Lesbian Situations: Ace Edition!

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Do you want a lesbian scenario quiz, but without all the sex? Honestly, girls are pretty but I don’t want the pussy. If you feel the same way, here you go!

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    You are at the store buying clothes (flannel, obviously) and you see a rather attractive girl searching through the shirts a few yards away. What do you do?

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15 days ago
yass! i got this one: You are a cutesy Ace Lesbian! You love cuddles and can be kind of shy, but mostly very lovey-dovey! Sounds like my kind of girl. Are you doing anything later? lolol. im doing nothing later :)
17 days ago
I already know I’m lesbian and I’m a kid
19 days ago
I am doing absolutely nothing later, except lying on the bed thinking bout my crush.
21 days ago
I picked no on all the questions and it said i was les
30 days ago
No I'm not but I like someone already 😎 and I don't even know you sorry 😔
36 days ago
@ Ari (yeah I know I'm late) wait what so like your parents accepted you and stuff like that?? If so that's awesome and plus I thought that all muslims would be like you gonna die a sinner because you're gay and stuff like that(at least the people I know would).
94 days ago
It would be great if an amusement park was a date option for this. :D
106 days ago
Im taken. By a girl... so yeah
113 days ago
Welp I just pretended she was my girlfriend.
124 days ago
It said I was a les but im not sure.lots aer saying im bi or les. Idk maybe i am!*scream*
btw ive got a crush on a girl
149 days ago
To Ari:
I totally agree. I’m an American girl, who is extremely confused about her sexuality. God loves you. God loves me. He loves everyone. No matter what. Even sinners. Is it a sin to love who you want? Absolutely not. I’m 13, and lonely. Ari, Ladonai, God, Allah, He takes many names. I am bisexual, and I find your words inspiring. I like that.
158 days ago
You Americans are so weird. My family knows I love women and Allah loves me. I thought it would be even more accepting in America, but it feels like people are still hiding. Wear your rainbow hijab and don't let anyone tell you who to love. I will marry a woman and be happy knowing God loves me. We should not have to hide
166 days ago
Ok..... I guess it was an ok quiz?!?!
171 days ago
I got lesbian I already know that . I'm 11 have a girl friend how lives 2 houers away but I love her to death ♥♡
176 days ago
Yuh got what I thought, I've literally done every single scenario quiz I can find! Everything is so difficult right now I'm only 13 and I'm worried that if it come out to my friends they'll never want to sit beside me or talk to me anymore coz they'll think I'm in love w them 😔😤🙄. Buh jus be ur self yunno don't let those 💗 get in the way 🌈❤️✌🏻
197 days ago
I'm in *wink wink* tonight Bae xoxo
229 days ago
is the test maker lesbian i mean she/he sounds sorrta les but the thought of💗with a girlis nice
246 days ago
My heart was beating like what the whole time i guess gay is so me
252 days ago
I agree with you :D I would always click the answer with the joke because it's so funny. I'm supportive of LGBT too, and I don't think I'm straight :3
257 days ago
I picked everything that said that I wasn’t interested and it still said cutesy ace lesbian