Does my crush like me? (Quiz for middle school girls)

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Is there someone you have your eye on, but aren't sure if they feel the same way? I hope this quiz can help!:)

  • 1
    Where does he look when you talk?
  • 2
    How often do you talk?
  • 3
    When/if you talk, who starts the conversations?

  • 4
    Has he ever complimented you? If so, on what?
  • 5
    What do you talk about?
  • 6
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?

  • 7
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 8
    What kind of guy is he?
  • 9
    What kind of physical contact have you had?
  • 10
    Are you friends?

  • 11
    What is he like when he is with you?
  • 12
    Does he act differently to you than other people?
  • 13
    Has he ever teased you?
  • 14
    Be completely honest: do you think he likes you?
  • 15
    Last question: This is my first quiz, did you like it? (Sorry if this is annoying, I would just like some feedback!)

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298 days ago
I feel like this test isn't for me... just read my name dude 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Also, remember that this test is not the determining factor for if your crush likes you. The best way to know is to ask them if you can!
639 days ago
This was so cool.... kay my crush is kinda like a hottie, but I know he is totally into me because of his looks. He is so cute. But last time out of nowhere he hugged me, I was so shocked but happy. I ASKED HIM OUT AND HE SAID YES
806 days ago
Hi Guys!
For 47% you are: Your crush really likes you! He sounds like a great guy, and I am so happy for you! If you have the courage you could ask him out, but it's totally up to you. I wish you the best of luck!:)

This is what I got.But the sad thing is, I'm not allowed to date :(. I always got a hint that my crush likes me back, because he always stares at me.
959 days ago
It says my crush likes me and I am pretty sure it’s true because last night I had slept at his house his sister is my best friend and we were watching a show called charmed on Netflix and his mom was watching it to ! After his mom and sister fell asleep on the couch He held my hand and I put my head on his shoulder 😳 does this mean that we are dating now? If it does WHAT AM I GOING to do I love him but I’m scared he is going to hert me soo what should I do?😳😳😳
1065 days ago
When I was in 5th grade he told me he loved me .I told him I wasn't interested .So suddenly in 6th grade I have this huge crush on him.on Thursday I was about to fall then he caught me we looked each other in the eye then we smooched in front of the crowd .😘
1254 days ago
My crush is a boy I’ve kinda known for a couple years. He goes to the same church camp and stuff as me so I only see him every few months. But I always think about him and over the past two years all his friends and even his sister have constantly told me that he like me!! But the problem is we’re both shy and pretty awkward. And he lives four hours away and he isn’t allowed to text girls😢
1380 days ago
my crush is my boy bsf he always nice to me and steals meh food sometimes, one of our friends has him for her 4th period and she asked the boy if he saw me as more than a best friend, According to her he said "maybe" IT WAS YESTERDAY SHE ASKED THE BOI 4/24/19 IS WHEN SHE ASKED HIM!!!
1397 days ago
I like him and he likes me and I know bc he told me but the thing is.... I don’t WANT to like him!!!! I don’t know what 2 do pls help
1448 days ago
Hey! I like my ex! I know sounds kind of crazy but it’s true! The problem with him though is that he’s always changing his mind about who he likes so it’s pretty annoying If u know what I mean! He’s bullied me at the begging of the year, but always says “I’m sorry”! My friends tell me that I shouldn’t like him after all he’s done to me but I never listen! ;*)
1450 days ago
ok so.......I like a boy who is weird and a little strange but always makes me laugh wen i first met him it was in my 5th period and he was running for secretary for the school council and he seemed rlly rlly funny so I tried to u know hang out with him. A few weeks later we good friends not bffs but rlly good friends anyway i was @ math tutoring and we were doin surface area and volume (I🕊@ surface area) so I asked him to help me and he BOOPED MY NOSE!!!! I’m like ok then.......... but I put my hand down on the table and he put his rite next to it. The day after that we have a play fight and he pretty munch play tag wen ever we see each other. Do u guys think he likes me???????
1533 days ago
I couldn’t imagine how much pain I would feel if I couldn’t be see that twit anymore, I met him while we were in the middle of a flag football game, and my hair covered up the r in my name, so he mistakenly called me kylie, even though my name would Ben Kyle without the r, we all had a good laugh, and in science, I chased him around kicking him, and now he always teases me by calling me Kylie or Kyle :)

We are starting square dancing next week, and girls are allowed to request what boy to dance with, and I managed to get him before any other girl! This is gonna be a little awkward, but I got the feeling i’ll enjoy it.

He always runs up to me in the middle of warm ups, or the actual basketball games, and pulls my ponytail (we have to put our hair up in fitness, or we get our grade lowered), and then that little goof runs away!

Anyways, that was my boring story of me and my crushes VERY BRIEF history!
1565 days ago
Middle school kids + hooking up= No. No. No
1587 days ago
The test says they like I’m a girl and there is...well how do I put this...this girl...and before I start you may be wondering well if your crush is a girl then why did you take this quiz because in the quiz they referred to your crush as a he well I’m just lazy and I picked the first quiz that popped up anyway...this girl I like is My friend. She is shy but stubborn and is a great person and when I get anxiety she conforts me and it’s really sweet and she is super funny. But I don’t know how to tell her I like her.
1588 days ago
If this is for middle school girls why are kids hooking up
1778 days ago
+Sophia +Ashleyyyy Ya you'd be surprised asking him out on Monday plz pick one #Kana or #Heith
1820 days ago
I have 3 things to tell all of you guys. My crush really likes me. He sounds like a great guy, and I am so happy for him. If I have the I could ask him out, but it’s totally up to me. They wish me the best of luck. Always trust my instincts. Thia guy is a player and is using me for my looks and my body. Drop him as fast as I can and start looking for some nicer guys. There are boys out there who will treat me so much better than this guy. They wish me good
luck in finding someone who will treat me right. He might like me, but he seems shy. Strike up a conversation with him, and keep trying to get to know him. Make sure I don’t come on too strong, otherwise I might scare him away. He probably likes me, but it’s possible he just likes me as a friend. Keep getting to know him, and decide what I think. He might be boyfriend material, but he might just be a great friend. Either way, he seems like a great guy. This boy is mean and not worth my time. It’s best that I find someone who will be nice to me and treat me with respect. The right guy for me is out there, and they’re sorry to say that my crush isn’t him.
1822 days ago
He loves me and l love him. I'm in 10 grade. And he just ask me out l'm in the zone ladies.hi COBY!!!!!!!!!!!
1822 days ago
Ya good much more acccurate.
1823 days ago
You’d honestly be surprised
1824 days ago
this was by far the most accurate quiz with much sexual questions