What is the name of the guy who likes you?

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I hope you guys enjoy finding out the name of the guy who likes you.. This will be more for girls in high school/ middle school

  • 1
    What does your crush do when you look at him?
  • 2
    How do you and him communicate?
  • 3
    What does the first letter of your crushes name start with?
  • 4
    Does he joke around with you?
  • 5
    Are you enjoying the quiz, just curious!
  • 6
    Does he try to impress you?
  • 7
    Do you have things in common?
  • 8
    What attracts you to him?
  • 9
    What is his personality like?
  • 10
    Finally, do you think he likes you?

Comments (28)


Adoribbibble (60922)
31 days ago
So lame. Not even close. It's Nick
funny girl (49502)
59 days ago
I like a boy named Leandro but I didn’t get that.. Eh it can’t be 100%
Lalalalala (12686)
80 days ago
Um..... it’s supposed to be Anthony they weren’t even close..
Camilla (51712)
83 days ago
Milkshakey (40350)
87 days ago
Oooh close its Josh not Joey
Emily 💖 (21653)
120 days ago
Got it wrong. My boyfriends name is Jake not James. Get it right people
Help (27840)
135 days ago
Sam oh Sam your a jerk I like you you are not so nice to me but it says you like me?
satan (54511)
135 days ago
The name of the guy who likes you is one of these 4: James, Charles, Alex, Jeremy.

dang alex
Whaaaaa (37323)
138 days ago
They got it SO wrong! I mean, isn’t Ethan a common name?
nelly (27659)
142 days ago
he's super cute! and funny ahh my dream
nelly (27659)
142 days ago
nope ya gotta wrong it was Zachery
pooie (05743)
151 days ago
got it wrong...........you'll never get it!
Lover (62702)
162 days ago
Got it right! Brayden
Moupsie_The_Cat (25202)
163 days ago
Got it wrong. Knew it was coming...
Kaci (62453)
164 days ago
Valy (45914)
175 days ago
Omg my crush's name😍
GirlWhoKnows (83442)
179 days ago
Yeah sorry i have a crush his name is aiden gucfa
Lol (81463)
181 days ago
It would've never guessed Arcen
(Pronounced like the letters R-C-N)
Yeah...no (12501)
193 days ago
Isn’t Fernando a pretty common name?
Yeah...no (17701)
193 days ago
So, none of those names were even close to my crush’s name! The names I got were Paul, Sebastian, Quinten, and Johnny. Soooooo not close to his name!! His name is Fernando