How pounds should you lose? (kids only)

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So you feel like hey maybe I should lose a few pounds? But how many? Remember this quiz is not 100% accurate. Only your doctor can know how many pounds you need to lose.

  • 1
    So what is your current weight right now?
  • 2
    What do you do when you are bored?
  • 3
    How many meals do you eat daily?
  • 4
    What do you think of models?
  • 5
    In one meal how many sides do you eat?
  • 6
    What is usually your main meal?
  • 7
    Can you walk?
  • 8
    How many snacks do you eat per day?
  • 9
    What size clothes do you wear?
  • 10
    Did you like my quiz? (does not affect your score)

Comments (18)


El (39155)
17 days ago
I feel so fat that when I climb o n my bed i r creaks 😬😬😬
Nicole (61035)
62 days ago
I’m 12 and 235 pounds and one time during school I sat on a chair and broke it because of how much I weigh
Bella✌❤❤ (49531)
79 days ago
@Emily don"t judge people like that u don't know their personality what if your best friend ate a "big breakfast" would u judge her??
Depressed (90602)
82 days ago
They say I’m perfect, I showed this result to my parents and they agree I’m perfect but they have to say that cause they’re my parents, and when I look in the mirror and I look huge. I don’t know if they are lying to me…
Sophie (24886)
85 days ago
It's not nice to hate on people for their size, even if they don't know
Keren♥️ (74401)
86 days ago
It says I’m anerexic ... I don’t think I am
Emily 💖 (80811)
89 days ago
Im perfect in size. I have to admit that I actually didnt think I was perfect. Its because im 10 and everyone around me is like soooo slim, but now ive realised that they are all under weight and need to gain some. All except this girl who is really over weight (she weighs about 8 stone).
This is her breakfast:
1. 3 pancakes
2. Whipped cream
3. Chocolate sauce
4. Strawberry sauce
5. Big chunks of chocolate
6. 2 giant marshmallows
7. (On a separate plate) 2 chunky sausages and beans

Who agrees that that is a massive breakfast?

My breakfast:
1. 2 pieces of toast

Isnt there a difference?
Sophie (14579)
116 days ago
This seems accurate for me
Anoumous (83118)
121 days ago
It said I need to loose 10 pounds even though I'm 11 almost 12 and I weight 68 pounds. If anything I need to gain some weight
YOLO123456789 (76821)
130 days ago
I put in my brothers profile and he apparently doesn't need to do anything but actually he's anorexic. He cannot gain anything even though my mom is trying.
YOLO123456789 (23427)
131 days ago
+Danielle +Master +kalya
YOLO123456789 (23427)
131 days ago
I am overweight I saw a doctor about it and I need to lose more than 10 pounds.
Love (69997)
137 days ago
I feel like they could be a little less harsh
prgya lakshmee (45680)
155 days ago
I'm gonna be 11 and I'm 97.3 pounds it says I should loose 10 pounds
Ciera (59123)
174 days ago
It said that I should lose 10 lb and my doctor said that I need to lose 0 lb
Master (93464)
216 days ago
It said that I should lose 30-100 lb and my doctor said that I need to lose 80 lb
Danielle (82571)
247 days ago
OMG same!! I'm soooooooo fat!!!!!
kalya (75896)
265 days ago
i need,to lose 100 pounds im SO fat I just want to end it