Lesbian Situations: Ace Edition!

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Do you want a lesbian scenario quiz, but without all the sex? Honestly, girls are pretty but I don’t want the pussy. If you feel the same way, here you go!

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    You are at the store buying clothes (flannel, obviously) and you see a rather attractive girl searching through the shirts a few yards away. What do you do?

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4 days ago
i'm a girl with big dreams i'm ace lesbian i guess lol (not giving away my age!) i like to -draw,sleeping,grunge aesthetics! and i like some kawaii things and goth things!
4 days ago
cutie lesbian ikr! like why? i'm a ace lesbian but like it's so annoying! :p
4 days ago
i want a gf so bad ahhh and theirs no lesbians at my school or anything 😫
24 days ago
im lesbain and very shyy
59 days ago
💗 why are all of the no answers so homophobic or rude
70 days ago
Shy lesbian. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate
75 days ago
My gf dumped me the night before her bday still went to her house the next morning gave her the gift kissed her and ran away XD I like it when she gets mad lmao also amazing quiz!
86 days ago
You are a cutesy Ace Lesbian! You love cuddles and can be kind of shy, but mostly very lovey-dovey! Sounds like my kind of girl. Are you doing anything later?
97 days ago
Cutesy Lesbian!! Yeah I guess so I'm shy, a shy Aries what about you?
120 days ago
When it says your a lesbian when your 100% straight. I just did this quiz for laughs
124 days ago
I got cute ace lesbian! I'm single, ladies.
135 days ago
I am a lesbian teen and my girlfriend broke up with me last month. I am 5'0 and have wavey, short brown hair. I have olive skin and freckles, and thin arms and legs. I like My Hero Academia, Derry Girls, Scott Pilgrim and Bob's Burgers. I like candles, cats, boba, graphic novels, playing the piano and pop music. My favorite colors are green, orange, black and purple. Baby I need someone to do stuff 😉 with, how old are you. (Please be within, like, two years of my age!)
168 days ago
I got cutesy lesbian and I'm 18 sadly I can't get a gf because I got to concentrate on college
169 days ago
Yay!!! I'm cute ace lesbian!!!! Reeeee!!! *sqeals*
178 days ago
I’m a cutesy ace les :33
I’m about 12, so of course I am ace, since I’m not into that stuff at all. Not sure if I will later, but I’m happy with my result and I love imagining having a girlfriend...:)
185 days ago
i got cutsey ace lesbian, but sadly im a guy, and my god do i hate it
204 days ago
Shy lesbian. Yeah, that’s probably accurate
217 days ago
I am 11 year old boy and I got lesbian so that means I am not gay at least
227 days ago
Interesting stuff: I'm a 73 man, did the test and, to my own surprise, I'm lesbian. Isn't it marvelous?
239 days ago
i love this test. it is a very beautiful kind of love and special to who i am.