Does She Like Me? (LGBT Quiz)

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Do you ever wonder whether that cute girl you're crushing on is into you, too? I created this quiz to help you find out - so take it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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113 days ago

Just tell her. Does she know you're bi? That could be a place to start. Otherwise, I really think she likes you. Do what the quiz said! You got this!!!
113 days ago
Wow! She seems to be giving you signs that she's into you! So what are you waiting for? Go make the first move before her feelings fade away. Good luck!
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UM....THAT WOULD BE A LITTLE AKWARD. Especially since me and her are Best Friends, and we hang out a lot. And I'm going over to her house on the 8th. She's a Lesbian. I'm almost 100% sure that I was the first one she came out to. A week after she told me that, I realized I. Was. Bi. (Or Pan) But the thing is, she acts like she likes me. Heres an example:
When we had a Slumber Party at her house, she invited 9 or 7 people. When it was time to go to bed, me, Sky, and Trent-(These are fake names but Trent is a girl😛)- Went to bed on the bed....AFTER 1am. Everyone else feel asleep about 9pm. So Trent is half asleep, half awake. And me and Sky are awake, and! Thats not all! We're spooning. Don't know what that means? I change it. We are cuddling...
And I'm holding her hand and she's okay with it😍
So I'm cuddling her, trying NOT to freak out.
Trent finally falls asleep. And Me and Sky fall asleep after our little giggle/cuddle/hand holding/making jokes moment.
She never let go of my hand.💞
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
So, yeah. Everything in my life is a I'm scared to tell her that I like her. Well, its not really like, It's love. Being completely honest, I see a whole entire future with her. I can't wait to see her again. The pretty, beautiful, amazing lesbian that I love~.

-I might have some issues😛-

Your psycho, in-love, killer
114 days ago

I'm a little confused. Do you like her or not? If you do, then definitely tell her, at least that you're bi, and she'll decide what she wants to do with that. If you don't, then still tell her. I had a friend who I liked and she came out to me, but I knew it didn't mean anything, and we're best friends now.
114 days ago

There's no way to be sure, but this time I actually don't think she does. From the way you describe it, it sounds like she's just a really good friend. Sorry!
115 days ago
So we’ve known each other for 2-3. She’s my closest and my best friend but I don’t want to ruin our friendship. She’s bi, and she’s told me—but only me, she hasn’t come out to her parents or anyone else. We tell each other all our secrets.

Once another girl (who we hated) said “sometimes I wonder if...” and then gave us a weird look. My friend was with me, and didn’t “understand” what the other girl was trying to say. So she asked me, and I said “Oh, nothing., she’s just being stupid”. I didn’t want to create an awkward situation. But I think she was acting- she looked kinda hurt for the rest of the day.

And the next day, when she saw me having lunch with another girl (who is openly lesbian, but I’m not in a relationship with her or anything), she acted all jealous and didn’t sit with us. I’m bi too, but I didn’t tell her. Not cos I don’t trust her or anything. It’s just— if I told her, what if she thought I wanted a relationship with her? But what if she wants one with me? I’m having mixed feelings about this— we’re best friends. I help her, she helps me, I listen when she needs to talk, she listens when I need to rant, and I don’t want to ruin things between us.

I love everything about her though.... what do I do???
117 days ago
Ok so there’s this girl I know from school. We have really similar sense of humour, and we were friends since we first met. I know that she’s bi and we’ve talked to each other about being bi. She’s a really good friend, and I trust her with anything. One time I got in massive trouble for something’s that wasn’t my fault, and she was a witness. I was freaking out, and she said that she was going to come with me to the teachers office, even though she wasn’t allowed and might get in trouble. I was freaking out, and she kept hugging me and telling me it was going to be ok. She’s really sweet and pretty and I love her. She’s a bit more popular than me at school, but she’s not like super popular as in in the “in” group. She’s sort of in that group that’s popular, with mostly girls and all the gay guys, the nice popular people. I sometimes hang out with her group, cause I’m really good friends with them, but I don’t know if she likes me as a crush/potential girlfriend.
117 days ago

I'd say about 85% yes she likes you. But I'm not 100% sure this time. I do think you should like ask her out or tell her you like her again or something.
117 days ago

