What job should you have?

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This test will tell you what job you should have.

  • 1
    Which of these is closest to your dream job?
  • 2
    Do you want to go to university?
  • 3
    Which one are you?
  • 4
    What grade mostly did you get on your GCSEs?
  • 5
    Do you have a degree?
  • 6
    If you had a major test tomorrow would you?
  • 7
    What club were you in in high school?
  • 8
    Did you enjoy school?
  • 9
    When did you get your first job?
  • 10
    Do you mind getting dirty?
  • 11
    Were your friends smart?
  • 12
    Do you mind moving to different countries?
  • 13
    Do want an active job?
  • 14
    Do you mind working at night?

Comments (28)


Hi (39692)
15 days ago
This test is inaccurate I'm gonna be a K.9 unit not a stupid desk job thing!!!!!!! (no offence desk job people)
EE3bird (19460)
16 days ago
I find thattached this test is inaccurate... not a very good way to spend you time
Emily 💖 (79670)
19 days ago
I dont want to be a teacher. I hate kids. I want to be a fashion designer or an Olympic swimmer. They are like the best jobs ever. Does anyone agree??? 💋
Someone (97992)
29 days ago
Ummmm... I got teacher!!! I wanted nurse practitioner!!! Or just doctor!
Maddie (10886)
38 days ago
Seriously, I want to be a paramedic not a desk worker. this is what it said...

"YOU BEST FIT A DESK JOB! You are smart but not as smart as other people . You don’t mind talking to people and are very confident with technology."

Its is basically telling me that I am dumb.

9-7-18 I am only in Grade 6
Vaneet (29479)
49 days ago
I don't want to be a accountant I want to be a DOCTOR
Hannah (45479)
58 days ago
I don't want to work at a desk job. I want to be a TEACHER . Sorry people, but I LOVE school.
agirl (58904)
61 days ago
I got a teacher. Seriously I wanna ba an architect or interior designer
MrWorldwideUgly (11609)
72 days ago
No, I don't want to be a teacher. tq.
Averil SquirrelGirl (26769)
77 days ago
Wrong I wanna be artist and software design engineer
😸 (39928)
83 days ago
I got a desk job kool 👍 I don’t mind having a desk job
YOLO123456789 (76821)
94 days ago
Bhradain Salmon (12577)
95 days ago
Logan (47954)
101 days ago
I got "bank manager or accountant". Honestly, math is one of my favorite subjects at school, but I totally don't want to become Mr. Bank.
Anonymouss (03231)
130 days ago
From the comments i think ALMOST everyone got tăcere soooo...
Kat Likes the band KISS (85012)
140 days ago
No way will I be a teacher. I will be a rockstar. I am already in a band. And why the heck is Rockstar not a career?!:-- Boi I will be a rockstar. My band doesnt need that negativity.
Meow (95204)
152 days ago
I got a teacher, but I just certainly don't have the patience for that.
Amy (84849)
155 days ago
Umm it said that I should be a teacher and I wasn’t to be a teacher, But who said I LOVED children? I like them but not OVE them
Gya (69623)
164 days ago
i preffered designer...
Amelia (73273)
166 days ago
I kinda want to be a artist though....