Am I Depressed?

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Lot of girls and boys are depressed nowadays. They are in the age from 12 to 24. But the most if them have depression in the age between 14-19.
If you are not sure if you are depressed. Then take this quiz. We'll help you.

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    Did you ever feel sad in the last week?

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22 days ago
Oh, also, if you can, you could perhaps go online and search for support groups there? Like online forums and such? There are many people online willing to help you and anyone as best as they can. There are people that go may go through similar situations like yours, and you two could chat with each other. I'll give you a link to one site that I know of. However, this is an Australian website, and I'm unsure if anyone else outside of Australia can sign into this site and chat on it. But just in case, I'll put it here just for you.


Hope this helps you, otherwise, try searching for some other websites similar to this one for your country.

Stay safe... ^~^'
22 days ago
Hello Hugsandkisses, sorry to hear about your situation. I have 1 idea you could perhaps try. Since your father seems to not have much time to spend with you, perhaps you could write him a letter explaining your struggles? Tell him about how your mum and siblings aren't treating you well. Tell him all the mean things that they've done to you. Be as descriptive as possible. Tell him how you've been feeling lately. If that doesn't work, i honestly don't know what else I can do to help you... Hopefully you find a way. Seeing your pleas for help made me feel really bad for you. You sound desperate for help, so i gave you a suggestion. Sorry if it doesn't work out for you. I don't know what else to suggest. Maybe tell someone at school who you trust. Good luck...
22 days ago
"Hello, yes speaking... Fire? What fire?... Oh god... Is she?... witch hospital!?... I-Im on my way!"

The Artist-Layers of Fear.
22 days ago
"What do we do when we fail? We start over." The Artist-Layers of Fear.
60 days ago
please please...……………………..
60 days ago
It said that I'm not depressed, but I am. My parents fight a lot, and a ton of people (including my mom and siblings) are really mean to me. And when I was younger, my dad was always there for me, and now he's always asleep or at work. And my only younger sibling, who I really want to be my friend, seems to hate me. theres more... but I just cant say it. I have gone through more than any other ten-year-old I know. I just... I cant... I am so ready to just run away and try to see if that fixes my problems... please help... please...
71 days ago
I might be just a little insane and this scares's like I'm losing a little bit more of my mind every day...also I'm an outsider at school, I just changed my style but I'm still ugly and average looking and now everyone talks about me behind my back like "have you seen her she wants to get attention and be popular but she will never be" I have NO confidence and I can't concentrate at school (all my teachers hate me for this) my mom doesn't understand fake friends let me down because I'm annoying they said...I used to be bullied and I hope it won't start again...I'm also bisexual or lesbian and like someone...but would she like me OF COURSE NOT SO WHY EVEN TRY
93 days ago
I'm saying everything venus just said :p
95 days ago
Thank you, but I'm not psycho a little bit at all though. I'm sane mostly. I just have a problem with : My self esteem, laziness, struggle to get out of bed, bullying, ugliness, eating, fake friends, being suicidal, rude mom that lies and can abuse me on occasions, struggle to do homework, barely seeing family, my body, lies I've been told, struggle to concentrate, daily headaches, fatigue, struggle to fall asleep, and getting hurt and bullied by my fake friends I used to trust.

Sorry for wasting your time reading this
Just know, ending your life isn't worth it, if I'm only 11 and I can kinda deal with this, I know you can do it too. I believe you can get through depression.
98 days ago
Okay guys, I have a tip that might help. Every morning, say to yourself, "Just one more day of %100." This helps me so far, and might help you!
180 days ago
I wasn't the happiest kid but last year- my first year of middle school- I felt happy. I was smiling and laughing, generally in a good mood. Then summer started. I've had plenty to keep me busy but I feel like I'm withdrawing, getting numb. I don't know what to do but am hopings school starting again will give me purpose. I have a great life and appreciate how lucky I am, but I feel like people don't understand that I do have a burden to carry like everyone else. I'm only twelve so I doubt there's anything serious going on but it feels good to get this out.
228 days ago
I’m turning into a phsycho?!?!
And I thought being depressed is the worst thing that could happen to you
261 days ago
Notme, It's not that easy. I don't want people making a big fuss about me! My friends don't even listen to me. I cry sometimes, they do care, but she always gets all the attention. She is cute, popular, friendly. Everyone likes HER! No one even pays attention to me. No one would care If I just left! I can't live like this. I cut. It takes away the emotional pain. It feels better. I try choke myself: Feels better! No one likes me. I'm just a pain. I found out not long ago that someone wrote something about me being annoying. See! Everyone hates me.
268 days ago
EVERYONE STOP AND READ THIS!!!!!! I know you're depressed and think it's never ever ever gonna get better, but it does!! You just need to talk to someone about it (a friend, the school counselor, your therapist, ect.). They will help you on your path to recovery! If you need it your therapist/doctor will give you anti-depressants. Just remember it does get better! Never give up on your journey to happiness!
280 days ago
I'm now really depressed. I Try not to eat without my parents not figuring out. I've cut my wrists, and I didn't bleed bad. I'm always changing moods and now I just want to die. I can't tell anyone because I don't like attention. My friends always get it anyway. I just feel like jumpings off a building.
314 days ago
Everyday I have thoughts about killing myself and I like to look at knifes and I listen to psycho music as well as depressed songs. I get more depressed by the day and I have thoughts about killing people and myself but something stops me. I haven't told anyone and It's getting worse.
324 days ago
I tried talking to my friends about it but they think it's really weird and unnatural... which made me hate myself even more. I can't talk to anybody about it because they'd all have the same reaction. Any ideas?
332 days ago
Whoop dee doo im getting depressed
333 days ago
im getting depressed.. yayyy
344 days ago
To: the hated one
stop blaming ur self and loving ur self first dear because no one will be there for you exept you yourself. So just neglect everyone 's comment because no one is perfect dear. And discourges you that really sucks