Am I Close To My First Period?

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Hi, I'm Grace! I'll be your quiz-giver today. We'll be talking about menarche (MEH-NAR-KEE) - in other words, your first period.
This quiz is not completely accurate, but I say you can trust it.

  • 1
    Do you have any boobs?
    Do you have any boobs?
  • 2
    If you have boobs, what type of bra do you wear?
  • 3
    Do you have sore boobs?
  • 4
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 5
    Do you have pubic hair?
  • 6
    Do you have vaginal discharge?
    (Goop in undies, ranging from clear, to white, to yellow, to brown.)
  • 7
    What color is your discharge?
  • 8
    Do you have food cravings?
  • 9
    Do you get constipated or have diarrhea?
  • 10
    Do you get cramps - pain below the belly button?
  • 11
    Do you get angry sometimes over small things?
  • 12
    Do you have mood swings?
    (Don't worry if you don't - it's not that common.)
  • 13
    Do you get nauseated sometimes?

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5 hours ago
@lexi um I think your pretty close like 2-3 months at most now I’m not a doctor but I think you should get it by next year At the absolute most
5 hours ago
Can someone estimate because this quiz probably not helpful:

ALOT of pubic hair down their
Thin blonde strains only appeared couple days ago
1 time with discharge
Breasts hurt to touch
Cravings yep
Bloating to extreme
Breasts rounded out

Thx if someone can help
5 hours ago
Um two weeks to seven two months at most haha very funny I’ve had the same thing from every test ok so when will I get it ugh
2 days ago
SOMEONE ESTIMATE ME PLEASE I’m 11/12 my 💗 are big I’m a 36B and I fill it up I get cramps 24/7 and they are sharp I loads of discharge and long curly hair down there 👇 I’m the only one in my Iclass that does not have theirs and my 💗are so Ibig that the boys look at me “EMBARRASSING “ ☺️ Little bit of arm pit hairs my mom started hers at 12 and I’m 2-3 weeks but still waiting I’m 5ft3 and the tallest in my class and yea so please “ESTIMATE” me THX bye 👋 😳
2 days ago
3 days ago
The quiz said sometime in the next 4 - 5 months but can someone please estimate me
My breasts are kind of rounded triangular shape
I have tiny strands of armpit hair that I can barely see from up close
I have thickish straight brown hair down there
Some discharge
I only have cramps when I need to fart which is kinda weird
No cravings
I get angry easily
Im almost 13
3 days ago
OMG I’m so happy I’ve taken 3 tests and they all said 2-3 weeks I’m the late bloomer of my friend group so this really bursts my self esteem!!!!!!!Enter here your text you want to format
3 days ago
Well these tests can very helpful, Thanks for the tests!
4 days ago
It says I have 3 to 4 weeks thx for the quiz
4 days ago
Can someone estimate me I need to know!
•I have huge breasts and I have to wear a bra
•I have loads of hair down there
•I have discharge every day
•12 yrs
•Some cravings
•lists of mood swings
I feel u need more information just ask thank you!
4 days ago
@Anshika thx so much😃. I'm nervous!
5 days ago
Can someone please estimate me!
Lately my 💗 have been growing more, I wear an A34 or A32 and I nearly fully fill it out
I have a lot of hair down there, it’s starting to grow on my thighs, I shave my under arms and legs
I get lots of discharge every day for almost a year now, the other day I got so much watery discharge when I went to the bathroom at school there was watery discharge ALL over my underwear and it even leaked through a little on my leggings!! But idk what that means!! I have also been getting cravings and a few cramps resently
I just grew an inch in one or two weeks and I’ve been getting more ache resently
Bye im 14 my mom got here when she was 11 but my older sister got hers when she was 14
Can some one please estimate me!!!!!

If you need any more information just let me know!!
5 days ago
4 to 7 weeks for me
5 days ago
Any time now...
Good luck!
nd just b prepared
5 days ago
Can someone plz estimate me!

-My 💗 r triangles but I have to wear a small bra
-ALOT of hair down there!
-discharge almost everyday
- heaps of mood swings and cravings
- I'm 12 and half a year older than my mum when she got hers
5 days ago
0-2 months
Any time now
Good luck!
5 days ago
Thanks @Anshika and @Emma just make sure you are prepared with pads and liners and if you think you are close to your period wear liner.i wear pads daily because liners that I have are to small and move around
5 days ago
Yes k people help me does this sound close

- 💗 - triangular
-a lot of black hair down there ( s it gets tangle up and is so hard to get out )
- 11
-thin blond hair by armpits
- pimples for days
- cramps basically own me
-discharge since I was 6
-Very tall for my age

It said I will get it in 4-7 weeks Enter here your text you want to format
6 days ago
U r very close....
Spotting is a sign that u will get it within 4 months
Check out that if that reddish brown stuff is your first period or just spotting...
It can be ur period too
6 days ago
I got one-two weeks and I am only 10 I am so scared