How emo are you?

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In this test you will find out how emo you are. Are you new, emo, or growing out of the phase?

  • 1
    What time do you wake up before school?
  • 2
    How many albums do you have?
  • 3
    How many band shirts do you have?
  • 4
    What bands do you listen to?
  • 5
    If you saw MCR On a sign, what do you instantly think of?
  • 6
    Finish the lyrics:
    When I was...........
  • 7
    Who is Andy Biersack?
  • 8
    What do you think emo is?
  • 9
    Why are you emo?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (18)


Liz the Emo Kiddo (06071)
11 days ago
It says I'm emo to the end of the universe and back. Also, who tf associates MCR with 1D?! I'm triggered now. Why not put P!ATD there instead? No one likes 1D
Abby (01561)
14 days ago
It said that I'm an ex emo or gradually becoming normal but I am the opposite of that I'm becoming emo
Lauren (98523)
17 days ago
Why did they associate one direction and my chemical Romance together, that’s just a crime... my chemical romance rules, one direction sux -_-
Emily (11910)
70 days ago
You are emo to the end of the universe and back! You have been getting to know the style for a few months now, and have probably heard of Millions of other bands. If you enjoy the style, don’t hang around with girls who love pink, they can change you (also has happened to me😂) Be happy!
Lex (16567)
96 days ago
Where was the avenged sevenfold and five finger death punch
Cadyn (43459)
132 days ago
Why wasn't Fall Out Boy on here with my chemical romance. there an emotional punk rock band too
Evie (28544)
134 days ago
I’m emo but I can’t find any other emos, like no one in my school is emo and they all hate me for being emo, I just want someone to sing mcr with 😂 any advice?
breezy (37729)
135 days ago
i love this test
Callie (65777)
146 days ago
Why is one direction with mcr?! One direction is not worthy of my chemical romance.
Skull Hood (73462)
162 days ago
I did this because Im
Ellie (71852)
165 days ago
Okay first, how dare you compare MCR with One Direction. How can you even put them in the same category. Also, 'why am I emo?' It wasn't a choice lol.. its a stereotype, not a style
Milk (75971)
170 days ago
Well...i think u should put the emo trinity and twenty one pilots in there...and take out one direction..
BTFAB (63821)
179 days ago
Number 9. The quiz is called how emo am I? That question is why are you emo?
BTFAB (63821)
179 days ago
Albums. I have 8 albums
BTFAB (63821)
179 days ago
I have a girlfriend. She likes pink. We both love each other quite a lot. Sooo. Your suggestion is for me to dump her? Also I found some of the questions to be a bit off. I only have three band shirts and there was another thing but I forgot already
Yay (89797)
201 days ago
Emo, fully
I should of known:
- i love black
- goths, vampires and horor= love
- i have this feeling of just getting changed and be myself (emo, duh!)
Lunar (28639)
201 days ago
Solar (46553)
226 days ago