Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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100 days ago
I’m straight and I LOVE LGTB+ peeps! I think it’s cuz welp. . .I’m surrounded by em! Half my friends are LGTB+ And I love them all as friends but sometimes it scares me that they might like me. I only get scared cuz I don’t want to say that I’m straight and I just don’t like girls. . . I just don’t want to break their sweet hearts! Cuz then it might break me! T^T
104 days ago
Six months ago my friends were talking to me about this girl in their class I would get along well with. I even heard some stuff about her from my best friend. I didn’t think much of her, so I didn’t really care about it. When we first met, we just said “hi” and “bye”. I thought she was a cold person, because she didn’t look particularly happy. But she was cute.

Weeks went by and I joined the drama club in my school. Later on, I proceeded to find out she was in drama too. I decided to talk to her and make friends. I did, and we hung out all the time. We’d talk about anything- our lives, what we were studying, anime etc. I even got her food once because she was broke.

I realized I caught feelings that one night. Rehearsals were dragged on and she had to go home earlier, because she lived far from the school. If she stayed on, she would have reached home late. Our seniors wanted someone to walk her to the nearest taxi stand, and so I volunteered (plus we were the closest). As we were walking home, she told me about how this stalker guy used to harass her as a kid, and that she didn’t like going out late at night alone because she was paranoid he would break out of jail and find her again.

I got angry, and a sense of protectiveness just took over me. I told her that I would protect her if he ever broke out and thought about laying a finger on her. She proceeded to say that she would bail me out of jail if I got into trouble just for protecting her. That sentence made my heart do something it hasn’t done in years- it melted. I did tell her it melted. These were her exact words: “It shows you have a heart unlike those jerks out there.”

Here’s where things get a bit fuzzy. She’s been giving mixed signals ever since that day. One minute she tells me she isn’t touchy, the next minute she’s lying on someone’s lap. One minute she isn’t scared of going in a haunted house, the next minute she wants me to hold her hand when walking past a forest at night. She’s okay with being shipped with others but not me. She says she might marry her best friend, but she also says she’s straight. There are more mixed signals but it would make this story longer than it is.

At first I denied it, but now I can say I do like her. But the mixed signals are killing me. Please help me out ;-;
106 days ago
i really hope this girl 💗 likes me i deserve it
106 days ago
@Love Advisor - where are you? What happened with that girl you like? You’re such a sweet person to be helping with other’s problems, I wish you the best of luck!
106 days ago
@Broken hearted - I’m so glad you’re feeling better! No problem, I’m happy that my advice helped you. Stay strong, you’re amazing!
111 days ago
I'm in middle school and I like this girl in my class but we aren't friends and we don't talk but I think she's bi but I don't think it would be a good idea for me to talk to her and I wanna know if she likes me but she dresses like a tomboy and if I talk to she might tell others she has lots of friends someone please help me and thank you for the information it helped
112 days ago
The girl i like does special things for me and also she sometimes looks like she wants to talk to me but im too shy to talk:(
113 days ago
Oof sorry ny number changed 😂 but my original number was 22114 @I'm really freaking gay (83685) thank you so much for your advice! I'm still in a lot of pain but I'm starting to feel better little by little. I'm so sorry that you know how it feels like to feel broken, but I'm really happy that you gave me extremely useful advice and I just want to give you my sincere thanks! You have no idea how much your advice means to me!
113 days ago
Broken hearted - I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. I hope you’re feeling better, and I know what it’s like to feel broken like that.

Here’s my advice - be friends with her if she was kind about rejecting you (as kind as she could be) but tell her you need space and maybe wait a while. If she wasn’t, then maybe it’s time to cut it off, but only when you’re ready. I’m so sorry. I hope this helps, and I hope you’re okay.

