Should you homeschool?

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Want to know if homeschooling is right for you? Take this quiz for the honest answer!

  • 1
    Why do you want to homeschool?
  • 2
    Have you considered the pros and cons of homeschooling?
  • 3
    Do your parents want you to homeschool?

  • 4
    Are you a procrastinator?
  • 5
    Do you always do your homework?
  • 6
    What grades do you get?

  • 7
    Are you social!
  • 8
    Do you have at least one parent home during the day
  • 9
    Do you think homeschooling is right for you?
  • 10
    Why are you taking his quiz?(this will not affect your score)

Comments (10)


505 days ago
School. Hell.
What's the difference?

The typical stident might say they are opposites.
Not when there is a whole lunch table against you :')
565 days ago
i love school but i get bullied and my cousins are online school and they say they're happy i think I'm gonna do a year of online school and get a glow up ayyy
1418 days ago
nansi, if you homeschool or go to a different school, there will probably be opportunities/extracurricular activities like the ones at your school. Maybe talk to your parents or somebody about it
1423 days ago
This is a great quiz for anyone who wants to homeschool. I already do. I think there should be more homeschoolers out there. According to Google, there is approximately only 3.4 million homeschoolers in THE WHOLE USA! That's actually not a lot.
1456 days ago
hiii guys so i hate my school like hella much im in 7th grade btw and like i hate my teachers and the way they teach but i LOVE the after school activities what should i do?
1470 days ago
I'm already homeschooled, just taking this test for fun. :)
1832 days ago
I am homeschooled. I WANNA BE PUBLIC SCHOOLED!!
2131 days ago
Yes! I am homeschooled! Yes! Go for it!

If you want some more help to to and then find Riley Next and leave a message!
2132 days ago
First good quiz i have ever taken...((THANKSpurple))
2132 days ago
Thank you for helpings me decide!