Lesbian Situations: Ace Edition!

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Do you want a lesbian scenario quiz, but without all the sex? Honestly, girls are pretty but I don’t want the pussy. If you feel the same way, here you go!

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    You are at the store buying clothes (flannel, obviously) and you see a rather attractive girl searching through the shirts a few yards away. What do you do?

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Me (05951)
4 days ago
I picked everything that said that I wasn’t interested and it still said cutesy ace lesbian
Sugar Sweet (34682)
7 days ago
I feel like everyone got cutesyacelesbian
Melissa (43853)
25 days ago
I am a cutesy Ace Lesbian!
ORPINM (09497)
47 days ago
I’m a cutesy ace lesbian! I love some girls! 💕😝
Dragon lady (98802)
47 days ago
I am a cutesy Ace Lesbian! I love cuddles and can be kind of shy, but mostly very lovey-dovey! I am a lesbian and I’m hella proud to be one! I don’t care what other people say!
Maya (79923)
51 days ago
just to make things clear I have nothing against lesbians, I just don’t want to be one
Maya (79923)
51 days ago
marisa (53383)
71 days ago
I'm a lesbian and I took a am I lesbian quiz and it said im straight and I am definitely not straight im a lesbian and im proud to be a lesbian i dont care what people say they can judge me all they want and all i will say is im proud to be a lesbian
Shy (21223)
76 days ago
You are a cutesy Ace Lesbian! You love cuddles and can be kind of shy, but mostly very lovey-dovey! Sounds like my kind of girl. Are you doing anything later?
Yeah I’ll be WITH MY GF so back off
Missmee (89780)
90 days ago
Cutsyacelesbian,indeed I am
Chicken (69094)
115 days ago
I thought the quiz was nice. It gives you a feel of what a relationship would rlly be like. I like it and it's casual-ness
HELLo (16394)
118 days ago
no offense this quiz wasnt great but my favorite answer: I dunno, read a book or something? I don’t exactly have an...agenda! Get it, cause of the...gay agenda? That was a bad joke. dont get me wrong, im not homophobic or anything, im actually supportive of lgbt, but u gotta admit thats reallyy funny
Caitlin (18891)
135 days ago
I got cutesy ace lesbian
Jasmine (41544)
161 days ago
Kk I’ll try I can’t really do anything 😭😭
Jasmine (20889)
171 days ago
I’m a shy lovey dovey one and is proud to be lesbian 😊☺️
173 days ago
i got ace les and I am TOTALLY a ace/lesbian
Panda225 (83088)
177 days ago
I am an ace lesbian and hey girl what are you doing later
Turtle (53450)
179 days ago
Hmmmm....... I don't know!