Love Advisor - Where are you??? I really want to know what happened, you seem really sweet to be helping people out with their problems. I hope you’re doing okay!!
115 days ago
My bff likes me,but she likes someone else to,my rule is,if she likes me,i like her,but likes a boy to,i dont if i should wait,or make the first move.
117 days ago
Ok. So i have a crush on this girl and she is a lesbian and sheis like my bestfriend ever! Ive liked her for a few months now and i know one of her crushes but dont know the other one. She comes up to me all the time and talks to me, we are in a group of friends but im closes with her. I just need an opinion, do you guys think she likes me????AAAAAAHHHHHHH
117 days ago
Oof I just got rejected by my lgbt crush and it's been killing me like crazy. She found a letter I wrote for her by accident and everything fell apart from there. All I feel is stabbing pain in my heart and another thing I do is cry. However, my crush still wants to be friends but I don't want too. I just really need some space especially since I had a crush on her for 4 years and I realize now that she wasn't worth waiting for. She sent me a mesaage rejecting me and it still hurts like hell. I honestly feel broken. Should I still be friends with her?
117 days ago
I have this huge crush on this super hot girl in my class. We are in most of the same classes so I often get distracted by her. She looks like a model. I'm bisexual but not out of the closet and she is either straight or in the closet. My biggest problem is that she is bullying me. I always seem to fall for the wrong people. Like I have this great lesbian friend who's really sweet, but she's just not my crush. My other crush is another bully. What should I do????????????
117 days ago
ALSO i forgot to add that she does this thing where she gets very VERY close to me and stares into my eyes and its like woah. KITH
117 days ago
okay so today we were walking to our next class together and i was talking about how it was my best friend's anniversary with her girlfriend, right? then i said "One year of me being a third wheel!" and she said "well we can date" and then put her arm around my waist. i put mine around hers and we walked like that for a little but then i took my arm off of her. Then, when we walked to our OTHER next class, she put her hand up in front of her. i took her hand and held it and squeezed, and she squeezed back. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. So she is in marching band and I was behind her. And i was totally looking at her butt. So when they finished the set, she turned around and posed with her hand on her butt lol. i asked her why her hand was there and she said "i know u were looking at my a**" which i said "psh no of course not" but very sarcastically. i feel like she flirts with me a lot and she sees that i get awkward when she talks about her past boyfriends (she's bi). but right now i think its too early to know anything for sure. but i really like her : )
120 days ago
One of my close friends has been showing loads of signs she likes me but I’m not 100./. She always tries to be near me and touch me (like puts her legs on me and stuff) and she quite often acts rlly flirty when we’re having a conversation. She is always smiling at me and stares at my 💗 every time we get changed for PE and stuff. She often teases and compliments me or ignores me on purpose it’s so funny. She always asks me to go with her somewhere around school just the two of us, and shares REALLY personal stuff with me (like updates me on the status of her tampon 😂). And she once “accidentally” made her towel fall of so I saw her naked (I looked away as quickly as possible) and she kept reminding me of it and laughing about it. Then today she borrowed my watch and my other friend was like ‘why’s your skin red underneath’ and I said it was because I wore it in the pool and shower so soap can irritate it but then my friend (who’s possibly crushing on me) was like ‘ooh so this has been on naked *my name*’. Me and my other friend exchanged glances (like why was that the first thing she thought 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️).Quite a few people think she’s lesbian and after today my other friend said she thought she had a crush on me so yeah.Now I’ve written this all out I kinda feel like it’s rlly obvious but she’s quite a weird person and I wasn’t sure. Pls reply if u think she does or doesn’t like me :)
120 days ago
Sometimes she’s like really interested in talking to me but then I feel like she’s avoiding me and 💗 it’s so confusing. She always remember little details about me like my favorite video game or the month I have my birthday in. One time she even gave me like a printed picture of an anime character *she* likes. I really like her but I don’t know if she likes me back because what if she’s like that with everyone? Also she told me she liked her friend, but that she (her friend) was straight so idk help
127 days ago
Idek what's going on with her cuz literally last week she was ignoring me and kinda being rude to me but her friends who are also my friends seem like theyre hiding something and they all keep dropping hints to me that she's tryna show off to me also she keeps staring at me and always trys to start some really random conversations with me...she got very awkward when someone asked her if she liked me and now she's suddenly decided to get into all the sort of stuff that I like but she seems to think I like my bsf for some reason (ew just no lol) so maybe she jealous I talk to my bsf more than her..? idrk what to do about her tbh
129 days ago
she's a close friend of mine and I really don't know how she feels about me, like one night on a birthday party she lend me her hoodie and kinda stayed around where I was. then the other day she asked me and a friend if we wanted to hang out and my friend had to cancel and she didn't even seem interested in hanging out anymore so maybe she doesn't care about me.
ahhh I know no one will probably read this but I just have to rant and well- let it all go for once. she just gives me the 💗 butterflies and I just want her to be happy and I fear I'm too much to handle as a friend with all my insecurities and anxiety for her. haha I don't know how to end this comment I'm just gay and in love.
130 days ago
I need help I want to know if my Bestfriend likes me cause she is always giving me hugs touching me and looks me into my eyes and be laughing at all my jokes but how can I tell if she’s being friendly or does she actually like me she told me she was straight but that’s what my friend said she said but she never said that to my face and she’s so cute😍😍 I just want to go for it but I’m afraid if she is going to break my heart cuz she is always hugging me more than once in one day and touching me holding my hand and leaning on my legs and shoulders and when I mess around to much she pushes me into a wall and it looks like she stares me dead into my eyes but l please help me I’m lost does anybody have any ideas but her name is Jaylah