Are you going to start your period soon?

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This is a quiz for all the tween girls who want to know when you will start your period. Good luck:)

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How big are your breasts
  • 3
    Have you had discharge? (Yellow goopy stuff in your underwear)
  • 4
    Have you had cramps before? (Sharp pains/ aches below your belly button or on your lower back)
  • 5
    Have you had cravings or bloating?
  • 6
    How much underarm hair do you have (if any)
  • 7
    How much leg hair do you have? (If any)
  • 8
    How much pubic hair do you have (hair down there)
  • 9
    How much do you weigh
  • 10
    Do you feel ready to get your period?

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Charlotte (91203)
162 days ago
Hannah, I think you could have between like right now and a month. Because you have most to all the signs.
Julia (16232)
162 days ago
I think you have 8 months to a year
Julia (16232)
162 days ago
I think you have 1 week to 2 months
Macie (91203)
162 days ago
Someone estimate me please!!
I’m 13
I wear training bras
Discharge started 1-2 months ago but it’s in small amounts
I never get cramps
I have some dark hairs down there
I have light leg and under arm hairs
My skin isn’t oily and I have no acne
My breasts are tender
I have grown 1 inch and my hips haven’t really changed
Roxanna (54412)
162 days ago
Can someone estimate me? Thanks 🌸
I’m 13
My mom was 12 when she had hers
I have SO MUCH discharge everyday
Discharge started 9-10 months ago
I have LOTS of hair on legs,arms, and definitely down “there”
Cup size is REALLY late A-and early B
Breasts are round and SO SORE and growing rapidly
My hips have significantly grown (stretch marks have appeared)
I have grown 3 inches in the past month
Skin has turned into GREASE MACHINE and I have so many pimples
I have terrible cramps everyday
I also have bloating, mood swings, and cravings for sure
Hannah (54419)
162 days ago
Is there anyone who can estimate when I’ll get it
I’m 13
Hair down there is dark curly and covers it whole
Have to shave on legs and armpits
Spotting once or twice maybe 3
Cup size is a late A early B
They are round and getting bigger
Cramps, headaches, lower back pains, bloating, cravings, and moodiness all the time
Hips much wider
I weigh about 80-90
Discharge a lot every day for about 7-8 months
I have a lot of acne but it’s not that red yet but still noticeable
Very oily skin
I think that’s all thank you
Somebody (52665)
190 days ago
Please estimate me
Having discharge for 8 months,everyday not so heavy(just sometimes)
I think I had spoting
I wear A cup bra
My hips are little wider
I have hair down there(brown and curly,covers all area)
I have really small blonde hairs(visible only really close)on my armpits
I have medium amount of hair on my legs and arms

Me (70746)
250 days ago
Oops please ignore my fat finger typos \/
Me (70746)
250 days ago
Estimate me please
Breasts: quite small (but it runs through my family) they are triangular but starting to get rounded out
Get discharge everyday but irs usually not too much (i do have heavg days though)
I have quite alot of dark pubix hair which is startes to curl
My armpit hair is mostly thick and blonde but i have some long curly brown ones stixkinf out.
I shave my leg hair
My body is starting to shape more. My hips are getting wider and my waist is getting slimmer
Ann (55344)
264 days ago
pls let me kno wut u think cuz my mom doesnt remember wen she got hers
nichole (79905)
278 days ago
Lol i think yo will get it in in 8-3 weeks
nichole (79905)
278 days ago
joyce i think 8-24 months
joyce (25370)
283 days ago
oops!forgot to add:armpit+leg hair:blonde thin hair.pubic hair:curly,halfway developed.spotted twice .PLZ PREDICT ME.THX
Joyce. (25370)
283 days ago
Age:12,💗:triangular have beeo growing 4 3yrs,i wear a crop top,discharge:3yrs,weight:49.5kgs,height 3.2 ft......
Joyce. (68775)
283 days ago
Hi.can anyone estimate me??
sara (93094)
287 days ago
dafuq? i get my period 3-5+ months . I got cramps last month discharge is a b##ch because it leaks thru my underwear im 11 started puberty in the third grade . hormones are raging right now
Lol (07631)
288 days ago
Im 13
My mum got hers when she was this age
Full pubic and under arm hair
Discharge for 3+ years
Breasts are A cup
Leg hair is almost fully developed
Spotted twice 6 months ago nothing since
When do u think ill het mine
Im look 1m55cm
Lol (07631)
288 days ago
Hi isabella
I need ur opinion on my situation
Isabella👑 (74390)
288 days ago
I just started my period last month. Quizzes are not accurate and are not going to speed up the process. Enjoy who you are now and don’t think about your period just keep a pad in you bag if you have started discharge and you’ve been in piburty for a while. Period are not fun. And don’t compare your age to a female in your family when they got there’s because my mom and sister were both late bloomers and got theirs in grade 8, and 10(mom). I’m 11 and turning 12 in a few months! And started puberty in grade 2 and always had hair THERE sunce befire kindergarden. If anyone has ANY question just reply.
Rolexi (51532)
288 days ago
3-5+ months!!!! Laylani and Zayla I'm so excited!!!