Is your name stupid?

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Naming your kid will be very important test if they passed or failed.

  • 1
    What does your name start with
  • 2
    What do people say about your name?
  • 3
    Would you name your child your same name if it were your gender?

  • 4
    Has anyone every mispronounced your name?
  • 5
    I saw your name spelled differently than most other people for example (Chris=Kris Matt=Mat)
  • 6
    Do people have a hard time spelling your name

  • 7
    Have you ever gotten a compliment about your name?
  • 8
    Have you ever been made fun of for your name?
  • 9
    Could your name mean something funny or inappropriate like (Mike Litrois Moe Lester)
  • 10
    Do you like your own name?

Comments (45)


217 days ago
my name may not be stupid but im trans so uh
452 days ago
Um Hello- My name is like Veronica. They said I scored 40% stupid? Like excuse me, my name is Russian. I sepak three languages, English, French, Russian. Im not exactly sure if my name is stupid? .-.
522 days ago
I'm Sadie. Sorry, Constance. It sounds like an old fashioned name not many people have. At least you are unique!
522 days ago
Not stupid, not great. Ok.
548 days ago
I honestly hate my name so much but I guess I’m stuck with it :P (It’s Constance btw)
646 days ago
I think my name is stupid, because a website that had comments about my name, Olivia and a lot of people hated the name and made very mean comments about it.
I got It's not stupid but not great, it's okay, but that didn't help.
701 days ago
My name is Everett i dont think my name is stupid but the quiz said so, what do you guys think
841 days ago
oh how great make a quiz to make me feel worse than i did before-
1062 days ago
My name is Eda. I feel like it's too short and uncommon. People often call it Ed-a, but it's E-da. Tell me if you think it's stupid. Be honest. Also, Blessed, your name is fine, maybe a teeny-teeny bit stupid, but who cares? Don't change it. It's what you are: Blessed.
1104 days ago
Im a boy and yes, my name is Blessed. I think it sounds too special. Do you think my name is stupid???
1167 days ago
I'm a girl and my name is Franklin. Help me. I get made fun of a lot. I love the name because one of my favorite guitarist's name is Frank (Frank Iero) but cmon really
1419 days ago
Say my name if you think its stupid
1421 days ago
Say Isabelle Smith if you think my name is not shtupid. aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd...... ........ ARIA MILLER!!!!!
1660 days ago
Say Aria Miller if u think my name is NOT stupid!!! ;)
1668 days ago
My name is not stupid it’s actually normal and maybe something really cool my parents did a great job naming me
1703 days ago
Emelia I love your name it sounds wonderful
1706 days ago
im 40% stupid
1706 days ago
im 40% stupid
1706 days ago
my name is emelia does anybody think thats stupid i think it ok i guess also does antbody like that name
1708 days ago
Said my name was stupid... if you guys like to believe what your parents thought was the perfect name for their bundle of light from god is stupid go ahead. But personally if it gives me three options I choose the one I want to believe.