Is your name stupid?

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Naming your kid will be very important test if they passed or failed.

  • 1
    What does your name start with
  • 2
    What do people say about your name?
  • 3
    Would you name your child your same name if it were your gender?
  • 4
    Has anyone every mispronounced your name?
  • 5
    I saw your name spelled differently than most other people for example (Chris=Kris Matt=Mat)
  • 6
    Do people have a hard time spelling your name
  • 7
    Have you ever gotten a compliment about your name?
  • 8
    Have you ever been made fun of for your name?
  • 9
    Could your name mean something funny or inappropriate like (Mike Litrois Moe Lester)
  • 10
    Do you like your own name?

Comments (30)


Good (80968)
22 days ago
Emelia I love your name it sounds wonderful
emmie (44785)
25 days ago
im 40% stupid
emelia (44785)
25 days ago
im 40% stupid
emelia (44785)
25 days ago
my name is emelia does anybody think thats stupid i think it ok i guess also does antbody like that name
Why (25146)
28 days ago
Said my name was stupid... if you guys like to believe what your parents thought was the perfect name for their bundle of light from god is stupid go ahead. But personally if it gives me three options I choose the one I want to believe.
Heather (03714)
39 days ago
I feel like my name is pretty normal it’s not common at all in my school and I feel like it’s not common at all really but at the same time it’s really basic? The test said they felt bad for me and that it was stupid idk
Whatever (70944)
49 days ago
I always felt my name was stupid even though other people compliment it all the time.
Sky8383 (18570)
58 days ago
They said their alright with it YAAAAAY :)
Willa (46666)
58 days ago
This quiz hurt my feelings. It said " I feel really bad for you, your name is so stupid." I think my name is fine and I don't need a cyberbully. I am UPSET
A girl (58904)
60 days ago
Apparently my name is 60% stupid. It’s only ruby
Ruby james (62085)
68 days ago
Pretty cool
Elsye (65626)
68 days ago
my name sounds like (el-c) most people say I am, (el-es) elyse or (el-say) elsay so it is a hundred percent correct my name is so bad 30% of people feel bad :(
Elsye (65626)
68 days ago
it said 30% was I legit feel bad for you. what the heck! lol!
Notme (69348)
84 days ago
It said my name is 60% dumb, lol
Averil SquirrelGirl (81533)
86 days ago
My name is pronounced "ah-v-roll” and people mispell it Avril, Averill, or Avrill all the time and nobody’s pronounced it right when first meeting me unless I tell them my name. But I get lots of compliments on it and it means April in french. My mom made it spelled this way because of Avril Lavigne. I sometimes wish I had another name. Substitute teacher/teacher at the beginning of the year: “AY-VRIL?” Anyways this test is awesome!
Aiva (75956)
88 days ago
My name is Aiva and people always either spell it avia or pronounce it wrong. They always say it wrong like “aye-aye-va” or “uh-via” or even
“Ay-eye-va”. Its the worst and i want to change it the quiz said its, “60% not stupid”. WELL. ITS. WRONG.

Tayyibah (57918)
108 days ago
Am happy that my name is Tayyibah
Shay (62106)
119 days ago
Skylar, your name is not stupid it's cool!
P.s mine is 40% stupid
Lili (03346)
173 days ago
Mine said It’s not stupid but not great it’s okay but I’m alright with it!
Nina (72171)
177 days ago
It says my name is stupid but powerful!!