Are you Straight, Bi, or Lesbian?

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Females only.

  • 1
    Do you think you’re straight, bi, or lesbian?
  • 2
    If a ‘hot’ guy asked you out, would you say yes?
  • 3
    A ‘hot’ girl asked you out. Would you say yes?
  • 4
    Are you homophobic? (If you are, you need to change that immediately.)
  • 5
    Would you ever date a girl?
  • 6
    Do you think you’re straight?
  • 7
    Do you think you’re bisexual?
  • 8
    Do you think you’re a lesbian?
  • 9
    Would you ever go lesbian/bisexual?
  • 10
    A hot stranger (male) came up and kissed you. What would you do?

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725 days ago
I hate seeing all these comments on how people’s parents aren’t going to approve of them liking the same gender or that they’ll ‘kill’ them if they found out they were. That’s bull and we need to have a better understanding generation these days. But other than that I’m a lesbian or bisexuals wise 14 year old
725 days ago
Yay I'm a lesbian
726 days ago
The results was I was bi and I think it's true
732 days ago
It said I'm lesbian but I'm bi. What the!!!!!!!
732 days ago
So, I got the result of maybe bisexual, and then took the test again and it was a definite bisexual. Thanks for helpings me figure this out!
733 days ago
ok so i think i like this one and shes the only girl i have like she turns me so but besides her like guys
735 days ago
I'm bi. ummm... nice ig.
736 days ago
im 13 and i guess im bi cuz i dated a girl before and lots of guys......
739 days ago
i'm 13 and i think i'm bi because i dated a boy and girl and so i kinda want to date a girl again
739 days ago
I'm apparently bi and i think its right
740 days ago
I am 12 and I've always enjoyed the thought of being with girls and boys I've had multiple boyfriends but want to try a girl as well as I often think about it so I think I'm bi but until I've dated both genders I'm not sure I'm also scared to tell anyone as well tho...
742 days ago
Im scared, my religion is against homosexuality, i got bi, im dating a guy but i used to like my best friend (female) not anymore but it haunts me. I told my mom but she thinks its a faze. My dads a different story, never told him never will..
742 days ago
I'm a guy too, and what am I supposed to do
742 days ago
but I'm a guy, and what am I supposed to do
743 days ago
Im 11 and bi!
743 days ago
*Sigh* Although I am only 12, I had always thought...always had a feeling that I was....Bisexual.
I guess having an imaginary girlfriend would prove that huh? Well cya in heaven people because my parents are gonna kill me once they find out! No they'll probably blow up my gravestone....
745 days ago
What am I looking for
746 days ago
Well I'm only twelve, lets make my mind up. Have a bug crush on this guy at school :3
746 days ago
Chance of being bi. Sigh. I am confused. I think I'm straight. sure for 95%
749 days ago
Plz help me die my dads gonna murder me