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This is a Naruto and Boruto quiz. Naruto and Boruto is a anime. This is a fan quiz!

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    Who did Sasuke Uchiha want to destroy?

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773 days ago
the amoubt of people saying that this quiz is true is retarded, there is no chakra nature with the rasenagan, instead its with the variations of the rasen shuriken, sasuke wants to destroy naruto only after he "destroys" itachi, like bruh
773 days ago
The rasengan isnt a chakra nature rather its a change in chakra form, please do the quiz correctly
797 days ago
LOL it's Sarada not Sadara just saying. XD
860 days ago
It is a nice quiz great job bro!!!
886 days ago
You guys watch the series again. True the rasen - shuriken has wind style but the rasengan also has wind style okay.
886 days ago
This was very fun and thank you for this quiz so much and I really so much fun in this quiz thank you so much🙂.
927 days ago
Please, if you are a true fan, this quiz is not for you. Even the questions are wrong.
1679 days ago
10 out of 10! I am a true weeb
1717 days ago
The rasengan has no nature, its pure chakra with no nature. Obviously a true fan did not make this quiz. A retard did.
1719 days ago
rasengan is NOT wind style. it is rasen shruriken the improved version by adding wind nature element by naruto. rasengan is the final form of shape manipulation .
1849 days ago
Khal watch the serie again
1866 days ago
this quiz is easy but dumb and like 2 or 3 of the questions dont have the right answer
2077 days ago
What about this quiz, it's not sadara its sarada and rasengan does not have any power with the elements but rasen-shuriken
have and you've found to remember the lady Naho too
2121 days ago
He wanted to destroy Naruto and Itachi you shouldn't have put both of them on the list and the rasengan is not a wind nature jutsu it's a rotating chakra ball you should know this if you are a fan of the series.
2133 days ago
Im not sure if this quiz is a joke. Looks like one though.
2164 days ago
The 7th question is wrong Wind is not the chakra nature of the rasengan. It is the chakra nature of the rasen-shuriken. the resengan is a form of chakra shape not nature.