Is Your House Haunted?

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Have you ever wondered: Is my house haunted? Well if you have, your not the only one! Many people believe in paranormal and many people believe they're not alone in their own home! Check to see if your house it haunted with this short, 10 question quiz!

  • 1
    Does the temperature of your body ever change suddenly? (E.G: You could feel cold and then all of a sudden, your body changes from cold to hot?)
  • 2
    Has anything around your house happened without any explanation? (E.G: A door opened by itself when there was no wind/draft coming through?)
  • 3
    Do you feel like your being watched in your house? (E.G: Your watching T.V when all of a sudden you get the feeling that someone is watching you?)
  • 4
    Do you think that you have seen a ghost/creepy figure around your house?
  • 5
    Do you have nightmares about ghosts/demons ect all the time?
  • 6
    Whenever you have had a friend/other family member over to your house, do they ever tell you how creepy it feels being in your house?
  • 7
    If you have any pets (E.G: dogs, cats ect...) Do they sometimes act really scared/weird at something what you can't see?
  • 8
    Have you ever played any paranormal games which could of welcomed spirits into your house? (E.G: Bloody Mary, Daruma San ect?)
  • 9
    Did you enjoy this quiz? (Does NOT effect your score!)
  • 10
    Will you leave any feedback? (Does NOT effect your score!)

Comments (13)


Linas Bridickas (45473)
60 days ago
I think my house is haunted
kevin (99414)
67 days ago
all of the things happen to me
aly (99414)
67 days ago
great quiz... it says my house may be haunted though.
Alice (99414)
67 days ago
This quiz said that my house (trailer/mini-home) is defiantly haunted, although why would the evil spitrs of the world choose my house? When I die will I haunt houses too? Or do I? No I don't just kidding, but honestly, why do spirts choose some houses and not other ones? The quiz may help me see the world another way. Do my favorite things say anything about it? My favorite color is navy blue and my favorite number is 5. My favorite food is Thanksgiving Dinner. My favorite holiday is Christmas Day.
Aly (60713)
84 days ago
Seen a lady here.not scared or be made feel like we are not welcome,plays with my sons musical toys in the middle of the night.
travis puariea (15175)
127 days ago
every single night at around 11 oclock i hear footsteps and im always feeling watched i say stuff like "if your real open my door!" nothing happens. i think they are mad at me. i have a creepy closet in my room and my cat always needs to go in there and its creepy! i hear stuff right now!!!!!!!!!!! I hear a chinsaw legit. i have a big field i walk in at night sometimes (i dont know why) when im deppressed/ sad ( almost everyday now) and im not sure why either. my grandpa built our house and a lot of animals died here to like cats and dogs.
Lilli (66470)
132 days ago this one time my friend comes for a sleepover and she ept waking me say something is watching her or that someone is in tje house. I thought she tried to scare me cause I get scared easily. So I tried to ignore her and went back to sleep. The next evening she went home and I went to go shower and I could of sworn I heard someone say ( like in the bathroom)," Jones wait for me! " Jones is my friend. Then suddenly the water switched off and my hand cream bottle exploded! I screamed and my mom asked what is going on ( I didn't tell her cause she thought I am crazy) so I just said I let my cream bottle accidently fel. Please help ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
emily (78317)
141 days ago
is my house hunded 36 houthwouth cresnent
She’s so unusual (27411)
161 days ago
Iamapeiceofbread, Drink rose petal tea. Rose hips might work, but tea of them tastes of mushrooms.
Iamapeiceofbread (71417)
167 days ago
I have seen a figure in my house upstairs
I saw a glimpse of the same thing after I switched rooms in the new room
Sometimes it gets cold
When I'm in my room sometime's I feel like I'm being watched
Can someone Help me pls
Bianka (35964)
188 days ago
My house isn't haunted
Maya (91423)
193 days ago
I was home alone yesterday night
My dog was very jittery, flinching, glancing around, etc.
Heard weird noises that I couldn't explain
Fell asleep and woke up to briefly see a tall figure in the corner (could have been dreaming but I doubt it)
I was very cold, even when I turned up the heater
So yeah, I think my house is haunted
Stacie (44041)
210 days ago
this test was cool ig