First Period: When will you get it?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Jordyn - Developed on: - 4.760 taken

This won’t be totally accurate! I’m no doctor but I’ll try my best!

  • 1
    What sort of bra do you wear (if you have one)?
  • 2
    How old are you?
  • 3
    On a scale of 1-4 how much pubic hair do you have? (hair down there 👇)
  • 4
    How long have you been in puberty for?
  • 5
    Have you had any discharge?
    (Goop in your pants)
  • 6
    How much do you weigh? (In lbs)
  • 7
    How many of the following have you experienced? Cramps, bloating, mood swings back aches and cravings.
  • 8
    How much hair on your legs and armpits?
  • 9
    And now.....the BIG question!
    What are your boobs like?
  • 10
    This one doesn’t count: Are you ready for your period?

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nugget (02074)
137 days ago
omg they said any day now!!! i’m so scared :( some of them said that a few months some of them said few weeks :/// can someone help me estimate cause i don’t wanna embaress myself in sch
im 15 turning 16 this year.
i have big breast, c cup, full and roundish
i have full dark curly pubic hair on my 💗l area
i have a lot of dark armpit hair, i needa shave everyday :/
i have been getting rlly bad discharge for one year, but recently it’s but even worst :/ (gotten discharge for two years)
i have gotten spotting a few times last week
i weight 65kg
i have clear skin as i wash my face everyday, but i had a recent acne break out omg
i’d appreciate you if you help me out .-.
Lali (05825)
137 days ago
Bobs (70012)
137 days ago
You’re real close! You may get it in the next few weeks or even days! Get pads NOW im 😁 happy
Tabs (88680)
145 days ago
I tried one it said 5-8 months, then 4-7 weeks then a few days IM SO CONFUSED
LZ (75944)
146 days ago
i am having it!! no way it said in few days or weeks and got it in 2 weeks after the test it feels great to have period but WARNING its painful
Mariea (99204)
151 days ago
I have all the pms signs and mine said a few days... when do u think I’ll get mine
Ema (11724)
270 days ago
Sooo "GET PADS NOW!" I did😛😏
Kiera (45851)
272 days ago
Can u estimate me?
A cup size
Noticeable leg hair
Halfway developed, dark pubic hair
💗 rounding out
Armpit hair- getting darker and longer
Discharge for 8+months
Puberty for 2 years
Grew 4 inches last year
Cravings/mood swings/headaches/cramps/back pain everyday
85 pounds
I’m 12
Mom got hers st 12 1/2
I’m pretty prepared
Plz estimate!
Kiera (45851)
272 days ago
Awesome 1-5 months 🙄
Rolexi (66139)
272 days ago
Few day to few weeks..."GET PADS NOW" already got 'em 😏
Jordyn (64971)
273 days ago
Btw to all the people who said this really isn’t accurate, I know it isn’t! I ain’t a doctor nor fortune teller so you can expect it to be inaccurate, plus if you had really mixed answers, the site might be at fault then! If you want a more ‘in depth’ quiz check out my new extended Edition!
Jordyn (64971)
273 days ago
Sup I’d say a few days/weeks!
Jordyn (64971)
273 days ago
Please estimate I'd say maybe a few weeks!
Jordyn (64971)
273 days ago
Please answer I think 1/2 a year/ a year until you get it!
Please answer! (79161)
273 days ago
Jordyn answer quickly!!
Please answer! (79161)
273 days ago
I know you said this wasn't an accurate test, but is it close? Please get back to me, thanks!
(I'm 12 1/2 and I basically get everything that was mentioned and it said I had 3-5 months or something close to that)
Mcpp (40038)
274 days ago
This ain't an acruate test.....I started last yr
please estimate!! (26342)
274 days ago
can you please estimate me?
i’m 13 1/2 and i weigh 45kg/100lbs
my 💗 are getting rounder and bigger every day
i have a lottttt of pubic hair it’s almost fully grown 😩
i have hair under my arms i have to shave about once a week
i’ve has discharge for like a year and it’s manageable
Some Girl (35653)
274 days ago
I got one that said 2 years, 1 month, and now 1 year. WHAT AM I SUPPOST TO THINK!
Sup (34803)
274 days ago
Hi Can someone please estimate me?
So I’m 12 1/2
My mum got it as soon as she turned 12
I got a few periods at 8 but they stopped the doc sed it’s normal
Had discharge for 2+ years
Triangular Breasts
I swear I cannot get anymore pubic hair it’s so bad
I’ve have really bad cramps for about 3 months now
I’m slightly underweight but so was my mum when she got hers
Had light spotting a few times now

Completely random but my bff mum got hers at 15 and my bff got hers at 11.....