True or False- Klaine (Glee)

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Klaine is a ship name of two people Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. How well do you know them?

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    They first kissed when Papparadi died
    They first kissed when Papparadi died

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708 days ago

Let me

have some time

In quiet

Want to watch the rain

Pouring from the sky

Wondering why


Can’t figure stuff out

Figure it out

Have no one around

Try to solve it myself

But oh my plan fell apart

And now I

Watch the wind blow

Watch the wind blow

During the storm

Watch the tornado form

Watch it’s destruction

Ruin everything in its path

Swept away

By the beating wind



Mercilessly don’t know how to defend

Don’t know how to defend

Watch the tornado forming

Listen out for the warning

Watch it’s destruction

Watch it’s destruction

Didn’t know how much it could destroy

Tornado in Detroit


Wonder how ur going to escape it

Turns out all u do is just live in it

Watch it tear down everything

Watch the tornado

Don’t know what to do

Then u look and see

The tornadoes coming for u

Coming for u

Can’t escape it

Running and hiding

Won’t do much for u

All u can do

Is live in it

And watch it

Tear down

Everything in front of u

Watch it tear down everything in front of u

The tornadoes coming for u

Running and hiding

Can’t do much for u

Can’t escape it

Will never make it

All u can do is just live In it

Running and hiding you’ll trip and fall

Find ur self cornered into a wall

You’ll never escape

The wrath of the tornado

You’ll never escape the wrath of the tornado

And you’ll never escape the wrath of the tornado

(Original song)
918 days ago
Kurt is the best most amazing funniest character ever.
1019 days ago
um who the hell is Papparadi??? i answered false because that's not the name of the bird and i got it wrong...
1128 days ago
Who are pavarati and Metcedes? I only know Pavaroty and Mercedes
1500 days ago
Um before you posted this did you check your grammar. Also, I am a fan of Klaine and if you watched the whole series (no offence) you would have known that you were wrong on some of these.
1524 days ago
This quiz is great, but can you please make some corrections, for example Rachel was their surrogate, so make it, did Klaine ever become parents in the sense of did they ever have a child that was born
1572 days ago
The issue here is that the person who made this quiz need to clarify. Like Teenage Dream was sang more than once, Rachel was a surrogate for their child. Some of the answers were incorrect because there was not enough clarity.
1590 days ago
Well clearly this quiz was incorrect, I am a superfan of Klaine and even if I wasn't I wouldn't have gotten any of those questions wrong, because, honey, those questions are like 2+2, clearly you didn't show the answers because you know your wrong