Does Your Crush Like You? (gay boys only)

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    Does he ever stare at you?

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14 days ago
Me realizes I’m the gayest pice of💗looks up gay quizzes and finds out my crush likes me ahHHhHh
22 days ago
I took this test to see if my online bf loves me 😂 he’s Irish and I’m American. We’ve never seen each other before and timezones make it difficult to chat. The test said we’re just friends, cuz we don’t check each other out and we never met 😂. I know he luvs meh tho ❤️❤️❤️
159 days ago
I live in Oklahoma and I’ve come out to 10 people and none are homophobic so maybe try to tell the person closest to u and they may support u :)
161 days ago
It says mixed signals. He asked me out last year but I was in denial and freaked out, but I liked him. I've liked him since may 2019. I need to figure it out. I really hope he likes me
164 days ago
I don't know what to do because he winked at me and he's REALLY hot 🔥 like the hottest in 7th grade and I don't know but I'm friends with one I his friends and I wanna come out but I can't because we live in homophobic Oklahoma I don't know what to do!!!!
172 days ago
ii am a girl like there is like no stopping me here so ya
181 days ago
yes my names eric
what's urs
182 days ago
183 days ago
this guy from my school is very cute but he sends me mixed signals and has a girlfriend lmfao
187 days ago
I have a girlfriend. And I found out I'm gay. And apparently the dude I like (according to the quiz) likes me too. And now I'm stuck in a hard place.
817 days ago
Accurate he is giving mixed signals...
850 days ago
so, i'm a trans guy (far enough in my transition to "pass" as male) and i've noticed a cute guy recently. he went out of his way (sorta) to sit at a desk i was sitting on, and he used to go to an after school thing that i go to, but i didn't go for 3 of the meetings and i haven't seen him there since. did he drop out because he thought i dropped out? (i know he's gay, too) i also noticed he was in the library picking out a book and saw me come in, then took an hour to pick a book and he glanced at me, realized i was leaving, and left too. he's a sophomore and i'm a freshman, if that helps at all. i has one of my friends tell him that "some guy" has a crush on him, also. do you think he likes me?
905 days ago
I mean, my friend said that he liked me, and I thought he did. He’s so adorable like tf. I’ve only met him once, but we text a lot.. and we may be meeting tomorrow with some friends. I might ask him if he wants to go on a date :))
909 days ago
He likes meee2 squeeeeee!!!!!!
909 days ago
Dafuq how can you be gay and have a girlfriend :/
910 days ago
I have a wonderful girlfriend but im gay :' )