Does She Like Me? (LGBTQ Quiz)

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There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? I can't read your mind, but it'd be pretty weird if you didn't! Ha ha. And I can't read hers, either - so I created this quiz to help you find out for yourself what she's probably thinking! Try it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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99 days ago
so uhm. the first day of high school i saw this cute girl and i was like wow okay i’m gonna try and make friends with her. she’s also in some of my classes btw. but anyways i actually did make friends with her in like a week, so yeah. cool. i like her, but i think she has a boyfriend that goes to a different school. she’s quite quiet and i hate asking people to repeat themselves but i think she said she did. yep...i don’t know what to do, help please...or not. ok bye.
100 days ago
For most of my answers, I put sometimes or maybe. But the results said that she maight be into me. I think she likes another guy in our class because they're always flirting. I got one of my friends to tell her I like her, and she's bi, too.
What the heck do I do, m8?
101 days ago
I think my best friend likes me and I might like her. Well we are really really close and we have kniwn each other for a long time but only got close a couple of months ago. Recently she said that she thinks uts stupid to get into a relationship with someone who isn't from the same school, and then directly after she said "I hope we get into the same school *my name*. She has done things like that multiple times too. And we are a little touchy with each other and things like that. But today she was talking about how she might have a chance with this girl and i was talking about a crush that i kind of had and she kept asking me who it was and i didnt want to tell her because this guirl who I soort of have a teeny weeny crush on is really close to her. Then she made a joke about the crush being her, and I denied it. ANd she kept joking about it, and then the conversation took into us typing about gay song lyrics to each other, i am very confused
101 days ago
when i kinda like a girl who ive never made eye contact with and is prolly straight
104 days ago
Bruv there is this one girl in my gym class and i really like her but i'm not sure if she likes me back but i can see her looking at me a lot, trying to get close to me, and acting louder around me. I dont know what that means. I dont know if shes bi, gay, pan, etc. Im really struggling here :[]
104 days ago
Bruv there is this one girl in my gym class and i really like her but i'm not sure if she likes me back but i can see her looking at me a lot, trying to get close to me, and acting louder around me. I dont know what that means. I dont know if shes bi, gay, pan, etc. Im really struggling here :[]
104 days ago
i like this girl in some of my classes and sometimes i see her looking at me?? it means nothing but dkjfsfjjf and a few days ago one of my best friends told her i think she’s pretty and she went to my other friend’s house that night and asked my friend if i liked her?? so now i’m just skhdkdhadkk i feel so awkward around her now. like we don’t even talk but xjkjsdjkdk
105 days ago
@mixedSignals I so agree
109 days ago
@SusanStrong being confused isn’t adorable, it’s horrible
109 days ago
i rlly like my best friend and we are both obviously signalling to each other that we are gay, idk if she’s bi, pan or what but neither of us have ever been in a relationship, my other friend told me about a year ago that the girl likes me but i asked her again recently and she said that she doesn’t like me like that anymore, i only properly realised that i like her in january. she told me in spring last year that she thinks she is trans and i thought that i was as well around that time, i’m not, but i’m no sure if she still is, i think she might like me again because we’ve been really close since september. i want to ask her out but i don’t want to ‘just go for it’. help! x
110 days ago
I like this girl, and I told her so, and the day after she said she liked me back. But I’m starting to have doubts, does she really like me or does she just feel bad for me? Idk, she’s always nice to me...
113 days ago
@Confused childI know how you feel trust me I’m 14 and verrrry confused so I guess we’re not alone xd 😂😂
113 days ago
My friend keep hinting that she likes me and flirting but she has a boyfriend (she’s bi, most of my friends are LGBTQ+) and I like her. I had a crush on her about 2 months ago then I got over the crush-she was/is my first girl crush so I was nervous- , she got got a boyfriend and then I started liking her again 🤦🏻‍♀️. Even if she didn’t have a boyfriend I wouldn’t confess because I’m only twelve so I feel like it wouldn’t be a proper relationship so I wanna wait until I’m a bit older but AGGGHHHH idkkkkkk HELP MEHHHH 😂😂😂don’t mind me laughing at my dramatic self XD
120 days ago
So i messed up at the school dance i had a date and my date brought a friend and so did i and while at thus dance i didnt dance with my date i danced eith my friend all 3 hour and me ans thus friend kept getting really really close and about 2 hours into the dance my date and her friend had to go and about 15-20 minutes after my date left there was another slow song and me and with friend were dancing and then i remember us talking a little and then we kissed and it was like everything else faded out and i didnt know what happened till it happened and my friend is bi and stuff and ive been questioning if she liked me and in a way i think that confirmed it but the thing is she has a boyfriend and of course i could break the guy like a twig but i still feel bad cause i should have been dancing with my date and should have kissed her and have i mentioned that this was my first time kissing a girl and the thing is ive dated 2 girls before and never i kisses them but when a dance i kissed a girl who wasnt my date and has a boyfriend like 💗 what the hell do i do
125 days ago
I guess I have a problem... so I am kinda sure I’m gay BUT at the time I was really unsure about it I told everyone that I might like girls more than guys. A few weeks later I went back in the closet by saying it was just like a Phase oder something. Now I can’t tell anyone and when I’m stressed because of that and other things I cut myself as like a stress reliever. Please help me I’m 2 weeks clean right now but it’s really hard I don’t wanna do it ever again
131 days ago
Aww there's so many adorable little confused gays commenting!! Honestly though, yeah I have a crush on my best and pretty much only friend, so even if she likes me too, I don't want to tell her because I really relish the relationship we already have and it would be selfish of me to ruin it.
132 days ago
I honestly do not know. I confess to her that I like her, but her response was confusing. And I believe that she does not like me the way I like her. However, I still believe that something will happen.
134 days ago
If you are close I don’t know but if you aren’t mir than just friends at this time im pretty sure she does. By the way sorry for grammar mistakes, wrote it at night and I’m not a native speaker so sorry :3
138 days ago
Wait she called me hot 2 times and cute once and she buys me stuff does she like me?
141 days ago
Ummm so i have been best friends with this girl for a long💗time. We have both been pan for a really long time as well. But recently I started catching feelings for her. Weve recently been very like cuddly, nothing sexual tho (we both ace). And I dont know how to tell if she is interested in me as a friend or more cuz like she be givin me mixed signals. ALso i liked her about a year ago and i told her and she rejected me. It was awkard the day later and then our friendship was back to normal. So i dont know. But 💗 I really like her. What do yall think. Thanks. Also I wrote this really late at night so sorry if there are grammatical errors.