When you will get your first period quiz?

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This quiz will help you predict when your first period will start

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you have boobs?
  • 3
    Do you have pubic hair (hair down their)?

  • 4
    Do you have discharge?
  • 5
    Do you have bloating?
  • 6
    Cramps below belly button?

  • 7
    Do you have ACNE?
  • 8
    Do you have mood swings?
  • 9
    Having headaches😝?
  • 10
    How close are you to your mom when she started her period?

Comments (18)


443 days ago
This thing 😘it was not accurate the options were not accommodating to everyone it is not good do not listen to this
1393 days ago
@del sooooo your says we can't say that we believe in God at less we believe we came from something Not Nothing all well think about ” a book can't write it's self ” People like you are annoying you make no sense PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just keep your mouth shut who care what they say it's there though not your because at the rate this world is going we won't even be able to say God bc someone like you might get there feeling hurt.
1399 days ago
@Wow !
It is impossible for anything to be fully accurate, these quizzes are meant to be an estimate, not a “you are 100% going to get your period on this date.” Also, please don’t mention God on the comments. There are people here who are not the same religion as you, and may not believe in the God you believe in. For example, I live in a family of atheists, and my family doesn’t believe in God. Please, please, PLEASE don’t mention religion in a comment section that may have other religions who don’t have the same ideas as yours.
1810 days ago
Jeezzz people why dou you want your period its living hell be happy while you can because when you get it every month for almost the end of your life youre gonna have it atleast for 3 days and thats 3(probably more)days of hell
1815 days ago
No one can predict the future except God, and the makers of this quiz r wrong an are not God ! I could get my period even tomorrow , you never know.
1815 days ago
i get my period in one year
1815 days ago
mine said any time now should I start caring padsadvice plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
1819 days ago
@gel hell... I had discharge for a year and a half before I got my period. You got a while to wait sweetie.
1819 days ago
I got any time now. I really think I’m starting soon!!! Rlly nervous but just want it to hurry up and get on with it!
1819 days ago
U ppl r freaks lol
I got full blown puberty soo
Yeah lolll
1820 days ago
I'm 10 1/2 and I have been seeing small ammouns of blood less than once a week... kmn
1820 days ago
Gel hell you get discharge a year or two before your first period
1821 days ago
Guys why do you even want your period it’s just when blood comes out of you
1821 days ago
Girls who are like 7-12 stop saying you want your period trust me it's like living hell ok now :/
1821 days ago
@gel hell... you usually get discharge 6months- a year before your first period. I’ve had discharge for about 9 months and i still havnt gotten my period. Hope this helps. Xx 😘
1821 days ago
did sooo acc just ignore the other comments, they're freaks, obvi! it is so acc. I got any day now and I got it that night like.....wow. all the others said like 2-5 months 4-6 months and I srsly thought so but no. this onen right here is true. oh yes it is woop woop and now I have my period YAY I WAS DYING TO GET IT WOOPIE ITS FINALLY HERE!! SOOOO HAPPY!!!! but yeah really accurate well done xx
1821 days ago
like 2 years come on. I'm 12!!!! had discharge for like, 2 whole weeks! I swear u get discharge like one month before ur period starts
1821 days ago
it says any day now lol I only did it cause my sister made me do it. jeez I'm on 7!!!! think I'm a bit young but yay! really want it!