Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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80 days ago
I’m bi but only one other person knows and I’m comfy w it now but ima work my way up to tell people and I have this friend and she’s not homophonic but not very knowledgeable in the lgbtq area and me and her went to sleep away camp for two weeks and I met this girl who we will call r. And she’s one year older than me and my Friend j’s friend and so during a game of capture the flag she came up to me and told me that I had really nice hair (it’s short) and then she told me her ex girlfriend said it was her gay hair so ofc as a bi girl my ears perked up and later as we got closer she was telling me abt a gay charicter in a tv show and my friend who I mentioned earlier was like,”DO YOU THINK SHES GAY WHY DID YOU TELL HERR THAT.” And r was cool abt it and she was like no I j think it’s important for everyone to know abt this stuff and I agreed but then on my last day we were really close and she was feeling sick so I asked if she wanted me to walk her to her cabin which was up the hill and we held hands and it was the best but she also holds hands with other ppl to so I’m confused pls helpppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
82 days ago
I have a crush on my best friend...
86 days ago
Actually, I thought of something else. I would just like to thank Someone for your very sweet comment. It made my day when I read it. Good luck with your friend.
86 days ago
Hi again! I've been busy the last few weeks, so I haven't been able to respond to anything. As a blanket statement for those I read but was too busy to answer, just trust your gut. I know it's not easy, but there are signs and you just need to watch for them. In other news, for those of you who saw my very very old posts, I have a crush on a girl who's bi, but she thinks I'm straight. So, the big news is...I'm going to tell her I like her! I want to do it in person, so I'm going to do it once school starts, but I need your advice. How long after school starts should I do it? Or should I wait for a long time and do it on Valentine's Day???
86 days ago
so my crush has a boyfriend but there's the thing. she knows that im gay and she is ok with this. she always hugs me and 2 days ago i was at their home. she said we bet on something. she said the prize is we will kiss each other and i said no. sometimes i feel like she knows i like her she uses me. idk im so confused.
btw sorry for bad grammar my main language is not english and im pretty bad at it.
86 days ago
I assumed the girl I like was straight (i mean straight is the norm apparently) but during science today I saw her drawing the bi flag in her book
She hung out with me the entirety of Monday, and she always smile when she sees me. I also saw her mood ring turn light purple when she was around me but idk if i can rely on that???
Anyways she's really pretty, smart, nice and funny. I like her so much, and I hope I have a chance with her, but I probably don't lmao love you phoebe
86 days ago
So i like a guy who is probably only my friend, a guy I nearly dated (but he hates me now lmao) and a girl I've only started to really notice. I've know her for a while, but I talk to her more now that we're in the same class. The thing that hits most is having the guy who is only my friend and the girl I like in the same area because idk who tf to focus on #biproblems
87 days ago
I might have this small crush on my best friend.......... I'm still rather confused. I usually feel either casual, happy or shy around her, nothing too strong, but you know the feeling....... A good thing is that she's told me she's bisexual and is okay with a girl dating her. The thing is................she likes another girl-_- who she barely sees except on social media(her crush is in another school) who may be mildly homophobic. And she is completely clueless about how I feel. I mean, she did ask me once, teasingly, but I denied it cos I was too scared to admit it 0_0. She has tried to flirt with me a few times though, so I'm extremely confused. And my feelings are really conflicted right now because although I'm usually calm and casual around her I tend to sometimes get shy and panicky every time she initiates contact or teases me, or says something nice to me(eg saying I'm cute, which I definitely am not haha).
89 days ago
So I’m bisexual and my crush is bisexual and we’re best friends. She knows I like her but I know she doesn’t like me do I get her to like me back?
91 days ago
So, this girl let's call her arty, she says she straight, she had a boyfriend before. But she flirted I think? I said no please don't leave me in a jokey way and she said no my queen? And she said I was the love of her life? And she recently asked to see my cat and come over to my house, I said yes thinking it was a joke, it wasn't and now she's coming in the summer, she also said ARIANA GRANDE LOOKS CUTE, so that's cool. And you know those gay posts with the tumblr usernames, one was a post about cats and it had the username somethingsomethinglesbian??? And one of her recent posts had text message saying how gay she was, like "GAY YOUR GAY" but in different bubbles, and the caption said "you won't understand if blah blah" and then she smiles at me, sometimes she looks at me, then she ignored me for a period of time, and then she comes up to me sometimes usually it's me though. Also also, she followed an lgbt account. But it was her friends and now she unfollowed. I'm super confused if she's gay or not, I really really like her, she makes my day, even she doesn't like me, I wish her the best :)) she's my sunshine honestly. I hope she's gay, but that's just a hope.
97 days ago
Hey Guys Im back!I really need some help with a bunch of stuff. So I said to my crush (lets call her w) that I liked her over text. She said back that I would definitely find someone that likes me. At first I was said because everything she did made it seem like she liked me. Then I had remembered that her parents scroll through her phone, so I left it at that. I told my mom that I was gay, and she had already knew about w. SO she watched w and stuff and my mom said that she kept looking at me with googly eyes and coming closer to me. So my mom said to try "flirting" back with her. i did that and she flirted heavily back. Then the next day she just stopped flirting. Then the day after I found out that her parents called the school and told them that I liked her and said if i text her one more time that they are pressing charges. They are also very homophobic. About a month later at a summer camp, she was there. We went to a water slide place and everywhere I went, she went. There are these slides that had two different lines. I was in one line and she was in another line with her friend. W looked over at me and said to her friend "im going to that line" she then proceeded to stand behind me. Two of my best friends told me she looked me up and down three plus times, and tried to impress me by hanging on this rope thing because she was looking at me the whole time.

