Lesbian Situations: Ace Edition!

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Do you want a lesbian scenario quiz, but without all the sex? Honestly, girls are pretty but I don’t want the pussy. If you feel the same way, here you go!

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    You are at the store buying clothes (flannel, obviously) and you see a rather attractive girl searching through the shirts a few yards away. What do you do?

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5 days ago
Shy lesbian. Yeah, that’s probably accurate
18 days ago
I am 11 year old boy and I got lesbian so that means I am not gay at least
28 days ago
Interesting stuff: I'm a 73 man, did the test and, to my own surprise, I'm lesbian. Isn't it marvelous?
40 days ago
i love this test. it is a very beautiful kind of love and special to who i am.
43 days ago
i have a crush on zendaya, i think that’s all you need to know
69 days ago
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69 days ago
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74 days ago
I forgot to add this in my first comment!! But I totally... ACED that test ;)
74 days ago
Cutesy ace lesbian? Me?? --Absolutely. Totally accurate to me, personally, and I really like this little quiz. It was cute! :)
75 days ago
I am proud to be an ace lesbian🥳👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 because of this quiz I'm now dating my best friend and couldn't be happier!
(PS if you're worried because your friends don't like LGTB and won't support you maybe you should consider getting new friends.... A true friend should support you no matter what 😁)
86 days ago
I’m not ace but I did this quiz(no pun intended) because I have never had💗with a girl before...
87 days ago
lol I love how the comments say “this isn’t a dating site”, they tried.
88 days ago
"You are a cutesy Ace Lesbian! You love cuddles and can be kind of shy, but mostly very lovey-dovey! Sounds like my kind of girl. Are you doing anything later?" im not surprized :)
90 days ago
I really liked this quiz. I was kinda struggling on sexuality. This cleared up that I wasn’t Ace. I looked into it more. I’m a demi-sexual lesbian
104 days ago
Make more...intense ones (;
104 days ago
I loved this quiz but Im not ace,
117 days ago
So I don’t know if I have a crush on my friend or not. Or maybe I’m asexual?
117 days ago
I’m confused. I know I’m a lesbian but I haven’t come out to anyone yet. (Well I actually did... it was because she came out to me as bi and I felt like it would be cool to let her know I support her too. So I told her I was questioning.) Anyway. I feel like have a crush on my friend but I’m not sure. She’s great and I love talking and just being around her. But I don’t feel anything around her. Like I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach or blush (or at least I don’t think I do. I can’t tell what I look like)
Sorry for long comment, just needed to say this to someone.
125 days ago
I am 12 1/2 . I really like a girl called Maria and a boy called Ben (name changed due to privacy issues) both are in my class. I never felt so attracted to a girl like this before. I know it sounds like a love story but the thing is I was very confused .After all of this I found out that I am Bi. I was even depressed because I didn't know which sexuality I was. I don't know how to tell this to my parents. They are just gonna take this as a joke. AND I like Joey Grafecca : )
137 days ago
HELP!!! Okay so I was talking with some of my closest friends and they said that liking the same gender is gross and creepy and my family mad my sister stop watching James Charles just because he was gay and the only person I feel I can open up to is the one I have a crush on!!!