her, but every time when I look at her, I forgot all of those. My heart seem to become soft. That feeling....I couldn't even describe it in words...
54 days ago
I have no clue if a girl likes me. So in the beginning of the school year rumors went around my school that a girl liked me. Even people in her friend group said she liked me. She would always stare at me, and when i looked at her she would smile/blush and look away. Also one time i put on my insta story "How much do you like me?" and she put 100% when i hardly knew her. Now I have come to realization that i like her. When people told her i liked her she said "I dont like her." but she's still staring/ smiling/ and blushing at me. She is also very shy and is new to the school this year.

So do you guys think she likes me? bc its very confusing.
55 days ago
To Ryan:

You should totally go for it! It really sounds like she likes you. Maybe she says bop instead of boop because she likes you, but doesn't LOVE you? I mean, the L word is big. Just a thought. BUT WHAT DO I DO??? I'm so confused...
55 days ago crush is one of my best friends. She tries to make me happy because we’re friends, her friends try to get closer to me because we have the same friends. Like, I know that I have a chance since she’s a lesbian but... I don’t know. Her name is Sophia and every day she goes up to me, touches my head, and says ‘bop!’ It’s adorable. We both like the web series RWBY and one of the songs in it is called Boop, and one of the lines in the song is
“When I wanna say I love you, I say boop!” And bop is close to boop, right? Also, she said that if I ever die, she’d play the song Forever Fall (also from RWBY, it plays at the scene where Jaune Arc goes to a statue of his dead girlfriend, Pyrrha Nikos.), and Forever Fall is also a love song... yeah. I don’t know what to think.
55 days ago
I'm 13 and lesbian my crush is 16 and has just left school so so depressed what shall I do add me on Snapchat xshawanahx
56 days ago
Oh and also my brother's my twin and he goes to our school in our grade but neither of us have any classes with him
56 days ago
To Complicated Life:

Just be honest. Just say, "I'm so sorry, but I don't like you in that way. You're an amazing person and whoever ends up with you will be so lucky. I just can't consider you that way because I don't like girls in a romantic way. I hope we can be friends and not let this get in the way of our relationship. Haha, no not that kind of relationship. Again, I'm really sorry." And just let her vent. If she cries, then either comfort her or just let her cry. I don't know what kind of girl she is. If she's mad at you, let her yell at you and give her space. It might suck if you lose her, depending on how close you two are, but it's better, to be honest now than let her think you like her. Believe me, I've had to let one of my best friends down, and it was much worse for me because they thought we were dating. Good luck and let God be in your favor.

On a different note, I need help too. My situation just got a little more complicated. You can see the Confused entry for a more detailed explanation, but basically, I'm bi, I like my bi friend, but she thinks I'm straight. So today at lunch I worked up the courage to ask her if she likes anyone. It turns out that she does. She likes my brother. WHAT DO I DO???
57 days ago
help please to sum it all up, I’m straight, bi girl likes me I don’t know how to tell her I don’t like her and I can’t like her back
58 days ago
I means he could be bi since she kinda is giving me signals that she likes me but then she likes this boy.
59 days ago
I am lesbian and whenever I see Ava see just makes the sun appear and I will sometimes call her shortie but she knows that's flirting she doesn't want a bf (even tho she girl) untill she is in high school I hope she likes me as much as I do. (Btw Cassia I think she really likes you maybe try to confront her at a place she really likes dunno if it helps but I think you have a chance!)
59 days ago
Confused guy, I’m taking the hint that she knows you’re bi and if so isn’t it pretty obvious?
59 days ago
Also, since I helped you, maybe you can help me? See the Confused entry. Yup, that's me. I'm a mess. But don't worry! I'm good at helping other people with their problems, just not myself. Thanks!
59 days ago
To Cassia:

If you're moving, then you might as well just tell her you like her. If she doesn't like you back, you're moving anyway so you won't have to face the in-person awkwardness. But if she does like you, long-distance relationships are certainly possible! And if it turns out they're not for you, at least your feelings are out in the open. And who knows? Maybe you'll even get a goodbye kiss!
59 days ago
I think she likes me.... we kissed but she is straight according to what she said.... I have a Hugh crush on her. I think she secretly likes me and I have already told her I’m bi... I want to kiss her again but I don’t know if she will be ok with it and I’m moving in less then a month and I really like her more then a friend
60 days ago
So I don't know if my crush likes me. She's told me that she's bi and I know that I'm bi but she doesn't. I used to like this other guy and we dated and he kissed me but this was like years ago. Anyway, she's never been kissed, so I told her that if in two years she still hasn't been kissed, I'll kiss her. We also said that if when we're 35 we're both not married, we'll get married to each other. Plus, she thinks I'm straight, and she once told me that if I was bi she would totally fall for me. So should I tell her I like her? Or at least that I'm bi?