Does he like me? (12-13 year olds only)

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This quiz will help you figure out if your crush has any interest whatsoever in you!

  • 1
    When asked if he likes you he...
  • 2
    In school, how often does he talk to you?
  • 3
    Has he done/said anything to suggest he might like you?
  • 4
    On a scale of 1-4 what would you rate your friendship with him?
  • 5
    Do his friends have giggling fits when you're partnered up in class?
  • 6
    Do you have any inside jokes?
  • 7
    Has he ever hidden/stolen something of yours, but then given it back?
  • 8
    If you tripped and fell, he would...
  • 9
    When you're absent, the next day he....
  • 10
    Say you need your notebook or computer, does he get it for you?
  • 11
    Has one of his friends or someone else told you that he might like you?
  • 12
    Does he have an admitted crush on someone else?
  • 13
    How well do you know his friends?
  • 14
    Have you ever heard him or his friends use a code name that sounds like it could be you?
  • 15
    Did you like the quiz? (doesn't affect score)

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15 hours ago
He is already my bf and on both tests I took it say only 50% should I b worried? Cause we were best friends before we dated then like everyone said he liked me and I liked him so I asked him out and he admited that he liked me and said yes. But should I b worried if both of hem only said 50% oorr?
15 days ago
so the guy i like we like barely know each other. we see each other once a week at most but he doesnt even turn up alot. i see him at the station and he gets on after me and i often catch him staring at me. His friends get on at the sme place as me and have started to stand rly close to me and like talk about 'the person or it or them' when theyre on the phone and wen they see me they giggle, point and look at him. The thing is, he doesnt say/do anything wen we see each other wen he acc comes to this thing we both do. I dunno wat to do bc i rly like him and i kinda have a feeling he likes me. We go to v different schools and i told me bestf i like him. She was w me one morning and got a quick pic of him and like sent it to me but i j dont know wat to do bc i have the smallest feeling he knows i like him but i acc dk and im sooo confused rn. ANY ADVICEEE??
85 days ago
So I really liked this guy and I told some of my friends I like him and none of them told but a week later he asks me out on a Friday and I said yes (obviously)but at my school whenever there is a relationship (my grade Is really small so everyone knows) my friends just wanted to break us up even though I like him so on the Monday after my friend broke us up and I feel really bad bc we used to be frenz and now he kind of ignores me and my friend asked him I if he still likes me and he said yes!!!! But I feel really bad cause I really hurt his feelings and he probably thinks I hate him even though I liked him the whole time 😢
102 days ago
He really likes me and I like him I just can't wait for Valentine's day he might ask me to be his Valentine.
118 days ago
idk i like this guy and we have a ton of inside jokes and we tease each other a lot, but i think he just coinsiders me as a friend lmao
143 days ago
TAKEN 3 QUIZZES AND THEY ALL SAY YES(YEEEEEEEEEEEES YES YES YES) He said he doesn't really want a relationship in 7th grade over text though, maybe he would say yes...
154 days ago
Dang he said no
155 days ago
Ok is this actually true cause I really want to ask him out but I do t know if he’s ready or if he just thinks of me as a close friend??
199 days ago
You should change the first questions answers and add one where he can say yes.
206 days ago
Why do I need 19 characters for a comment?
225 days ago
result confusing. whatevs
231 days ago
)the test is super accurate. I am a boy
251 days ago
You should change the first question about when he is asked about what he says when asked if he likes you. You should add yes as one of the option
500 days ago
i wish that the answers were written responses so that we could all indevidually answer the questions so that you could respond to us personally and that we would/could actually know what you think of the situation. That would be a lot more helpful. Just a thought :/ hope you take my suggestion, pretty sure a lot more people would take this quiz considering i have't found one quiz that does this (which is something i am confident more people want), would really help- :(
518 days ago
For everyone it said 50%
519 days ago
HAH! got you my real age is only 7
519 days ago
I’ve done several of these and it’s gave me the courage to ask him out(tomorrow!!!) wish me luck(:
520 days ago
The test results said that my boyfriend is going to say yes if i ask him out and that i go... and my boyfriend will beat the hell out of anyone who comes close to me. Only if its a boy that he diesnt know.