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Take this Animal Jam Play Wild (AJPW) quiz
and see how much you know about it!

  • 1
    Is Cami’s Frog BETA?
    Is Cami’s Frog BETA?
  • 2
    What animal is very popular in AJPW?
    What animal is very popular in AJPW?
  • 3
    What are betas?
  • 4
    What day is the easiest day to get Rare items?
  • 5
    What alpha welcomes new Jammers to the game?
  • 6
    This is the hardest question- pick the answer with the • symbol.
  • 7
    Are spikes beta?
  • 8
    Is Flower crown beta?
  • 9
    What is the “Jammalidays”?
  • 10
    Is the ‘patch tie’ beta?

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368 days ago
One other thing y’all! 🦊

Make sure u watch them memez I hv one with me.

Appari: Hey wisteria something came in ur jamagrams today.

Wisteria: wha?

Random man: THEZ NUTZ! Got him! HA! Got em!
368 days ago
Hey guys, G17356 here again lol. What I wanted to tell you is that I hv a whole list of furry arm cuffs (from salesman) and u CAN go and trick SOME beta ppl that there super beta. This is scamming yes I know it’s wrong but,It’s fun to scam ur enemies. What I mean by this is the story of me. I’ll tell u it.

Scammer:Hi buddy can I try on ur spike?

Me:of course!

Scammer: haha loser bye!

Me: cry’s in real life.

Me: my fav spike gone! Better yet it was blackout!!

Next year or so I find them in jamma. :witch is rare:

Me: hey umm may I try that on?

Scammer: wait I know u!

Me: ya right so plz!?!

Scammer: sure

Me: This is why u don’t scam lol

Me:locks den


So guys this is a true story of why I scammed only once! So plz don’t report me! Btw they quit Ajpw so clearly my stuff is gone. Don’t worry plz don’t gift me or anything ty!
372 days ago
Spikes are an Arctic Wolf treasure hunt, and Flower Crowns are out of stores.
373 days ago
Well not all but all the " beta " ones
373 days ago
All items r just re released versions of the actual "betas" so they aren't supposed to classify as "betas"
379 days ago
Spikes are beta. They were released in beta testing. A item that was released in beta testing will always be a beta even if there in stores. They dont have to be rare to be a beta ;-;
380 days ago
Spikes are beta and not beta because it was released at beta test BUT it’s now at the treasure hunt owo.
380 days ago
Spikes ain't beta, they're treasure hunt items. I understand this test may be outdated, though. Or maybe not, I actually don't know if spikes were ever beta, but I'm gonna say they were in older days if spikes possibly weren't in tresure hunts when this test was created, so I'm just gonna say it's outdated. owo
381 days ago
Spikes arent beta, you can get them in the arctic wolf treasure hunt.
389 days ago
And the sechund thing bugging me is the flower crowns! And spikes 😡 There NOT beta this makes me upset myself and the dot one is just ridiculous like rlly I don’t look beta and my bff is new and it said she was. This is inaccurate newbies and BETA it’s just terrible ok? You can prob stop reading here. So ya I’m give it a 1 out of 10 because it just junk

P.s they need to get there facts straight 😎
389 days ago
This was great I got them all right 10 out of 10! Also my user is G17356 you can buddy me if u like! :p
400 days ago
405 days ago
Guyz betas r items from beta testing NOT RARES UWU. I mean some betas r rare, but others aren't, like EVEN TIARA IS BETA. SO this test is CORRECT
407 days ago
I git 10/10 they said i was worth 6 or 7 Betas And remeber play wild!!!!
408 days ago
And flower ceprown use to be beta but bye bye!
408 days ago
409 days ago
That’s My Username, Fwend If You Want. I’m On Every Week Cause Of My Friend Who Urges Me To Play Lol. You Can Trade Me Maybe?
409 days ago
I Got 6/10 Lol I Didn’t Know That Spikes Were Beta I Have Like 9 YEET
411 days ago
cool I got 7/10
412 days ago
Please please tell me!