The Lesbian Scenario Game

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Step right up, ladies, and prepare to go through some frisky situations!

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    You are at a bar drinking. All of a sudden, a rather attractive girl appears and starts flirting with you. What do you do?

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anonymous (38440)
well i'm bisexual...:)
Quiz Maker (45145)
4 days ago
I’m definetly a lesbian. I already knew that. I just took this test for fun! I have a girlfriend.
Lisa22 (32946)
6 days ago
Lesbian, Lesbian, Lesbian.
Someone (07590)
22 days ago
I’m a boy
Summer (90590)
23 days ago
Alan (78071)
26 days ago
Heyya it says 80% lesbian
Imy (97007)
30 days ago
Sophh (15325)
36 days ago
It says I’m lesbian but I know I’m not ..
Buttercup (58392)
37 days ago
@Love If you really like her then first make sure that she would be okay being with you and then if she is okay then try spending more time together and she where it goes. I can't give much advice because i'm not in relationship or ever have been but if that was me, I would ant to know if it could go some where.
vicqueen (28551)
39 days ago
hello i am straight and im also in year 7, i really like this boy and he likes me back, so i guess i am not lesbian yay
Love (79360)
46 days ago
Im in year 7 (12 years old)and i really like this girl named chealsea and we are really good friends and she is bi and we hang out a lot and hug, but she thinks im straight but im bi but she doesnt know it and she on the opposite side of the year to me so i dont get to see her that mich but I honestly want to kiss her everytime i see her, this is my first crush and i dont know what to do i dont want to mess it up coz she is a very special girl and i love her so please tell me what to do
Cheese whip (69094)
46 days ago
Girls* thats* oml my typos though
Cheese whip (69094)
46 days ago
I liked boys and irks before but im too simple and that she too complicated for me, so im a lesbian
46 days ago
From Eunice
Rachel (81826)
54 days ago
So cool I'm lesbian oh yah!!!!!!😚
Straight (79360)
60 days ago
It says I'm a lesbian and i really like this girl at school called chealsea and she is bi and all i wanna do is kiss her but i dont know how to tell her that i 💖 her please help me!
Sany (99332)
67 days ago
I like boys and girls
Kathy (84541)
82 days ago
Tuesday (22674)
93 days ago
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Riad (91787)
104 days ago
I'm sorry who does that right after they meet someone