Are You Sporty?

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This quiz will determine whether you are sporty or not. If you're a girl, are you a girly-girl (there's absolutely nothing wrong with that) or a sporty girl (I AM!)? If you're a boy, are you a sporty boy or a lover of pink (there's absolutely nothing wrong with this either)? Find out HERE and NOW. Don't be scared of what you'll find out.:-)

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    What is your favorite color?

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98 days ago
I dont think colors should matter... Im 100% tomboy, but my favorite color is pink.. Stupid!
118 days ago
Also I HATE Harry Potter and reading in general
118 days ago
I am 100 percent tomboy and sporty
134 days ago
Hi, everyone. So it's been a while...I'm sorry to everyone who commented that they didn't get accurate results. Well, this quiz isn't going to be 100% right. Only you (and God) know you. Also, when I made this quiz (like over 2 years ago), I was less mature (not that I'm saying I'm super wise now), so some of my results are kind of stereotypical. So I'm sorry about that. @Marina, if you have the time to berate me for this quiz's apparent "suckiness," then you really have too much time. I'm sorry, but if you already knew you were sporty, then why'd you bother taking this quiz?

And you can be girly and sporty at the same time. The two are compatible.

Stay safe and healthy,

P.S. It would mean a lot if you could check out my story on My username is RunningMyRace, and the story is called Saved by the Snake (it's DRAMIONE). Thanks!
135 days ago
This quiz is so wrong it said I am no sporty. But I play softball, volleyball, and soccer. This quiz sucks!🏐🥎 ⚽️
139 days ago
God loves you all btw!!!! so don't be afraid of who you are!!!
139 days ago
ummm I like pink??? I distincly remember saying blue blue BLUE!!!!
140 days ago
Here I go once again, sporty and tomboyish. I THINK GOD MADE ME THIS WAY. thanks 🙄
196 days ago
I'm sporty! & a tomboy!
277 days ago
@Squirt, sorry abt the pink thing! I created this quiz when I was a lot younger and more immature. Also, I posted it during a period of my life when a lot of boys were saying that all girls like pink and are girly. There is nothing wrong with liking pink or being girly, and I realize that now. So sry! :)
310 days ago
I don’t even play a sport😂😂
310 days ago
Girly girl, I knew it all along! Every quiz says so😂😂
384 days ago
SAME Emma!!!!! It doesn’t even matter what music or colors you like to be sporty
391 days ago
516 days ago
Thanks, guys, for taking this quiz and commenting!
536 days ago
Ooh I'm the nerd but sporty yay⚾⚽
537 days ago
I liked the quiz☺️
769 days ago
Hi, guys! Feel free to comment! Love you guys!
874 days ago
NerdGirl, are u girly then?
910 days ago
I DO NOT like sports AT ALL. It says I do but I DO NOT.