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DanTDM exploring the woods

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    One dark, cold night, DanTDM walked through the woods, and he came across a poor, old man. The man gave him an odd device and told him "Be careful, in the wrong hands, this device can be very dangerous." Dan waled for 15 minutes, then someone quickly stole the device! "Oh no" Dan thought. When Dan was 12 minutes away from a house, the same person who took the device, suddenly captured him! Dan yell loudly, " Let me go! ", Then the mysterious man said, "No, you are a YouTuber, and you will make me rich". Dan quickly got out his pocket knife, and broke the net he was stuck in. The mysterious man quickly trapped Dan in a room. Dan said, "I need to make a video!" The mysterious man revealed "My name is Jeff". Dan said, "Well, Jeff I will use my pocket knife on you if you don't let me free". Jeff paused, then finally said, "Fine, I'll let you free...for now". Dan then quickly escaped. The End.



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