What type of Friend Are you?

This test is to see if you are a GREAT FRIEND, Nice friend, Good friend, Friend, Or an BAD FRIEND

  • 1
    Do you make fun of you're friend to be cool?
  • 2
    Do you help you're friend when they need help?
  • 3
    If you saw you're friend getting bullied, Will you help them?

  • 4
    Is this a bad test?
  • 5
    If you're friend didn't bring lunch to school, Will you share with them?
  • 6
    You: LOL (Friends name) IS SO DUMB!
    Girl: IKR
    Would you REALLY say that?

  • 7
    Friend: Will you illustrate my book? You're the best drawer ever here!
  • 8
    - You're friend as dropped her pencil and you see it -
    would you pick it up for her?
  • 9
    Would you ever be honest to you're friend?
  • 10
    10 more questions to go! Excited for you're answer?

  • 11
    Jk we have a few more questions.
  • 12
    If you see you're friend getting beat up by you're sister, Would you help her?
  • 13
    Friend: Hey!
    Would you talk to them?
  • 14
    Last question.
    - friend is studying -
    Friend: Can you help me?
    Would you help?
  • 15
    XD I trolled you. I think..
    Do you LOVE you're friend as a friend?

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