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In this quiz there are many answers (not really) but these questions should be suitable for your intellect on this fantastic anime and manga. You should expect some high level scores if you read a lot of the manga or watch a lot of the anime.

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    What was Frieza's final form?

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TheInfamousGodd (99911)
93 days ago
Ultra Instinct is a technique and not a form
The creator (91672)
123 days ago
I am sorry I have had a bad glitch with the hit frost and monoka question I myself know who was stronger and that was totally monoka, j.k its hit and if you say that Jiren is stronger than Goku notice how it says from the heart, Goku will always be stronger or as strong, I mean like he mastered ultra instinct and showed Jiren who was boss, so the amount of disbelief you guys had before he mastered ultra instinct just shows how you guys have no heart for OWAH BOI SON GOKU no hard feelings, so yeah, consider yourself having a ten out of ten, unless you did not believe in Goku smh
Satia (99791)
138 days ago
And this quiz is so wrong goku got a beat up so bad by jiren
Satia (23036)
138 days ago
Vegeta is the boss out of Goku and remember the last episode when Vegeta from dragon ball z super that he survive his own live bomb then from drangon z when he died from margin bou I say that I am sorry if I got u people mad from saying this message that Vegeta got way more stronger then goku And plus when they were fighting jiren that goku need Kia to become before he got ultra instinct and Vegeta did not so what I think that vegeta is the boss and can beat goku in a nick of time.
Steve (76676)
180 days ago
Why is it saying frost is stronger than Hit
ITS OVER 9000 (94659)
186 days ago
brandon (89237)
190 days ago
Had the same thought as everyone Hit is stronger than Frost and Jiren destroyed goku in ultra instinct without using his full power, Jiren is much stronger than goku.
bkeser (81284)
191 days ago
Hit is tronger than frost and how in the world is goku stronger than Jiren
Sean (78601)
193 days ago
OK how is goku stronger than jiren and frost stronger than hit