Do you guys think she still likes me, but is afraid of her parents?

I also still like her. I was thinking maybe I should wait to do something until w matures and doesnt listen to her parents, So i wont have charges pressed against me.

Also why do you think she did that stuff at the water park?
101 days ago
We’ve been best friends for a few years. I started liking a her a lot last year and came out to her then. She’s only had one actual crush on somebody aside from a celebrity/fictional character and that happened last year. During the school year I managed to keep my feelings in check but then I started liking her again recently and it’s just really hard because I know she’s gay and I’ve told her I’m gay and I’m pretty sure im the first one she came out to and vice versa. She tells me I’m cute sometimes but maybe because I’m younger and she finds it cute that way??? we have sleepovers where we’re really touchy and talk til early morning. I’ve mentioned I liked her once and then proceeded to freak out and asked her to forget it. She said okay that’s ok and kinda let it go. I didn’t tell her how much I liked her I just told her I was a bit gay for her and mentioned a dream where I kissed her. Idk if she likes me but we’ve joked about marriage and dating cuz we text so much my family sometimes jokes about it. A lot of times we just hang out in our rooms and we’re really touchy with each other like arms around each other, holding hands, just leaning into each other, etc. She’s not a touchy person and I don’t know anyone else she’s that comfortable physically with. We say ily all the time and sometimes I say ily no hetero. She responds when I say that by saying Ily very little hetero (80:20 she once said). We talk about things we don’t with anyone else, and it goes both ways there. we text very often, like long conversations several times a day. I’ve told her I’d date her and then she said I was way out of her league (which I’m definitely not lol) and which she basically says about every girl. We’re clingier to each other than anyone else and on my part it’s partly because I like her. I’m just really confused and maybe it’s a best friend platonic love thing for her and I’m overthinking because I like her. Idek Just needed to let it out. And also, sending you some appreciation for your honest and supportive responses, love adviser.
103 days ago
I can't wait to tell her!!! I've been waiting to have a gf all my life! And now the moment finally came! Yay!!
103 days ago
So this girl (she knows my sexuality I’m out) like she doesn’t flirt(it’s in the hood so ya) she tries to intimidate me and acts like she doesn’t like me but I can be talking to a girl any girl and she’ll comeback up and say what chu looking at? Or make some type comment about my hair (which is colorful rn it’s blue and pink) and I can’t tell but I asked her why she doesn’t like me and she just was like “idk” it’s v confusing cause nobody and I mean nobody knows her sexuality (like nobody knows if she’s straight lesbian bi pan etc.) I’m really confused
103 days ago
My situations a bit awkward. Ive been bisexual but in the closet from most people for a few years except from my close friends. About it. Anyway theres a new girl in our friendship group and shes gay and i really fancy her but i donr know what to do. I dont know if shes into me and if shes not then im out the closet for no reason
104 days ago
Well the girl I'm doing her name is Makenzie and she is my girl friend im just seeing if she does like me but i already know she does cause she shows me so much attention and honestly shes the best girl friend I've ever had
104 days ago

I think she might have thought she felt something but then realized that it was just friendship to her. Sometimes if someone tells you they like you, you start wondering if you like them back. She probably had a moment of confusion. Outside of that, flirting is becoming a problem for you. I don't think it necessarily means she likes you. For more information, look below at my advice to Idk what to do. It's probably pretty similar to what you should do.
104 days ago
Idk what to do-

Honestly, it seems to me like she's just confused right now. If she says she's straight but she's flirting with you, it's actually probably her trying to figure out her sexuality. Now that there are so many openly LGBTQ+ people, she might be exploring who she is. There's no harm in that, except that it's making you confused. I think you should talk to her and tell her that it's bothering you. Try and gauge your next actions based on her response. Good luck!
106 days ago
So there’s this girl that I’ve gotten really close to these last few months. She basically tells me stuff that she hasn’t told best friends that she’s known for years. I like her a lot and I told her so. She seemed fine with it and always wants me to talk about my feelings. And then a few weeks ago, she told me that she thinks she might like me. But then the next day she changed her mind and said she was 100% straight. Now she’s confusing me by always flirting but then pulling away at the last second. Somebody has to help me pLeAsE
110 days ago
I never actually have a crush on anyone before. But this year, I met this girl named Y (not going reveal her real name), we became friends and slowly, I developed feelings for her. I have like her for 6 months. We used to talk and texted to each other often. Then slowly, she stopped texting, she never reply to my text anymore, but we still talk at school. I always caught her staring at me at school, and she flirted with me several times. We never have any sexual contacts with each other. We only hug each other and hold hands for several times. She told me she's straight, but my feelings told me she's lesbian. Recently, I tried to flirt with her, she just made eyes contacts with me while smiling and blushing. Part of me think she likes me but another parts of me think she only like me a friend. Do u guys think she likes me?