When you will get your first period? 100% correct

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  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got hers?
  • 3
    Sorry I have to ask but do you have any hair down there?
  • 4
    What are your boobs like?
  • 5
    What is your cup size
  • 6
    What is your leg hair like?
  • 7
    Have you started spotting?
  • 8
    Do you have discharge?
  • 9
    Do all your friends have it?
  • 10
    Do you really want it?(again won't affect score)

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52 days ago
@1234567891011 i got 4-6 months...........i'm scared
59 days ago
I am on my period same I just started like 3 days ago and it said I have 4 to 6 months
212 days ago
Hahaaha i know i have gotten my period (just got it. Its NOT fun. Cramping distracts me from EVERYTHING) but i wanted to see if this was accurate and... it said 4-6 months and then 3 months??? Uhm NOT accurate ! I am on my period right now and well.. it isn’t the first time but this isn’t accurate ! It could have said that i will get it very soon i guess..?
335 days ago
So my answer said 4-6 months and than a few sentences later it said 3 months so I don't know. But all of the other test answers say less than a month so I know this isn't accurate
647 days ago
I just don't get girls who take this who already have it, it CAN'T tell if you already have it!
Most tests like this(I dunno if this does) work by points. Like if you choose your 💗size "C" you'll get like 15 points ,but if you choose "training bra" you'll get like 3 or something. At the end ,all points adds up, and the more you get, the faster you'll start your period, it picks date like "3-4 months" by how much points you have! Girls who already have it,will get the same amount of points as the girls who are about to start their period,so the test can say" any time now" or even "3-4 months" for those who already have it !
660 days ago
Umm quizzes CANT be 100% accurate. It can be helpfull though. Every single quiz said like ‘any day now!’ Or ‘less then a month’ but this quiz said ‘3-4 months’. I don’t recommend to trust quizzes Specially if the quiz name is ‘bla bla bla 100% accurate. Thats just my thoughts.😉
660 days ago
3 months or so
i'm on it now and have had it for a year and a half
672 days ago
quizzes like this CANT be realy accurete. other (1000) quizzes said like "any day now!" or "less then one month". this quiz said 3 months. i dont realy trust ir but it was ok.
709 days ago
AHHHHHH IT SAYS 3months what do I do!!!
715 days ago
Okay little bishes so if you keep complaining that this isn't accurate because you already got it literally you already got it do you have to take a test to see when you'll get it bish you already got it
716 days ago
Well your probably gonna get it in like 8-11 months so you got sometime to enjoy life before it comes! **

Well..... Im 11 and get my first period when i was 10 - Thursday 24 April, soooooo nope this quiz is 100.1% terrible
717 days ago
Some people are saying that it isn't a ot but I think hunk it kin i Ismail kinda is 3months do good and acc and
717 days ago
4-6 months?? I already had it
717 days ago
Weird question but can anyone help explain what light period cramps feel like because I actually can’t tell if I had one earlier or not ahah x
717 days ago
'Hey girl so you are probably gonna get it in like 4-6 months' This is soo wrong. I got my my first period like a month ago - never had spotting and I'm an A cup.