How old are you REALLY at heart?

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Have you ever thought that maybe you are a little too childish or grown-up for your age? This test will determine how old you REALLY are on the inside! Prepare to be... awakened.

  • 1/20
    Do you still watch Disney or any other show you watched as a little one?

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236 days ago
im spot on for my age ! YESS!!
886 days ago
WHAT THE HECK it said I was a child but a TODDLER sooo not the questions I answered. I AM A TWEEN
991 days ago
I’m almost 13 years old, and I still wear daddy’s girl shirts. It said I’m a fetus 😂😂 so accurate
1012 days ago
1012 days ago
I feel like 18........... Actually I'm 2p OLD AF 😂😂
1465 days ago
How old are you REALLY at heart?

You are exactly the age you are! That means you are absolutely spot-on for your age number.

A bit too long of a quiz maybe? Also, one of the last questions triggered my anxiety just a little... I'll be ok.
1630 days ago
I t s a i d t h a t I ' m a f e t u s
1640 days ago
It said that i loves disney... and i don't love it i do watch stuff from when i was a child becouse i watch it with my little brother🙄🙄
1642 days ago
Wow. This was frïckin interesting but every other quiz says I'm more mature... Like the heck?! I'm so dämn confused...
1693 days ago
K, so I have never thought about suicide, as I am a very positive person, and it it said I’m 14, which I am, so... is that good?
1694 days ago
1740 days ago
I said I didn’t watch Disney movies and it said I’m childish and watch Disney movies!!!
1763 days ago
Coool, I still understand nothing, but cool.
1774 days ago
I am frickin 13 and it says I am a young and frivous child and it says I think Astro Boys whatever is still funny... idk who Astro Boy frickin is so this is super wrong
1776 days ago
I'm a fetus. hehe i always knew it.
1801 days ago
I am a fetus? I think?
1804 days ago
I am ten but it says i haven't even been born yet! What the HECK?!?!?!?!?
1833 days ago
I'm just right I guess. Interesting quiz