Are you a lesbian?

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Made by a real lesbian! Very accurate!

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    Have you ever been attracted to a girl? (sexually, etc.)

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193 days ago
I'm a married woman but I'm likely very attractive to women and I feel for them I even dream about and enjoying in the dream, I'm no longer feeling for my husband and we have 2 cute kids, what shall I do
338 days ago
I’m only 10 but my bff always said you look and act bi and I did not believe her but after the 10th time retaking this test I think i finials know ❤️
367 days ago
I like girls sexually, but I think boys are cute but I would not have💗with a boy. But I would have💗with a girl.
373 days ago
Question 8 is my favorite form this answer
Black like my soul
Of course I didn't pick it I picked Rainbow!
508 days ago
IM dating my friend Hailey and I’m only a 10 and I don’t care we are happy we both took this test and we both came out lesbian
676 days ago
I took it to see if im bisexual and it said I am. And I am I'm 15 dating a girl
751 days ago
Probably a lesbian?????????????????? Im a dyke!!!!!
828 days ago
so 3 tests have said im lesbian
837 days ago
I love how she dose not care what you areEnter here your formatted tex
851 days ago
have been in a relationship is just once in my life and it was with a girl
855 days ago
I'm a 13 year old lesbian and one thing that helped me realise my sexuality is Rose and Rosie, two of the best youtubers
855 days ago
I really think I’m bi by I don’t know how to say it. I’m like always checking out girls. Ughhhhhh
859 days ago
My friend is pansexual and I have a crush on her and I don't know how to tell her, because she thinks I'm straight. HELP ME PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU INTERNET ?!
862 days ago
I'm lesbian. I don't know how to tell me best friend though. I love her but I don't know if she'll love me
863 days ago
To Jasmine: then do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
863 days ago
I’m 100% lesbian. I don’t care what websites have to say about it
863 days ago
I really wanna ask out my crush
865 days ago
I’m Bi.... Knew it
868 days ago
870 days ago
Idk how to tell my parents I'm so worried! Plz help!!!