When Will You Get Your First Period? Accurate!

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I am NOT a doctor! This is just my estimation based on my own experience and research! Hello, I wanted to make a quiz to help girls find out an educated estimate of when they will get their first period! I got mine at 11, the average age is 12.

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809 days ago
im trans i DO NOT WANT IT

i cry because I look more feminime

help pls...
894 days ago
I really want my period so I can feel grown up and I'm only ten but I can't wait šŸ˜­
936 days ago
Ella, you cant ovulate for months usually. Thats not how it works. And nobody in THE WORLD can estimate how long until your first cycle.
938 days ago
@Kahlan I'm also ten and got less than 2 months
952 days ago
Hellooooooooooo anyoneeeee!!,!
952 days ago
Anyone here plzzzzzzz txt ur comment if here
952 days ago
I have been ovaluating for months how much more time do I have left
952 days ago
i kind of already have cupped bras and stage 2 /3 šŸš” but i want mooooore
1050 days ago
ok is it just me or are you scared to see your results aswell hahahahhahahaahahah
1053 days ago
Ok I am gonna do the quiz I cAnt wait tho
1062 days ago
Within two months! Pretty accurate cus I think I ovulated yesterday btw Iā€™m 12
1064 days ago
I am really scared... 3-6 months! I think I am to young... only 10
1064 days ago
3-6 months... I am ten turning 11 in May
1122 days ago
Mine always says 3-6months my birthday is in June what if I get my period on my birthday also I am ten
Turning eleven
1139 days ago
I've been doing these for over 6 months and it keeps saying 3-6months šŸ˜”šŸ˜ 
1183 days ago
I really want to have em...
1205 days ago
I get 1 months 2 months and this says 3-6 months???
1205 days ago
I got 1 month wish me LUCK
1260 days ago
1275 days ago
Its so annoying there are ads everywhere and like some of the question arent useful all tests isn't the best thats for sure all i want to know is when my period will start last time was 2-3 months now it is 6-8 like seriously i really dont like these quizes i am doing all my quizzes on playbuzz or buzzfeed .........its just so annoying are these people scientist or docters or are they not.