When Will I Get My First Period?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Teen Quizzer - Developed on: - 6.407 taken

Have a feeling it may be coming or want to know so you can prepare? Take this quiz to learn more about your changing body.

  • 1
    How Old Are You?
  • 2
    How Much Do You Weigh? (Pounds)
  • 3
    Do You Have Boobs?
  • 4
    What Size Of Bra Do You Wear?
  • 5
    Do You Have Under Arm Hair?
  • 6
    Do You Have Any Hair Down There?
  • 7
    Have You Ever Got Cramps?
  • 8
    Have You Been Moody Lately?
  • 9
    Have You Had Any Discharge? (Goopy stuff in your underwear)
  • 10
    How Old Was Your Mom When She Got Her Period?

Comments (18)


Girlworld (67107)
226 days ago
I Dont think this is accurate
Not going to use real name (48273)
253 days ago
Two said it would be 1-4 mounths
Two other one's say it'll be 5-7 mounths I'm gonna talk two more
Just to be sure
ajdh (32576)
258 days ago
hey, Tefyrb26. I estimate 5-8, months, but this might not be accurate
sally (12879)
263 days ago
1-4 months
it seems exciting but I'm a bit nervous but I shall be sweet
Test Maker (92783)
265 days ago
Please note that this test is just an ESTIMATE. Our bodies have our own clocks and different signs and symptoms may mean different things. There is no 100% accurate test. This was made so that you would have an idea of how long it may be. So please, I knows it’s not 100% accurate.
Olivia (95891)
265 days ago
Yesterday I took this test, it said I would wait a year, I got mine today INACCURATE
Tefyrb26 (34137)
265 days ago
Can anyone estimate please?
-12 years old
-Mom got hers same age
-💗 are round halfway developed, fit an A cup
-No acne but 1 ity bity pimple
-Discharge started 2-3 weeks ago, size of nickel sometimes bigger/smaller, more discharge recently
-Hair down there getting longer and darker
-Armpit hair stubby blonde and barely visible
-Sweatdfvgeh I sweat on breezy days..
-Cramps keep increasing in pain and amount... ;~;
-I crave like few times a week
-Bloating more
If anyone can estimate, please do
Thx :3
Tefyrb26 (34137)
265 days ago
Every quiz I've taken says anytime - 6 months, but this one says 6-12 months?!?!?
this is what my head is screaming...
Kiera (45851)
266 days ago
This is a terrible quiz! (Sry)
It had bad results
I’ve gotten 1-3 months on every quiz besides this which said a year!! Not cool
Some girl (28427)
267 days ago
I already got mine when I was ten lmao on Halloween at my friends house I was a mess
Queen b (42833)
267 days ago
I got my period last year and this said I'mma get it in 6 months. Lies
Anonymous (48606)
267 days ago
1-2 Years? Really? I started to wear a bra 1 1/2 year ago and I'm gonna get my period in 1 or 2 years. don't get me wrong, I don't want a period but it seems unrealistic
Secret person (48944)
268 days ago
Mine said 6months-1year but there’s no way in hell its that long. I swear it could be next week I could get it
Anonymous (14449)
269 days ago
Wow my results were 5 months.....I got my period October 30
1 period (71011)
269 days ago
A while back I️ wanted to know when I️ would get my period and it was never accurate so now that I️ got my first period yesterday I️ wanted to test these quizzes and one said 3 months and this one said 5 DONT TRUST THIS QUIZ OR AND QUIZ YOUR BODY HAS ITS OWN CLOCK
heloo (28404)
269 days ago
Ok so 1-4 months. Cool every quiz said that
unhappy (14784)
269 days ago
lol 1-4 months. I wish
Rolexi (79989)
270 days ago
1-4 months
Basically every quiz I've taken has said this