It's probably nothing. I do that with all my friends.
117 days ago
Oh by the way Gaby I bet she likes you. No seriously.
117 days ago
Oh jeez its been 73 days.
Idk If I still like Ocean Eyes.
For ya fellow lesbians out there, or anyone crushing for that matter- I know how hard it is when youre crushing on a girl and they make any physical contact with you and you start heating up and UGHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE LITERAL HELL DO WE DO... #Awkward. XD I was so slick the other day. Marathon was being annoyed by our classmates and shy gave me a "help me" glance. So I, being the classy boi I am, rubbed her back and she PUT HER HEAD ON MY SHOULDERRRRR. I know it was a friendly little gesture but STILL.
Happy pride month everyone! ❤
118 days ago
Ok so we met at school and I catch feelings for her the second month of school I told her I liked her on March and she said she like this boy by the way she bisexual and then she kept talking to me normally and then she sometimes stared at me and smiled at me. Then on like the second week of summer we went to Carnegie Hall as a small part of the chorus group and she called me “My love” , when we were in the airplane she Sat on the row behind me but behind my friend and instead of taping my friend and smiling at her she tap me in my arm and when I looked back she was smiling and “acted” like she dint tap me and then she kept on touching my hair and I touched hers, she ask me for my sweater and I gave it to her, we had an hour talk from this store all the way to the hotel, she was talking about this person and instead of saying the person name she said my name and looked at me and she corrected herself, we took care of each other Cause I was nervous and she was too and I kept on biting my nail and she kept on biting hers and she’s like gaby no and I said the same thing and we calm each other down. She brought up something about the time I told her that I liked her and I was nervous lol I dint even talked about it 😂💔😭, but I think she’s talking to this boy one of her friends told me but she doesn’t really talk much about the kid and she once talked about him and looked at me and I had a dead face on lol. Well turnout that like turned into a Love and that Trio to Carnegie Hall was the last time I saw her cause shes 1 year older and the school we were in has a high school but she’s going to another one But she’s gonna come and visit when we have chorus concert at school. I’m kinda crying cause I Love her and we have the same First Name. I LOVE HER SO FLIPPING MUCH. Oh she also brought up the conversation about me if I had come out to my parents and she told me her story and She is still Bisexual. We’ve been since the Carnegie Hall trip ended 3 days ago. Do y’all think she likes me? Or say something idk ?
119 days ago
ookayyy so i met this girl from a mutual friend of ours. she’s super nice to me and acts like herself around me. when me and my the mutual friend were talking about her, she told me that THE GIRL (im just gonna call her the girl because i don’t know if i like her yet) gets shy and awkward when meeting new people, but THE GIRL said that she instantly became friends with me which is true. today at he fair, she asked me to walk around the fair with her alone while our friend group were waiting in line for tickets and we got bored. so we walked around the fair alone... just the two of us. we went on a ride and it was one of those spinning rides and i get dizzy on those. i told her that i was dizzy while the ride was spinning and she told me to hold her hand and maybe doing so would calm me. so i held her hand and when i would release my grip to maybe fix my hair or something, she’d hold her grip so i decided to keep holding hands until she let go. when she finally let go, she asked me “better?” (as if am i feeling better now that i just held her hand) and to be honest, i was a little better and replied with a “yes a little.” i don’t know if friends do that because my friends don’t get that close with me seriously. she tries to start conversations with me a lot and touches my face a lot and playfully slaps and punches me. she also opened her arms to hug me once or twice i think. later on, she put out her hand again which meant that she wanted me to hold her hand so i did. and before we went on this ride that she thought was scary, she said “i’m gonna sit with you and im gonna be really scared so i’ll be holding you like this.” then she hugged me on one side of my body for a bit, though i ended up not going on that ride because she decided to sit with our mutual friend and they didn’t allow single riders. the thing is that during the whole time fair, she was telling us that she liked this boy. and the next thing she did is what i’m pretty sure friends say to each other all the time but she told me “i love you.” like out of nowhere before she handed me her drawstring to hold while she goes on a ride. i replied with “i love you too.” because that’s what friends say? i don’t know. she got upset when she saw the boy she liked with other girls and i don’t know if she likes me or not. she’s throwing these signs but idk if it’s something that friends do?
121 days ago

How much younger? I used to date a guy that was in sixth grade when I was in ninth grade. Of course, my parents never knew, but he did like me and I did like him.
126 days ago
This quiz said shes totally into me but shes younger
127 days ago

You should find out if she would like a girl. Most girls don't know whether they're gay or straight or bi or pan or poly or WHATEVER THEY ARE until they like someone. I swore until tenth grade that I was straight, but then I fell hard for a girl, and here I am, actually bi after all. Talk to her about the famous girls that you like are cute. Don't you dare tell me there aren't any, even lesbians have celebrity crushes. Ask her what she thinks about them and if she thinks they're cute too, try and help her figure out her sexuality. If she hasn't ever liked anyone, there's a good chance she could be bi or gay.
127 days ago
Hey everyone . I'm a lesbian and I haven't told my parents . I only have told two of my besties and a close friend. So not that many of my friends know yet
127 days ago
I’m so freaking gay
127 days ago
Hi, I’ve been here before. I like a bi girl and I’m bi and she knows I’m bi and we’re in our school’s LGBTQ+ club together. She’s really socially awkward and I’m ultra socially awkward but she’s my best friend. So my problem is, I told her I like her, and she was awkward for about 30 minutes and then it was back to normal. Later in like May she got really scared during a movie and she put her forehead on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around me, it was really cute. During school she puts her head on my shoulder and we just kinda hold each other and my friend (who ships us) is like :)))))). Now school is over, but yesterday we had a end of school party, and I really like her help
128 days ago
So I like this girl and she is in my friend group and I barely got out of a relationship but right when I got out of it she started being flirty and she was flirting with me and she’s very touchy and we smile and laugh so much with eacHother I have developed a tiny crush on her and she knows I’m lesbian but she Is straight but she’s never dated a guy before nor has she dated a girl and I’m confused wether she likes me or not and if she does like me I want to be more than friends but I’m also scared that if I tell her that I like her and she rejects me she won’t talk to me the same as a friend :,(
130 days ago
7th Grader:

I would say don't try yet. Try and become closer friends with her--maybe have a school end party with a couple of close friends and invite her? But not a sleepover, that could get awkward. Just imagine waking up and staring at her, only to have her flip out when she got up to pee or something. Maybe even have a "playdate" with her alone. DO NOT make it awkward though. Maybe bring up the topic of LGBTQ+ once you're closer and see how she reacts. DON'T push her to come out to you. If you end with her in the future, great! But if not, at least you'll have an amazing new friend.