Does he like you? for kids

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Does he like you quiz

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    Does he stare at you?


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32 days ago
One time they're a bunch of tickets on the floor and our classroom he pick them up I'm like oh my gosh he's going to steal them but he actually put them back in the person desk He's so cute and nice
57 days ago
There's this guy in my class that probably likes my friend. He stares at her ALL the time! This quiz is really cool.
83 days ago
This boi had a crush on me and my bestie. I liked him, she didn't. Later, we gottim to confess, he liked her more. I still kinda like him. He says he loves my bestie but he acts like he's crushing on me most of the time. Im so confused
135 days ago
I can't believe it! I do catch him staring near me sometimes but I wasn't actually sure if he was staring at me. I have been crushing on him since grade 4. I love this quiz it's so fun.
279 days ago
OMG I have been crushing crushing this boy since I was 7 LOL. He like me:)
I feel so much better... I love this quiz!
292 days ago
He likes me 0o0 jk I knew that
444 days ago
Um he stares at me all the time gosh god
but I'm not sure
my bf has a crush on him
I used be friends but because of my bf, we kinda stay away from each other
I'm still not sure
hell confusing
is this real?
447 days ago
849 days ago
Omg he totes likes likes me 💜
1104 days ago
Quiz: He might like you but he might have a lot of curses on his mind but he might like you.

Me: Ummmmm curses???
1369 days ago
Hey. Wow I'm the first commenter here! Anyone out there???!!!😮😮😮😮 I really like this quiz!😍