When will I get my first period quiz

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I know a good amount about this, I’m no doctor but I will try my best! (NO BOYS ALLOWED)

  • 1
    How much pubic hair do you have? (Hair down there)
  • 2
    How much hair in your armpits do you have?
  • 3
    How much hair do you have on your arms and legs?
  • 4
    How big are your breasts?
  • 5
    What size bra do you have?
  • 6
    Do you have discharge? (White or yellow goop in your underwear)
  • 7
    Are you more interested in people like do you have a crush and what not
  • 8
    Have you been more irritated lately?
  • 9
    Have you been having cramps below the belly button? Have you had any backache? and have you had much acne?
  • 10
    Have you had any cravings?

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asdfghjk (16290)
204 days ago
And Hannah...
Hope I can help you...
I think you will get yours soon...
But I had like, half an year of discharge thingy before it actually came...
So not sure about you...
But the cramps and stuff probably mean your having it soon...
Hope I helped....
And good luck! Be prepared! :)
asdfghjk (16290)
204 days ago
I already got mine.... But took it anyway.. lol:)
Lucy S. (15239)
211 days ago
Mine said one to two years all of them say one to three months. Idk
Burgandy (42126)
217 days ago
I've got the same thing too haven't you had it yet? 😯
Miley (95025)
217 days ago
Thank you Hannah! I will do that because I'm pretty sure I have 5 dollars somewhere...
Hannah (33672)
219 days ago
Miley if u can go and buy some and hide them somewhere if not then just bring up the convosation with ur grandma, just remember she had it too it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.
Hannah (09088)
220 days ago
My 💗 hurt so much today I’m having cramps, craving food and have lots of discharge. Will I start my period soon? If u know the answer pls write in a comment so I know when to expect it.
Miley (46039)
221 days ago
I got " haven't you had it yet?"... I can't see mom for 3 months, with my grandparents and can't tell my sisters because they will make fun of me and I can't use their pads becssue they don't have any. Does anyone have advice for me so if I get it i can tell my grandma??
Jess (44212)
221 days ago
Amy it’s just hormones getting ready for ur period so jut be prepared
Amy (08499)
221 days ago
I got 6 months to a year on the quiz tho
Amy (08499)
221 days ago
Jords123- I haven't got any cramps today but I don't feel like myself and my insides feel wierd but it's not cramps I'm walking around with a blanket and a hot water bottle my mum says I'm moodier than normal and I look pale but I haven't now told her about the cramps yesterday. Can someone pls tell me what's going on with me 😂😂??
Millie (21885)
221 days ago
I have lots of discharge but no period is that normal
Jess (21563)
221 days ago
Can someone answer my comment if u know the answer
Jess (21563)
221 days ago
They say that when u have cramps below belly button that u will start ur period soon but I have not yet and I’ve had cramps for at least a month.
Liz (36827)
221 days ago
I have my period already why am I taking this? Lolgood luck girls!
Jords123 (68649)
221 days ago
Amy it is probs your period. Mine started the same way. I had some brownish stuff and the next day really bad cramps so yeah its probs you period.
Heyyy (59800)
222 days ago
BTW doesn't spotting count as your period ?? 🤔🤔
Amy (59800)
222 days ago
Yesterday I found a little blood and brown stuff on my pants, I wasn't quite sure if it was my period but I just ignored it and I decided not to tell my mum just in case it wasn't (embarrassing) and I had just crapped my pants 😂. I'm now experiencing really bad cramps and I've seen a little brown stuff in my pants but no red red stuff. Is it my period or not ??
Rolexi (46856)
222 days ago
Lunacara what was ur result
Lunacara (45038)
222 days ago
I already have my period why am I taking this quiz- Lolz xD