Lesbian Situations: Ace Edition!

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Do you want a lesbian scenario quiz, but without all the sex? Honestly, girls are pretty but I don’t want the pussy. If you feel the same way, here you go!

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    You are at the store buying clothes (flannel, obviously) and you see a rather attractive girl searching through the shirts a few yards away. What do you do?

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4 hours ago
I am 12 1/2 . I really like a girl called Maria and a boy called Ben (name changed due to privacy issues) both are in my class. I never felt so attracted to a girl like this before. I know it sounds like a love story but the thing is I was very confused .After all of this I found out that I am Bi. I was even depressed because I didn't know which sexuality I was. I don't know how to tell this to my parents. They are just gonna take this as a joke. AND I like Joey Grafecca : )
13 days ago
HELP!!! Okay so I was talking with some of my closest friends and they said that liking the same gender is gross and creepy and my family mad my sister stop watching James Charles just because he was gay and the only person I feel I can open up to is the one I have a crush on!!!
13 days ago
I am twelve and I am a Bi I love women but if I guy asked me out I would say yes...
14 days ago
Sorry about the wink meant 😊
14 days ago
My parents hate LGBT, even though I secretly am one. I have been crushing on a girl named Mia for months now and I looked it up, but I totally have been mirroring her postures. I sit just like she does, I get a nose twitch exactly like her. Never had these before with a guy. I actually have never liked guys. They are rude smelly and annoying.
18 days ago
gotta get them girlfriends
20 days ago
OMLImAce Les?Wish me luck.
My parents will kill me
22 days ago
I'm the cutesy kind. 100% accurate. Um...does anyone know how to flirt with girls?
35 days ago
Tortoise Dude I'm here for it😉 12 year old les here
36 days ago
I so hate it when people assume that others are straight. Ex - saying "i wonder if she has a boyfriend"?
Even my parents do it and they have always told me how accepting they are.
Spend more time with this girl remember girls always give tiny signals that they like someone
38 days ago
Sooo I’m apparently a cutesy les but I’m more of a dyke and I don’t really know what I am; but I have this big crush on a cute girl and idk if she likes me back or nah but sometimes she stares at me out of the corner of her eye. So that I will barely notice. But everyone at school just knows me as a funny tomboy who is definitely straight. Does anyone have advice?
52 days ago
Is anyone in New York?
52 days ago
I’m 15 and a proud lesbian that single
56 days ago
Any people in England need a girl. 12 year old bisexual here. If anyone wants to hang out I'd be happy to.😉😉
60 days ago
Biromantic w/ a hard-to-crack shell & a free summer.
84 days ago
87 days ago
Hi my dads homophobic and I am lesbian and IDK what to do! I need to come out can you help me? Thx for taking the time to read this:)
87 days ago
Hiya girls I am lesbian and proud if any of you lovely lady’s wanna talk I would be glad to😁
88 days ago
well i do like cuddles ^~^
90 days ago
I am not even gay. Why am I taking this quiz? Actually, I am Bi